How to disable Windows Defender your Windows 11

How to disable Windows Defender your Windows 11

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When you buy a new computer Windows, especially if it tends to suddenly scare a third party antivirus program to protect the new device from Zecca from minacce della rete. In fact, with the latest version, the operating system di Microsoft include a service application dedicated to all the scope: Microsoft Defender.

Infatti, this program allows you to protect your computer from viruses, ransomware, spyware and other classical miners that are purportedly on the web (for this purpose, we suggest you un’occhiata to our article your how to avoid the hacker of the videocamere in sicurezza connesse).

If you wish to install a specific antivirus program and choose Quindi Disable Windows Defender, seven nel posto giusto. Prima di enterrarci nei various passages, I saw anticipiamo but soon che Microsoft ha apposto alcuni limited piuttosto stringenti, rendering such procedure a little more complicated rispetto al passato. Soprattutto su Windows 11that may be the protagonist of our article.

It remains intense Disable Windows Defender It is strongly recommended that you do so if you expose your PC to viruses or malware that may interfere with normal operation and, nevertheless, intercede sensitive information. Occhio dunque a prendere decisioni troppo alla “leggera”.

To the benefit of a maggiore completezza, dediceremo qualche battuta also his Windows 10ancora piuttosto diffuso tra gli utenti.


How to disable Windows Defender temporarily your Windows 10

È ancora possibile innanzitutto I will disable Windows Defender temporarily. This operation is very frequent and in some almost an obligatory one for using in this way a software that comes recognized as a minaccia and, as a result, preventively blocked the native protection system of Windows.

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Vediamo quindi come fare. To see access to the computer and download all the programs, click on the menu start di Windows e selezionate l’icona a forma di granaggio posta a la sinistra dello schermo.

Alternatively, you can type the parola “settings“in the rice bar.

Nella finestra successiva, premete con il tasto sinister del mouse sull’icona “Update and security“and successively select the voice”Windows security“in the side menu of the left and the options”Virus and Minacce Protection” Post once to the center of the page.

Come in after his “Virus and Minacce Protection Settings“, premete your “Management settings“and disable all the switches in correspondence of the functions”Protection in real time“e”Cloud-Formed Protection“. The system will display a warning: press the button “Yes“for confirmation.

How to disable Windows Defender temporarily in Windows 11

How to disable Windows Defender

Source: Microsoft

We came to the protagonist of our article and we spied it in very little battute as if it were I will disable Windows Defender temporarily his Windows 11. I passaggi sono più or menos simili a quanto visto poc’anzi, non preoccupatevi.

  1. From the search bar type “Windows security“And fate click on the result on top of all the cast to press the corresponding application
  2. Select after the voice “Virus and Minacce Protection
  3. Nella section “Virus and Minacce Protection Settings“, click on it with the left hand of the mouse on your “Management settings“.
  4. Do not see infinite rest that will turn off the switch “Protection in real time” to temporarily disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

How will I disable Windows Defender permanently?

It is reversed I will disable Windows Defender permanentlysappiate che Microsoft He has resolved with the last version a little bit more complicated this procedure from the start of the rilascio di Windows Defender 4.18.2007.9.

The complication, obviously, is given by a maggiore guardianship Verso la sicurezza di chi utilizza il computer, avoiding magari che cualche inesperto utente possa desabilitare un programma vece molto importante por allontanare le minacce informatiche.

Per Will disable Windows Defender permanently It exists even when there is a road, and it is worth it for the operational system Windows 11 che su Windows 10: the installation of a other antivirus software.

In this way, Microsoft It will automatically disable the built-in protection of Windows Defender (così da alleggerire il carico del computer, oltremodo appesantito da due antivirus in contemporanea), consequently lasciando activa soltanto quella dell’third party antivirus Installed on the PC per select dell’utente.

If any age is not disabled Windows Defender Immediately after installing an antivirus program, I suggested that I will temporarily disable Defender così come precisato nei paragrafi correspondenti riportati all’inizio, differenziati a seconda del sistema operative in use.

In reality, his Windows 10 There is a “trucchetto” piccolo that I gave I will definitely DefendHowever, we do not hold any responsibility in the event of eventual viruses and malware coming from your PC, following the Defender Definitive Block.

Il primo di tali methodi prevede il download di una utilidad gratuita chiamata “Defend Control“. If scarica gives this page and it is very easy to use. First but it is necessary to disable the “Anti-handling protection of Windows 10“. È suficiente scrivere nella barra di ricerca “safety“I will enter the corresponding page. Subsequently, click on the menu”Virus and Minacce Protection“and play the voice”Management settings“, deactivating in fine the protection antimanomissione.

Dopo aver fatto ciò, scaricate Defend Control and activate it on your PC. Click here on the taste “Disable Windows Defender” To deactivate the protection offered by the Windows program definitively.

Chi uses Windows 10 Pro or version business fist Disable Windows Defender process l’Editor of the group criteria.

Press and taste windows and R. and in the box that appears to be a schermo digitate “gpedit.msc“without virgolette.

Follow the route Criteri computer locale > Configurazione computer > Modelli administrativi > Componenti di Windows > Microsoft Defender Antivirus e fate doppio clic sulla chiave “Disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus“, togliendo infine la spunta sulla casella”activated“.


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