How to install android apps on windows 11

One of the things you miss most when working on your PC is to use some apps that you use on a daily basis on your Android smartphone. In the past you have tried virtualization software to be able to take advantage of Android apps on your PC, but you have never been completely satisfied with their operation. Now, however, you have discovered that with Windows 11 it is possible to install Android apps in a “native” way, without necessarily resorting to external tools.

So, after upgrading your PC to Windows 11, the first thing you did was look for a way to install Android apps on it, but to your great surprise, you didn’t find anything about it and it a little amazed. Have you tried to search the net and you have come across this tutorial of mine on how to install android apps on windows 11so you can’t wait to find out more.

No problem: in the following lines I will give you all the information you need to be able to install Android apps on your PC and use them as if you were using your smartphone or tablet. Do not you believe it? Well, then make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and continue reading the next paragraphs. Enjoy the reading!


How to install android apps on windows 11

How to install android apps on windows 11

You can’t wait to find out how to install android apps on windows 11? Before showing you how to get Android apps on your PC, I always advise you to update the operating system to the latest version available.

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To do this, press the button start (a flag icon) placed in the bottom bar and then open lw Settings (a gear icon). Once in the Windows Settings, click on the item Windows Update from the side menu: click on the button Check for updatesthen up Download now and wait for the installation to complete. More info here.

Also, make sure it’s turned on processor virtualization. To check this, run Activity Management pressing the keys Ctrl+Alt+Del on the PC keyboard and then clicking on the item Activity management in the window that appears. If the program starts in reduced mode, click on the item More details.

Once inside Task Manager, click on the tab Performance placed in the top bar and then on the item CPUs: among the data present make sure that next to the item Virtualization the wording is present Qualified. If it is not active, this setting can be changed by accessing the PC BIOS. More info here.

Now that your PC is updated to the latest version of Windows 11 available and processor virtualization is active, I will show you how to install Android apps on Windows 11 in the next chapters.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

The first solution I want to tell you about to be able to install Android apps on Windows is via Amazon Appstoreor the official store of the e-commerce giant, which is used by Microsoft on Windows 11 for the management of Android apps through the android subsystem integrated into the operating system.

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At the time of writing, the ability to install Android apps on Windows 11 through this system is not available in Italy, but you can easily force its activation by setting the operating system region to the USA. Clearly, if you have a version of Windows that already supports the feature in Italy, this step will not be necessary for you. To proceed, open the Windows settings and click on the item Date/time and language from the side menu. On the screen that appears, click on the item Language and geographical area and tax United States in the section Country or region (don’t worry, the language will remain Italian): once this is done, Reboot the PC.

Once your PC has restarted, open the Microsoft Store and in the search box type “amazon appstore”click on the first result in the list and then on the button Install: from the screen that appears click on the button Configurethen up Download, Come on and finally up Restart.

Once the reboot is complete, the installation will start automatically Windows Subsystem for Androidor the system that guarantees the possibility of installing and using Android apps on Windows 11. After a few seconds, the main screen of the Amazon Appstore will appear on the screen: click on the button Already have an Amazon account? Log in if you already have an Amazon account, otherwise click on the button Create a new Amazon account.

After logging in with your Amazon account, on versions of Windows that are not enabled for the installation of Android apps in Italy, a message may appear warning that the store is only available in some countries, so you will need to change the region of your account. In this case, I advise you to create an Amazon account exclusively for this purpose, so as not to change your main account, especially if you use Kindle series devices.

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To change the region of your account, open the Amazon website and log in to the account you want to use for the Windows 11 Android subsystem. Once done, click on the item Accounts and lists placed in the bar at the top and from the drop-down menu click on the item My content and devices.

On the screen that opens, tap on the card Preferences placed at the top and on the page that opens, click on the item Please change your country/region: click on the button Edit and enter an American address (also with a postal code — ZIP code — valid for the chosen city), finally click on the button Update twice. Of course, this whole region change procedure on Amazon is not necessary if you use a version of Windows 11 that supports the Amazon Appstore for Italy.

Now, on the page that appears, log in again with your Amazon account and you’re done. So all you have to do is open theAmazon Appstore and this time the store will open correctly.

To proceed with theinstalling an android appall you have to do is locate it (also using the search box at the top), click on it and press the button Get/Get and then on that of downloads. Once the download is complete, click the button to open the app and wait for it to load, which will open in a window.

Once the application is installed, you will also find it in the list of applications that you can access using the button start.

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How do you say? The procedure via the Amazon Appstore is too complicated for you, but you still want to find a well-functioning method to be able to use android apps on windows 11? In this case I advise you to use the application WSAToolsavailable for download from the Microsoft Store.

This application allows you to install any APK of an Android app on your PC, always using the Android subsystem of the Microsoft operating system. To get the APKs, I recommend you to use only the trustworthy sources, such as the website APK Mirror. More info here.

Once the application is installed, open it and on the screen that appears click on the button Install an APK: select theapk previously downloaded, click on the button Load APK and then up install.

Once the app installation is complete, which may take up to several minutes, click the button open. The Android application will open in a window, as if it were open on a smartphone, and you can manage it using the mouse and keyboard.

Again, once the application is installed, you will also find it in the list of applications that you can access using the button start.

Other solutions to install Android apps on Windows 11

Other solutions to install Android apps on Windows 11

The procedures I described above are a bit complicated for you, so you would like to understand if they exist other solutions to install Android apps on Windows 11.

If none of the options I told you about previously fully satisfies you, you can always resort to the main Android app virtualization software, which can also be used on PCs equipped with Windows 10 and earlier.

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One of the best it is for sure BlueStacksa very famous Android emulator for PC, through which a virtualized environment is created inside the PC where it is possible to use the Android operating system exactly like on a tablet, being able to download and install all the apps you want directly from the Google Play Store .

The software is free in its basic version, which is more than enough to run most Android apps and games. If you want to know more, I explained how to download BlueStacks and how to use it in detail in the tutorials that I just linked to you.

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