How to download free music from iTunes

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iTunes is the famous Apple application that allows you to manage your multimedia library and your iOS and iPadOS devices from a PC, but it also consists of an online store through which to buy music. On the Mac, however, iTunes is no longer present and for some time now it has been “broken down” into different applications: Music, Podcast, TV and Finder (which are now responsible for managing the iOS and iPadOS devices).

That said, both on Windows and on Mac it is possible to take advantage of the iTunes store (and associated services) both to buy paid content and to get some free ones. Yes, that’s right: you can download songs from iTunes for free on a regular basis and without having to do who knows what complicated procedures: you just need to know where to put your hands.

So tell me, are you curious to find out how to download free music from iTunes ? If your answer is yes, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time, get comfortable and concentrate on reading this guide. Surely in the end you will be able to say you are more than satisfied. Let it bet?

How to download free music from iTunes on Windows PC

How to download free music from iTunes

To download free music from iTunes you have different solutions at your disposal, the first of which is to search for songs or albums that are occasionally offered as a gift by Apple.

As you well know, to do this, on a Windows PC you must necessarily use the iTunes application that you can download through the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 and Windows 11 or by going directly to this page of the Apple website; in case you are not yet in possession of the program then I suggest you download it following the instructions in this guide.

After downloading the program, to check for free music tracks or albums on iTunes, start the software in question on your computer, then click on the drop-down menu located at the top left, under the player controls, and select the Music item from the menu that is shown to you.

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In the new screen displayed, presses on the Store item located at the top right and, once the Apple digital store is displayed, look for the presence of items in the right part of the window that allow you to download free music from iTunes such as Gift or the name of a particular album and click on it. Also pay attention to the presence of items that refer to gifts in the Music Quick Links section , always located on the right in the iTunes window.

If after clicking you see a button corresponding to the entire album or individual songs with the word Get on it then there is no doubt, you can download to your computer without spending a cent.

If, on the other hand, instead of one or more buttons with the word Get on , you should instead find buttons indicating a figure, for example € 0.99 then I’m sorry, in this case you will not be able to download free music from iTunes but you will have to pay the indicated price to be able to get the selected content. Once the download of the chosen contents is finished, you can find everything in the Library section accessible by pressing on the appropriate item attached to the top of the iTunes window.

Also keep in mind that the same operations described above can also be performed with podcasts: use the drop-down menu on the left of the iTunes window and select the Podcast item , then press the Store tab and proceed by downloading the podcast of your interest as seen above for songs and music albums.

Note: once the songs or podcasts have been obtained, they can also be transferred to iPhone and iPad and can be listened to on the go. For more details, check out my tutorial on how to upload music to iPhone and my tutorial on how to upload music to iPad.

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How to download free music from Music on Mac

Music on Mac

As I mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial, on computers equipped with macOS , iTunes is no longer a single application, but has been broken down into multiple software pre-installed on the Mac. To download music for free, in this case, you have to rely on Music , the player and the organizer of Apple’s music library.

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Basically, on Mac, all you have to do is start the Music program (normally present in the Dock bar) and, once open, press the iTunes Store item located on the left side of the panel under the wording Store .

By doing so you will see the screen relating to the digital song store open and all you have to do is follow the same instructions that I gave you previously regarding iTunes for Windows PC.

For podcasts, however, you must use the Podcast application (also usually located in the Dock bar) and, once open, press the Discover item , located on the left of the panel to navigate among the downloadable podcasts.

How to download free iTunes music on iPhone and iPad

iTunes Store iPhone

On iPhone and iPad you can try to search and download free music using the iTunes Store app, installed by default on all mobile devices of the bitten apple.

To exploit it then grab your device, access the Home screen and tap the iTunes Store icon , represented by a star on a purple background. Once inside, press on the Music tab , located at the bottom left, and scroll down the opened screen. From here, under the item Quick links , check if you find the item relating to potential gifts: if so, press on it and check the available products, then download them by pressing the Get button .

