How to install a new kernel (guide and video)

After many modifications it is possible to add it to your own smartphone with bootloader sblocked, the change of the kernel is one of the most simple, but also the most risky. È quantomai opportuno quindi munirsi non solo del stock kernel of the device itself, it will rip in case of problem, but also bene fare a preventive backup If we wish to avoid the possible loss of precious data. I am not requesting raccomandazioni-disclaimer: I am an honest council, which will decide whether to follow or less.

Detto questo, oggi vedremo come I will change/ripristinare kernellighting as always ad esempio il nostro nexus 4: i pre-requisiti fundamentali sono il bootloader sbloccato e la presenza di fastboot your own PC, or alternatively say a custom recovery su Android, tutti argumenti che abbiamo già coperto nelle nostre precedenti guide in materia.

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There is also not a fantastic “kernel page” to which I have requested: the generic advice is that I have returned to XDA, in the section dedicated to your device, and I will see the third-party kernels, close but also try to find out what it is stock, in modo da poterlo ripristinare. In the case of the Nexus quest’last step is particularly easy, but it kernel stock is content in the factory image Presenti sui server di Google (in the video a fine article will be seen in detail where it is found).

To flash the image of a kernel it is enough to flash the device in bootloader mode (all flash the power button and volume at the same time), connect it to the PC via cable and type the following command:

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fastboot flash boot boot.img

Dove boot.img is the name of the file with your kernel. Alternatively, take a zip pacchetto from flash via recoverythe latter if you install as any other zip, and do not need a full wipe (it may be worth canceling the cache, also from the dalvik).

The following discord does apply to the original stock kernel, which is simply a kernel like everyone else and will install in this way. In the case of the Nexus, dovrete per forza di cose I will use fastboot (Google does not fornisce pacchetti zip da flashare via custom recovery!), so we get it as a generic method.

Per oggi ci limitiamo quindi al come installare un kernel. Soon we will face a confrontation with some tipi di kernel diversi and vedremo come sfruttarli al meglio.

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