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iTunes is a very famous software for Windows developed by Apple: in this case, it is the official tool delegated to manage the mobile devices of the Cupertino giant (iPhone, iPad and iPod) from Windows PCs. Until some time ago, the program was also integrated on Macs but, in modern times, the latter version is no longer developed, as the functions of what was once iTunes for Mac have been incorporated into other “standard” applications of the Apple operating system.

That said, if you are a user of the “bitten apple” and you need to better manage your devices on Windows computers, you absolutely cannot do without the program in question: this is the reason why I am here today and, if if needed, I’m ready to explain how to download iTunes on your computer.

In reality it is an extremely simple operation to carry out and truly within everyone’s reach; for the sake of completeness of information, I will also provide you with information on how to access the functions of iTunes on Mac, however, explaining how to install the program on older editions of the operating system. So, let’s not get lost in chat further and let’s move on to the action: find all the steps you need to take right below.


How to download iTunes on PC: Windows 10 and later

How to download iTunes on PC: Windows 10 and later

If you employ Windows 10 or a later edition of Microsoft’s operating system (eg. Windows 11), you can download iTunes very easily, using the Microsoft Store. To do this, click on this link, click on the button Download in the Store app and, if necessary, click on the button Open Microsoft Storeto authorize the opening of the Microsoft market.

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At this point, click on the button Install resident in the Microsoft Store window that should have opened on the screen and, if necessary, authorize the procedure by authenticating yourself via biometric recognition, PIN or password Microsoft account configured; when the download is complete, start the application obtained by clicking on the button You open or by using the icon that, in the meantime, has been added to the Start menu and / or al desktop Windows.

At the first start, you will be asked to accept the conditions of use of the program; then click on the button I accept and indicate whether or not to share your music library information with Apple by pressing the button Acceptor on No thank you.

How to download iTunes on PC: Windows 10 and later

In order to manage iPhone / iPad from your computer, you must first authorize iTunes access to the memory; to do this, after opening the program, connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer through USB cable and, afterwards, wait for the receipt of the notification about the drivers have been installed. When necessary, restart your computer and in the meantime, unplug the device from the USB socket.

At the next boot, connect the device back to the computer, open iTunes and click oniPhone / iPod icon or of iPad, which appears at the top of the program (immediately below the menu bar); now, click on the button Keep onswitch to iPhone / iPad and tap on the item Authorize, which appears on the screen; finally, enter the unlock code of the phone / tablet to allow communication between the latter and the computer.

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From now on, you can manage all aspects of your Apple device from the dedicated iTunes screen, using the tabs that appear on the side: those in the section Settings, which allow you to access the device synchronization, update and reset options; and those of the section On the devicewhich allow you to view, manage and load files into memory.

How to download iTunes

If, for some reason, you are unable to download iTunes from the Microsoft Store, you can use the “classic” installation package: to get it, connected to the website dedicated to iTunes, click on the item Windows placed next to the wording Are you looking for other versions? (if necessary) and click the button Download iTunes for Windows (64-bit) now, located in the new page that opens, if you use 64-bit Windows; if you have a 32-bit edition of Windows available, you can get the dedicated file by clicking on the link Download the app from herelocated just below.

When the download is complete, open the file obtained (eg. iTunes64Setup.exe) and click on the buttons Come on, Install, Yup (twice in a row) e end; for the rest, the operation of the program is completely identical to what we saw a little while ago, regarding the version of iTunes on the Microsoft Store.

How do you say? You are wondering how to download iTunes Windows 7, why is your computer out of date? In that case, I have no good news to give you: Apple has, in fact, eliminated support for the aforementioned edition of Windows, due to its obsolescence and the potential security issues that may arise. For this reason, if you have the possibility, I invite you to update your operating system to a later version (eg Windows 10), following the instructions I have given you in this guide.

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How to download iTunes on Mac

How to download iTunes on Mac

Use a Mac? In this case, if you have an updated version of macOS, the installation of iTunes could prove to be absolutely superfluous: starting from macOS 10.15 Catalina, in fact, Apple has eliminated iTunes from its operating system and has “distributed” the multimedia functions to all internal proprietary applications Music And Photo. The direct management of the devices, on the other hand, is delegated to the Finder.

So, to pair iPhone / iPad to the computer, connect it to the Mac via USB cable, open the Finder on the computer, tap on the item iPhone / iPad’s [tuo nome] located on the left sidebar and click on the button Authorize, which appears on the right; later, switch to the phone or tablet, tap the item Authorize appears on the display and, to complete the pairing, enter the device code And that’s it.

From now on, to manage iPhone functions (e.g. data backup, restore, updates, etc.), all you have to do is open the Finder, select the device from the left sidebar and open the tab General; to activate, deactivate and manage the synchronization of multimedia elements (eg. Music, Movie, TV Programs and so on) between computer and phone or tablet, using the remaining tabs visible within the Finder.

To upload new music to iPhone / iPad, play existing music or access the Apple Music store, open the application Music and click on iPhone / iPad name side resident; similarly, to access the media gallery of the device, open the application Photo on your computer and click on first name of the device, visible from the side. In some cases, you may be asked to unlock the smartphone screen or the tablet, in order to access the memory.

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How to download iTunes

iTunes is instead present “standard” on macOS 10.14 Mojave, but it is an integral part of the operating system, so it can be installed / reinstalled only by completely restoring macOS. On the previous versions of macOS it is possible to install the program, with the “classic” mode: therefore, connected to the Apple website, click on the item macOS corresponding to the wording Are you looking for other versions? and press on the item iTunes xx.y located on the next screen; then click on the button Downloadin order to start downloading the program installation package.

When the download is complete, start the .dmg file obtained, double-click the icon Install iTunes located in the window that opens and starts the program setup by clicking on the buttons Keep on (twice in a row) e Install; then, type the password of the computer within the dedicated field, come on Enter and complete the process by clicking on the button Close. For the rest, the methods of use of the software are identical to those already seen for Windows.

In the window that opens, click on the button first Keep ontwice in a row and then on that Installtype the password macOS administration (the one you use to access the system) and enter to complete everything. The methods of use of the software are almost identical to what has already been seen for Windows.

If you are having trouble installing iTunes on your old Mac, try taking a look at my tutorials on how to update iTunes and how to uninstall iTunes, which explains how to update and how to remove Apple’s multimedia software from computer, and then restore it.

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