How to disable Cortana from your Windows, easily

How to disable Cortana from your Windows, easily

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Disable Cortana from your Windows computer può essere un remedio da adottare se l’assistant vocale di Microsoft si activa nei momenti più inapropriati. Alla stessa maniera, if this service of the Windows operating system is not used, it is possible to save it in simple and “painless” mode. anzi, his Windows 11 Cortana is not neppure enabled by default setting.

You are nearing a mode per Disable Cortana from the computer, with simple passes also for the inexperienced person, seven nel posto giusto. With a click of the mouse it is possible to do everything in quick time. Vediamo eat.

Prima però vi suggesteriamo di leggere il our article di approfondimento su How Collegamento works on Windows Phonean other of the services integrated within the Microsoft operating system and that allows you to profitably establish a dialogue between PC and cell phones.


How will Cortana disable your Windows 11

As abbiamo avuto anticipate mode at the start, for predefined setting the digital assistant of Windows will result disabledma chi avesse scelto en fase di configurazione iniziale di activazione il servizio può variare such scelta in modo very simple.

Per Disable Cortana from Windows 11 bisognerà innanzitutto agire all’interno delle impostazioni del computer. Use the search bar near the Start menu to close the app in question and click on the first result. Nella schermata successiva, despostatevi a sinistra per selezionare la secione “apps“in the menu di destra fate tap su”app install“.

Go to this point fine to Cortana and fate click sull’icona with three dots for aprire le impostazioni connesse, quindi selezionate la voce “Advance options“. I did not see the rest of the time that the switch was turned on in correspondence with the voice “Esegui all’access” in position OFF to disable the Windows digital assistant.

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There is an other way for Disable Cortana on your Windows:il Task Managerenvironment that per paragraph we will also find a better one when we talk about it specifically from the Windows 10 operating system. Also in this case the procedure is very simple.

First of all, click the button on the back of the mouse on the Start menu of Windows and select the voice “Manage Activities“.

Spostatevi adesso nella scheda “Avvio“and find the voice”Cortana“: click your say that with the button behind the mouse and pigiate who gave your “disable“. Niente di più semplice, non è vero?

How will Cortana disable your Windows 10

This is not due modi per Disable Cortana: one more simple and another a little more difficult. As a consequence, it seems evident that the second method is the one that sharpens the depths and is the only one that allows me to I will completely disable Cortana from the computer. Therefore, proceed in a case oppure nell’altro a seconda delle vostre esigenze. Noi ve li informiamo entrambi.

You are using a computer with operating system Windows 10the first thing to do is press and taste Ctrl + Maisc + Esc to enter the Task Manager say Windows. Nella schermata successiva, posizionatevi in ​​correspondence of the colonna “Avvio“and select”Cortana“, who with the sinister touch of the mouse click your “disable“. Abbiamo quasi finite.

Click on the menu start e, dopo aver fatto l’accesso a Tutte le appscorrete fino a trovare Cortana: click to turn with the touch of the mouse and, from the menu to tendina, select the option “Other“Entrate quindi nelle impostazioni dell’app and disable the option in correspondence of the voice “Execution of all access“. It doesn’t happen another day.

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How to completely disable Cortana

Windows 11 notebook, how to configure it to the best

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I can’t get enough information to disable the digital assistant from Microsoft, but don’t say rimuoverlo give computer. Infatti, but I will completely disable Cortana I will also follow an other method that, for its delicacy, we recommend following for those who are less experienced (the first solution indicated in the previous righe may be infatti sufficient and almost bastevole in moltissimi).

Quest’ultima strada has come scopo quello di I will uninstall Cortana from the computerbut to make it happen will be effected by modifications through system log. A single passaggio sbagliato and the potrebbe computer will not function as expected or addirittura non accendersi più.

In ragione dei rischi e della delicatezza dell’argomento, è highly consigliato make a backup your computer: in our article of approfondimento we speak of how to format the computerprocedure that can be used again in case of eventual malfunctions.

Press the Start menu and enter the search bar, type the parola “PowerShell“. Click with the touch of the mouse on your Windows PowerShell and select “Esegui as administrator“.

Nella schermata successiva, type the following string Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 | Rimuovi-AppxPackage and promises shipping with the tastiera

Press adesso l’System Registry Editor at the same time i taste Windows+R Sulla tastiera and type the command “regedit“(without virgolette) nello spazio sottostante, quindi premete ancora shipping. At this point, identify the chiave (cartella) “Search Windows“Under the Windows tab. If you don’t see it, click with the mouse button on your Windows and select the path”New > Chiave“, calling her per l’appunto come”About Windows“.

Adesso agrees with the taste behind the mouse sulla chiave “About Windows“in the right hand side and select the route”New > Value DWORD (32 bit)“. Assign a name to the value “AllowCortana“and fate double clicked his say that, imposting the value his”“. Quiudete tutto e riavviate il computer.


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