How to enable and disable in-app acquisitions on your Android, easily

How to enable and disable in-app acquisitions on your Android, easily

SmartWorld team

SmartWorld team

Seven there near I gave a way per Enable and disable in-app acquisitions on your Android? Vi trovate nel posto giusto, in quanto vi stiamo per spiegare come si fa. Alle volte è possibile avere activata l’opzione senza esserne consapevoli e ci si può ritrovare con delle spese relative ad acquisti fatti per errore o in modo inconsapevole. On the contrary, it effettuate in-app purchases With non-volete adjustment, insert the password to turn the power and speed up the procedure. If you don’t know how to proceed, continue a leggere.

In this our guide we will find all the information necessary to tell you. Prendetevi del tempo da dedicare la lettura dei prossimi paragrafi in modo tale da capire tutto con precisione. I have consigliamo di eseguire la procedura que vi interessa entre la spieghiamo, paso dopo paso, in modo sucha da non rischiare di committere errori e di dover repeatetere tutto dall’inizio. Seven soon? to brief saprete How to enable and disable in-app acquisitions on your Android.


Enable the in-app purchases from the settings of the smartphone

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We start with the procedure useful ad Enable the in-app purchases from the settings of your mobile device. Prima di tutto turn on your smartphone or tablet and unlock the lock, if necessary. Poi:

  • Press the Play Store with a simple click on its icon
  • Fate tap on your photo profile that you saw in high to right
  • Press your voice Settings of the menu that you will share
  • Select the Authentication voice
  • Pigiate sull’opzione Richiedi l’autenticazione per gli acquisti
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At this point, see a finestra that I saw present three options on cui scegliere. For the enablement of acquisitions, you must concentrate on the following two:

  • Mai: che vi consentirà di disabilitare gli acquisti in-app senza che vi venga richiesta la password ogni volta. If this is the option you want, select it and insert the Google password by confirming and fate tapping on the OK button
  • Ogni 30 minutes: with this option you can insert the password one turn and it will remain valid for 30 minutes, so all those who have acquired it will only have the first turn and do not insert it again in the temporal arc

Magari vi trovate nella situazione in cui avete activated il parental control south android device in your possession and now turn it off.

Don’t know how if fa? Continue reading to explore it. Since, in this case, we must proceed ad aprire il Google playthen tap on the icon relative to your profile that you see in the top to the right and in the menu that will appear to be selected family. The successive passage is a click sulla voce Genital Controlfor you can select the taste on the right side of Active Genital Control. Vi verrà richiesta il PIN e poi dovrete clic sul tasto okay. Ecco che avrete appena activated gli acquisti in-app su Android.

Disable the in-app purchases from the settings of the smartphone

Do you have an Android device and block the lock to disable the in-app purchases? In this case, the procedure is practically the same that I saw outlined in the preceding paragraph, you just have to select one of the other options from what I present, let me tell you what if it is and how I will proceed. dunke:

  • Turn on your smartphone or your tablet and unlock the lock, if necessary
  • Open the Play Store with one click on its icon that can be found on the screen of the device in your possession
  • Fate click on your icon with your profile photo or with your initials, you will find them up on the right
  • Select the settings option in the menu that will appear
  • Press your voice Authentication
  • Click now on the Richiedi command for authentication for the purchase
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At this point, I will select the third alternative, which I will see insieme alle due di cui vi abbiamo parlato in the preceding paragraph.

If you try to say:

  • Per tutti gli aquisti su Google Play da esta dispositivo: in this way I will see that the password is richer than first acquired, who should consider it and confirm that it comes first. In this mode, the operation will not be automatic and it is not at risk of being acquired in an inconsequential way, by mistake or if you turn on your device.


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