How to hide conversations on your Messenger and make it inaccessible

How to hide conversations on your Messenger and make it inaccessible

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Facebook is the main network of social media and the Messenger app is one of the most widely used your iOS and Android devices. The application consents to send and receive messages instantly on your Facebook. Agli utenti piace avere il pieno controllo sui propri messaggi, ad esampio trovarli facilidamente o persino nascondere e nascondere quelli indesiderati. This functionality consents to use Messenger effectively. Please allow me to maintain your privacy. Sono tutte tematiche interessanti da approfandire.

eat scaricare and install messenger

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Messenger is a completely free app, Downloadable free from the Google Play Store or from the App Store, compatible with any mobile device equipped with such operating systems. Finish the download, do not remain another day that you will access, using the own credenziali di Facebook or creating a new profile. To modify the name used, I come from some personal information, after which the telephone number and an e-mail indication, but I will always say that I will follow the guided procedure and access the platform.

The entire process takes place only a few moments away, five in a few minutes ten times, it is possible to start a conversation with a friend.

Things are the conversations on your Messenger

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The main feature of Messenger is the conversations, you can see the chat that you can contact someone from your own contact list or sending a message to someone on your Facebook. In this case, it is enough to send a request to someone else and, if you reply, I will start a conversation directly in the application. Per I will facilitate the search of friends, Messenger consent to import your personal contact list, from Facebook or from the rubric of the smartphone. It does not matter that some person does not register as “amici” on the platform, it is possible to send a message.

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After configuring the app, the main screen of Messenger is displayed, which shows and contacts on the left side, in a cast of swipe with the mouse, between the central column mette in evidence i message inviati. The column on the right shows a series of functionalities related to the conversation.

Selecting a friend from the cast is ad esampio possibile visualizzare il contatto traces un ingranagio laterale con un menú a discesa. Who are available various services, including the deactivation of the notification only for the messages of that person, the archiving of the messages sent and the deletion of the conversations that have been sent.

How to hide conversations and messages on Messenger

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Thing will be if you present the choice of I will delete the messages from Messenger perché non sono più pertinenti o ritenuti inappropriati. From mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, select the chat and delete the conversation, if the intention is to delete all messages, all you have to do is select single tests and delete these parts. On PC, it works in a similar way, so it is possible to use the icon in the form of gear to delete specific messages, not interesting conversations and individual or group chats.

In precedence it was also possible I will cancel any messages at the same timethis function is disabled, but it is not officially possible to cancel all and test in a single operation.

Tuttavia, ci sono app ed extensioni del browser che possono risolverlo. One of the questions is Message Cleaner, which can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store. After installing it, just press the Messenger chat messages, activate the extension and use the “Delete all messages” button to delete all messages at the same time.

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Unlike WhatsApp, recently I’ve been able to cancel messages in a way that I can’t see anyone, their Messenger isn’t like: even after the cancellation, the users of the chat can’t continue to check the messages, I’ve just cancelled. own profile. In alternative, i message possono essere archiviati cancelando le vecchie chat, always using the icon of the gears, just select the messages and click on your File. These tests can not be viewed at any time through the settings of Messenger.

From the toothed wheel, only located on top to the left of the main schermata, select the voice conversations archive and press the file in this content.

In this way it is possible to control your messages archives, and successively decide to cancel some of them and lasciarne altri più importanti.

How will I recover i deleted messages from Messenger

It is possible, however, to delete messages from your Messenger, possibly on occasions when it is necessary to do the opposite, I will recover messages that have been deleted involuntarily. To do so from the PC, first check to see if they are present in the archive, in which case it is enough to press the settings, select the option Conversation archive and I will visualize i messages initially scomparsi dalla chat.

For greater safety, it is possible Download the archive from the Facebook homepage. Just walk in the general settings and activate the option Download a copy, selecting which file will save your own PC to protect it from eventual inconveniences, downloading it in zip format. To recover the messages from the mobile devices, press the application, go to the settings and view the archives, you can also access the cache copy of the device itself, all within the internal memory, if you find the Android, data, com cart.

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facebook.orca, cache, fb_temp.


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