How to eject iPhone from iTunes

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Do you want to disconnect your iPhones from iTunes without physically disconnecting the phone from the computer, so that its battery continues to charge? Do you want to know how to safely disconnect the “iPhone by” from the PC without risking compromising the data saved on it? Well, actually with iPhone you don’t need to do a safe disconnect like you do with USB sticks, but that doesn’t mean you can unplug your phone from your PC in the middle of an iTunes sync.

Well, it depends on the cases. So how about if I now offer you a small guide in which it is written in detail how to eject iphone from itunes according to the situations? In this way, you will be able to better manage your “iPhone by” and you will avoid disconnecting it from Windows or Mac OS X inappropriately causing any problems related to data transfer. Let’s get started right away.

How to eject iPhone from iTunes

If you want to find out how to eject iphone from itunes without physically disconnecting the phone from the computer, all you have to do is select the item iPhones located at the top right and click on the button Eject (the black arrow going upwards) located next to the device name, at the top left of the screen that opens. In this way, you can make your smartphone “invisible” to iTunes while continuing to keep the phone charged in the computer’s USB port.

If you have multiple Apple devices connected to your computer at the same time, the voice iPhones to be clicked initially in iTunes will turn into Devices so you’ll need to click on first Devices and then up iPhones and not directly on iPhones to access the device management page.


When you connected your “iPhone by” to the computer, did iTunes open and phone synchronization started automatically? If you want to stop this procedure, know that there is no need to eject iPhone from iTunes. On the contrary, disconnecting the smartphone from the PC while data synchronization is in progress could lead to some small problems (e.g. failure to transfer some information, nothing serious) which can be avoided by stopping the synchronization correctly.

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To properly stop syncing iPhone with iTunes, all you have to do is open the program, select the item iPhones/Devices located at the top right and press the cross (x) located to the side of the virtual display of the application.


If you want to completely disassociate your iPhone from iTunes because you have to sell it, you need to access theiTunesStorego to the section relating to device management and click on the item Remove placed next to the name of your “iPhone by”. Find in-depth details on this procedure in my guide on how to dissociate a device from iTunes.

Subsequently, if you have to sell the device, proceed to reset its content and return it to the factory state by following the guide on how to reset iPhone that I published some time ago on my blog. They are all very simple operations, I can assure you.

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