How to display the battery health status of your Apple Watch and when to change it

How to display the battery health status of your Apple Watch and when to change it

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Let’s just buy a used apple watch e desiderata adesso I will check the battery status dell’orologio. Know, infatti, that your iPhone is able to check the deterioration of the battery directly from the setting of the mobile operating system iOS But seven riusciti purtroppo to find an analogous function on the Apple Watch app. Quella, cioè, che avete utilizzato per configurare l’orologio appena acquistato.

I saw sudden anticipation that this setting does not exist in the suddetto program. This but does not mean that it is not possible Check the battery status of Apple Watch; Simply, this function is inserted in the American company in another post and, as accessed with iPhone, it will happen that I use it smart watch per trovarla I passed, but, sono very simple to act and porteranno via very little time, promise.

In this article, duque, we will see if fa a Display the battery health status on your Apple Watch. I saw here how innanzitutto I will recover the app’s functionality and how I will increase the result, except for the fact that, even with the iPhone, not if it is about the precise metrics but only indicative.

A common indication of which I will have is the battery of apple watch It ascends quickly without a valid reason.

Given that we are on the subject, I saw that we leggere our approfondimento How to update Apple Watch: Soprattutto se seven alle primera mi armi con lo smartwatch Apple, este artículo vi tornerà molto utile per non perdervi le last watchOS newsthe operating system was specifically designed by the Cupertino company to benefit from the greatest gold (and the Apple ecosystem, obviously).

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When will I change Apple Watch battery

We left from the beginning. How to access your iPhone, also your apple watch it is possible I will check the battery status. L’azienda americana has infatti tradotto in numeri percentagei il deterioramento dell’unità installata sui propri dispositivi. The stessa Apple advice to replace the factory-assembled hardware unit in presence of the percentage of “status” less than 80%.

If it is clear, a lower capacity than that mentioned above does not prevent the normal operation of the product, but it is installed by an alarm bell.

E a farne le spese è spesso e volentieri l’esperienza d’uso. We thought, ad esempio, to the annoyance of dover caricare Apple Watch più volte al giornooppure di vedere esaurire l’autonomia dopo un manciata di ore di utilizzo.

This capita perché hanno un limited number of cycles of Ricarica prima che le loro prestazioni diminuiscano. When this happens, it is advisable to replace the component with a new one from Zecca to recover the shortest time. In order to have excellent performance in terms of autonomy, it is necessary to replace the battery when it reaches the maximum number of cycles in Rica.

In the case of the Apple orology, the American company disputes the battery of apple watch I am programmed to preserve fine all’80% of the original capacity per 1.000 full face cycle. One volta completati questi 1,000 cicli di Ricarica, the autonomy of the Apple smartwatch begins to feel and the indicator messo available from the stessa Apple in the settings of watchOS dovrebbe evidenziare this situation.

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The battery can be used by the raggiungimento of its maximum number of cycles in the car, but simply to be sacrificed is l’experience of use per via di un’autonomia sensibilmente inferiore rispectto all’origine.

As previously noted, Apple has provided a useful indicator for Display the battery health status on your Apple Watch. However, these data are not accurate to one hundred percent, but I offer an important indication of the health of the Apple device battery. As we had from this prima, apparently evident, common, that a percentage lower than 80% is supported by an autonomy of apple watch This is precarious or communicates not online with the first few months of using the smartwatch.

How to display the battery health status on your Apple Watch

If your iPhone, it is possible to recover this information directly from the iOS settings, simply connecting it in the appropriate section “Battery“, his apple watch i passaggi da compiere are practically gli stessi. Change the device, not the support.

Can’t use the app watches It natively installs your iPhone, but it will be able to use the gold, following the information that we report.

  • Unblock your smartwatch and press the crown button to press the application case. Individualize the app settingsthat cioè with a gray background and a white grain
  • Touch the section “Battery
  • Select the option “Integrità Battery
  • Find the maximum capacity of the espresso battery in percentage

How leggere i risultati? If the percentage is higher than 80%, don’t worry, because the Apple Watch battery is working well. On the contrary, it is battery status is less than 80%dovreste valutare di recarvi presso un Apple Store più vino per valutarne la restituzione.

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