How to hide WhatsApp from the phone: and simple ways

How to hide WhatsApp from the phone: and simple ways

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Find WhatsApp on the smartphone In mode of rendering invisible the icon of the famous application of messaggistica is instantly possible. There are various options to make even many rages to proceed in this direction.

If you estimate that there are 80 and 85% of cell phones in the world, there was a WhatsApp application installed. It’s not surprising, but if it’s about a instant and free software In degree we will know when our contact has sent you and let our chat room, it is possible to protect the access to any application using a sequence, a pin, a password or a digital imprint using an instrument that has various operating systems Android and iOS It assumes a different denomination, but the result is the medesimo. This functionality is diverse and will complement the one that we provide in this article for the device equipped with the software of Google and for iPhone.

But hide WhatsApp from the phone

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WhatsApp è oggi il servizio di messaging instantly can be used.

But it is convenient to hide the application on the cell phone in such a way that there are no problems in the future. Ad esempio per impedere l’accesso a terzo. If an intruder obtains access to our account, he is in degree di See all the activities, the conversations of work and those personalities. Il focus is also its privacy and security. With WhatsApp we send messages containing private information on your financial movements. All of the data, I photographed it and any other type of message containing private information will damage the security of your bank accounts, credit cards or virtual wallets. Inoltre, gli intrusi possono venire a conoscenza delle password di accesso dalle piattaforme di e-commerce e quindi acquistare oggetti a non autorizzati.

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We do not tell whatsapp non identifica l’utente, ma l’account. Say so, even if you access the application installed on your cell phone with your finger from the true owner. Infine, some people use this instantaneous message board to protect their own information and information.

For this scattano photo of the receipt of payment or of any other document related to the work. If the WhatsApp account is violated, even though I can delete these data and messages, I will lose all the verification of the work or other important activities.

Android, how to hide the WhatsApp icon from the menu of the smartphone

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vogliamo hide WhatsApp from indiscreet guards Who can control the phone? A premessa è d’obligo: nascondendo only il collegamento all’applicazione, the software will be easily accessible and quindi rimarrà installata on the mobile device.

Dalla schermata iniziale, scorrere verso l’alto or verso il basso per will visualize all the app available on your smartphone. Touch settings and poi Display. Scorrere verso il basso il menu e toccare Schermata iniziale. Quindi scorrere il new menu e scegliere Nascondi app. Still one turn, we will scroll the content of the page until we find the WhatsApp icon. Tap on the community to select it or hide it. Touch infine OK, in the lower part of the screen, but do not display the whole stack.

How will I access WhatsApp if it’s cost status?

What is the reverse route? How will I access WhatsApp if it’s cost status? Are our devices equipped with Android? From the initial screen, scroll up to the top or bottom to view all the apps available on your device. I know if the cast of the app is available, not if I found it at cost. To access a coast app, touch the search bar (Near) on the top of the screen to display the virtual table. Scrivere il name dell’aplicazione nascosta (WhatsApp) per rivelarne il collegamento e per avviare il software. E per rimuovere un’app dall’elenco di quelle nascoste?

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Dalla schermata iniziale, scorrere verso l’alto or verso il basso per will display all the app available on your device. Touch settings and poi Display. Scorrere verso il basso il menu e fare tap su Schermata iniziale. Scroll the menu to the bottom and touch the Nascondi app. Fare tap sull’icona Rimuovi (il segno meno) sul collegamento di WhatsApp da rimuovere dall’enco delle app nascoste.

Select OK in the lower part of the screen to validate the selection.

iOS, how to hide the WhatsApp icon from the smartphone menu

Dietro alle sue apparenze semplicistiche, il dell’iPhone operating system pullula in realtà di piccole funzioni little or little known. Even the initial screen does not contain secret piccoli, how can it be possible for the screen to be determined by applications on your phone? WhatsApp, for that matter. Prima di iniziare, a piccola precisazione: l’applicazione non scompare davvero, ma è semplicemente memorizzata in the library of the app, a virtual pannello accessible from the last page of the initial screen. They are not accessible through the field of research.

Per Hide the WhatsApp icon from the iPhone menu, not very complicated. You will have to press the icon that has not been displayed in a menu, so select Rimuovi app and select Rimuovi from the initial screen. The app will install on your phone, but it will not appear on its own page. To find an app, just go to the app library, find the icon in the cast through the search field or in the cartelle generate automatically, and you will have to prompt to transfer it to your virtual desktop.

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