As for free podcasts, however, you can take advantage of the Apple Podcast app : start it, tap the Discover tab and browse through the podcasts present. Alternatively, press the Search tab , located at the bottom right, and use the search bar that you see appear to type in the keywords useful for your search or press on one of the categories you see to search for content by genre.

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Once you have identified the episode of the podcast you are interested in saving, press its name , wait for the complete overview to open and touch the arrow icon pointing downwards , present at the top right. This will download the selected episode directly to your Podcast Library.

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Other solutions to download free music

Have you tried browsing iTunes but didn’t find any songs to download for free? It’s possible! In fact, the Apple store does not always offer free songs or albums. However, there are other solutions you can use to get songs. Find the main ones described below.

Apple Music

How to download free music from iTunes

Always in connection with iTunes you can get free music with Apple Music . This is the streaming music service offered by Apple which in addition to allowing you to listen to music – as easily understood by the name – also allows you to get your hands on a catalog of millions of songs and albums and to save them in personal playlists always and however reproducible (as long as you have an active Internet connection!) upon subscription to a subscription. The music, therefore, is not properly downloaded to the computer but practically it is as if it were.

The subscription is paid (the price of the subscription is equal to 10.99 euros/month for the Standard plan (5.99 euros/month for university students) and 16.99 euros/month for the Family plan ) but if it is the first time that you find yourself dealing with Apple Music you can try the service for free for 1 month and then you can also download free music from iTunes for a substantial period of time.

To use Apple Music, on a Windows PC , the first thing you need to do is click on the menu located in the upper left part of the program window and select the Music item from the menu that appears.

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At this point, click on the Discover tab located at the top center, then select the option to start the free trial of the service and wait a few moments to allow Apple to validate your request. If you’ve already applied to try Apple’s music service attached to the Music app for free, you can skip this step.

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On the Mac , instead, start the Music app and press the Listen now item located in the menu on the left of the page under the Apple Music item . Once this is done, click on the box that says Try now , to start the free trial of the service.

On the iPhone and iPad , however, start the Music app by tapping on the icon depicting the musical note, then press the Listen now tab located at the bottom right and press, also in this case, on the box that says Try it now .

Once subscribed, start looking for your favorite music through the various sections available or by carrying out a targeted search for content to download by pressing the search field located in the upper right part of the program window (or in the lower right on mobile devices) and typing the name of the artist, group or song of your interest.

Subsequently, presses on the icon depicting three dots located in correspondence with the selected content and then presses on the option to add the song or album to a playlist attached to the menu that is shown to you.

Later, you can play the content you downloaded without incurring additional costs and without having to search for it again by simply accessing the Music Playlists section of the iTunes library on your computer.

gift card

How to download free music from iTunes

If the methods I have just proposed are not to your liking and if you received an iTunes gift card as a gift , know that you have “one last resort” at your disposal to download free music from iTunes. In fact, using an iTunes gift card you can buy entire music albums or individual songs using the prepaid credit available on the gift card that you received as a gift from a friend, acquaintance or relative (they can also be found in digital versions on stores such as Amazon).

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To download free music from iTunes with an Apple gift card, access any section of iTunes / Music / iTunes Store, then press the Store / iTunes Store item and scroll down the new screen displayed. Now locate the Manage section and then press the item Use the code.

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If prompted, log in to your Apple account and then enter the code found on the back of your Apple gif card in the appropriate Code field or press the Use the camera button to automatically enter the Apple gift card code by framing it with the camera on your computer or phone. In any case, to conclude, press the Use the code button.

Then confirm your willingness to take advantage of the Apple gift card in question, then press the iTunes Store item again located at the top of the iTunes window.

Once this is done, to download free music from iTunes you just have to find the music album or song you prefer and click on it. If you want to download a single song press the button indicating the price that you find under the Price section of the new iTunes / Music screen while if you prefer to download an entire music album click on the [Price] Buy button where the cost is indicated instead of the item Price of the album that is placed under the cover image of the same, in the left part of the iTunes window.

Once the download of the chosen contents is finished, you can find everything in the Library section of the software accessible by pressing the appropriate item attached to the top of the iTunes window or in the side menu of Music.

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