How to force the closure of an app on your iPhone

How to force the closure of an app on your iPhone

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state using an’app yours iphone and this is yes blog all improvviso, no answer eat dovrebbe, oppure non sapete come tornare indietro does it give a menu? A volte può essere utile sapere come uscirne and force the chiusurain poterla mode riaprire.

certain not per close the app in day mode risparmiare battery, perché per quello ci pensa già ios, ma se vi trovate in una delle situazioni sopra descritte, scopriamo How will I force the closure of an app on your iPhone? In 2023, the most recent models come iPhone 12, 13 either 14, and in quelli dotati di taste Homeeat iPhone SE and iPhone 8 or precedent


How to force the app to crash on your iPhone X and successively

To force the closure of the apps in iphone (This is a selection of those that you can try), if you pass through the carosello delle recent appthat I consent to pass through a series of apps open say recent

The number of this apps varies a second from own use And I will try to think that eliminating him tutte if I limit process in background attivi and if increased the autonomy of the telephone. Sbagliato.

iOS (how to personalize it) manage the app in background in manner optimal e vi assicura che siano in state “sleeping”, ready for use and no need for ricaricare i dati in case if debbano riattivare. And this yes che consumerebbe battery, perceived forcing the shutdown otterrete l’opposite effect to that wish. If your attempt is who eats I will increase the autonomy of’iphonevi rimandiamo alla nostra guida apposita.

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Ma se un’app dovesse dare dei problemi, yes blockhouse or communicate does not work As planned, now yes I will force the closure of the app avrebbe senso, and seven nella guide giusta.

If it turns, I will force the shutdown of the app its a iPhone X o successivi, ovvero delle come iPhone 12, iPhone 13 o iPhone 14 non dotati del tasto homepotete fare as described in this paragraph.

  1. With the iPhone in hand, sbloccato e nella schermata homerun away verse l’alto dalla part lower dello schermo e fermatevi when get to the center
  2. If there will be a carosello di anteprime delle app recenti, che potrete scorrere verse destra or sinistra (the cousin to destra è quella attiva)

How will I force the app to close your iPhone?

  1. run away verso destra or verso sinistra e scegliete l’app da chiudere
  2. run away con il dito verso l’alto sull’anteprima. When you compare the upper part of the shelf, I will say that it is chiusa.
  3. When you finally say open the apptouch the screen in a point of view if you can choose the selector of the recent app
  4. Invece volete aprire un’app tra recent ones, I saw enough to touch the scheda. Touching a dot on the inside screen once more, turn the screen to Home.

How will I force the app to close your iPhone?

Source: Apple

How will I force an app to close on your iPhone SE and 8 or earlier?

Your iPhone SE and iPhone 8 o modelli precedenti, quindi dispositivi dotati del taste Homebut I will access the selector delle recenti dovrete app will use an’altra procedure.

  1. Premise two turns the button Home
  2. This is via recent app selectorche verranno show yourself eat anteprime
  3. run away Verso sinistra or verso destra le app finché non trovate quella che desiderate chiudere
  4. run away verse l’alto sull’app che volete chiudere. When compared to the upper part of the shelf, it is cool.

How will I force the app to close your iPhone?

eat per iPhone 12 either iPhone 13the selector can be used also for aprire le recent app simply touching it, and touching a point likewise of the schermata, torrete there home page.

No taste Home

ma come fare se il tasto home If it breaks, what can I capitare being a physical taste? In this case, we can use it accessibility functions Say iOS, I consented to have a virtual button sullo schermo che substituisca quello físico. Let’s see how to use it.

  1. go away nella schermata Home of the phone and touch the icon of the settings (quella a forma di ingranaggio)
  2. Scorrete in basso e toccate accessibility
  3. Nella schermata successive, selected touch
  4. Now touch yourself AssistiveTouch
  5. up high, activate the function is stopping the button for the light will be green
  6. Ora vedrete appear sullo schermo un virtual button say color gray

How will I force the app to close your iPhone?

  1. Touch it and see if there will be a menu to access various functions, with a Home button that pampers in all and for all physical Home button from your phone (ahimè deceduto)
  2. I know what touch due volte quickly, see that I saw apparirà appunto il recent app selectorproper how you do it with the physical Home taste, and from who you can force the closure of the app

How will I force the app to close your iPhone?

This is a way to access the recent app selectorma ce ne sono altri due.

  • close the pulsating List of applications
    1. Press the button AssistiveTouch
    2. select Device
    3. touch yourself Other
    4. touch yourself List of applications
  • Press the button Elenco applications in the main menu
    • Nella page AssistiveTouch (Impostazioni>Accessibilità>Tocco>AssistiveTouch), touch Customize the main menu
    • Scegliete an icon che non usate e toccatela o aggiungetene una toccando il touch “+” in basso
    • Dall’elenco di funzioni, toccate List of applications
    • Now open a comfortable button at your disposal, and just touch it to access the selector of the recent app

How will I force the app to close your iPhone?

On the left, the voice Elenco applications in the AssistiveTouch menu. In the center, cast funzioni. A destra, nuevo pulsante Elenco applicazioni

Come see, the possibilities are infinite, and you can add what you fly to this comfortable menuother than personalize the actions that follow touch, doppio tocco and prolonged pressure.

Il pulsante AssistiveTouch sale slightly transparent if not in use, can be requested at will nella schermata and apparently also in quella di block. Se dovesse stufarvi, potete disable it following the procedure described above:

  1. go in settings
  2. touch yourself accessibility
  3. select touch
  4. touch yourself AssistiveTouch
  5. Disable the pulsating in high

Come chiudere tutte le app (in background)

Chiudere a’apps va bene, ma cosa fare se volete chiudere with a tocco Tutte Quelle in background? iOS does not have a pulsating eat android, quindi bisogna arrangiarsi.

Trick with più dita

The simplest solution is to use one piccola acrobatics che consente di chiuderne fine to five Alla vuelta, che è il number mássimo di anteprime visualizizzate sullo schermo.

  1. squeeze the cast of applications and scorretele in modo da avere quattro finestre sullo schermo
  2. Mettete un dito sopra ogni anteprima (if you can fare the massimo with quattro, quindi pollice, medio, anulare, mignolo e indice)
  3. Scorrete verso l’alto le quattro anteprimeche si chiuderanno
  4. Potete farlo also with tre, seen che depends give the dimensions of the storage of your iPhone, but at least potete chiuderne più di una alla volta

How will I force the app to close your iPhone?


The other solution is to use jailbreak, ovvero the procedure che rimuove blocchi and limitations Say Apple to support modifications and I will personalize The iPhone itself also has the same third-party app that is strictly open to the App Store.

second of it iOS version Your device is of the jailbreak type, there are some apps to download all the apps with a single touch. kill all, QuitAll, Purge, Slide2Kill and Swipe Home.

At the moment it’s been broken jailbreak but iOS 15 and 16, But only for older devices like iPhone 8 and previous ones, also because Apple’s security measures if they are fatte semper più difficult to overcome and the interests around all practice is clearly negli last year.


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