How to install GCam on your Android without root

Al giorno d’oggi an aspect that always comes with più importance in the cell phone of a smartphone corresponds to the photographic sharing and all its performance. Or may I turn around that a new top of the range is coming if it goes suddenly to save it as if it involves a photographic field.

These devices are supported by various smartphone producers that always invest in new hardware components for the photocamera. The corsa ai megapixel e ai grandi sensori è accompagnata also da un notevole sviluppo degli algorithmmy for the elaboration of immagini. This is the aspect that has been resolved Google a wonder in the store of mobile photography.

I Pixel is a synonym of absolute quality in the photographic field, thanks to all the magic offered by the sharing of Google software. The Google Camera It is the best to provide this innovation, even without a three-digit megapixel sensor arrangement.

The beautiful thing is that the Google Camera is usable Also your other Android devices no Pixel.

In this guide we will walk properly to see How to install the Google Camera on various Android modelswithout bisogno dei root permission.

Prima di tuffarci nella procedura para l’installazione della Google Camera sui varias modelli di telefoni Android compatibili, è bene capire perché può essere usefull installare and usare la Google Camera invece che l’app Fotocamera stock presente su own dispositivo.

In the corso of the last years notevole sforzo It is found profusely in the realization of the porting of the Google Camera app. For porting if you intend to modify the version of the Google Camera app, you will need to use the official version that Google distributes for its Pixel and adapt it to use its non-Pixel model.

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This allows you to use, even your non-Pixel smartphone, a large part of the software produced by Google’s Image Confezionate. Prima fra tutte troviamo l’HDR+ormai affinato a regola d’arte, and the astrophotography.

Without dai primi porting and dalle prime prove su smartphone non Pixel ci si è resi conto di come scattare con la Google Camera può portare a risultati clearly migliori Rispetto a cuando si scatta con la fotocamera stock. Google over time has optimized the HDR, the functionality Ritrattothe mode night and astrophotography. This specific function can result clearly from the same amount of money offered by the Fotocamera stock app.

È davvero fundamentally I will specify the difference between the manual installation of a quasi apk della Google Camera that can be downloaded online and the installation of a porting This is based on the code of the Google Camera, its measurement for a specific Android model.

In the latter case, if they are available to you interesting featurelike the Night Photo and the HDR+ in real time, Magic Gumdynamic video stabilization and not only.

Prima di tuffarsi nell’installazione del porting della Google Camera è importante considerare che il porting It is not compatible with all Android smartphones diversi dai Pixel. The porting is born from the API Camera2, implement its various smartphone models with Snapdragon processors.

C’è da considerare che sono diversi gli sviluppatori indipendenti che lavorano ai varios porting della Google Camera. This because this Android model needs a specific version of the porting. Negli ultimi tempi il lavoro degli sviluppatori has allowed me to determine a series of prerequisites to correctly install and use the port of the Google Camera. Andiamo vederli insieme:

  1. Check if there is API support Camera2 with quest’applicatione.
  2. Avere installati i Google Play Services. In the case where these are not present, it is possible to use microG or Gcam Services Provider.
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The installation of the Google Camera is very simple.

As a matter of fact, if it is an apk file, it will be installed manually. Other than this, different versions of the porting provide no XML-file che include tutte le consigliate setting Dallo sviluppatore per l’utilizzo della Google Camera. Let’s see how to proceed with the installation:

  1. I will individualize the correct version della Google Camera for the device itself. Potete far referimento to the following paragraph is avete dei dubbi.
  2. Scaricare the version of the Google Camera on your own device.
  3. Open the apk file appears scaricato.
    • At this point it is necessary to grant permission for the manual installation of the file.
  4. Confirm the will to install the Google Camera.
  5. Attend the complete installation. Se tutto va a buon fine, receverete un messageggio di confirma.
  6. (Optional) In the case in which, on the download page of the apk, there is also an XML file, I saw we could download it. That contains you consigliate setting Dallo sviluppatore per il funzionamento ultimale della Google Camera per quel dato dispositivo.
  7. I will create the cartel Gcam/Configs8 In the internal memory of the device (there is a file manager for it, like Google Files), and copy the XML file from the previous point into it.
  8. Open the Google Camera app.
  9. double tap sull’area del pulsante di scatto.
  10. Confirm that you can caricare the settings of the content in the XML file.
  11. The app Google Camera dovrebbe riavviarsi con le impostazioni consigliate.

Qui sotto trovate a short video che spiega come effettuare il caricamento delle impostazioni consigliate.

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After seeing the procedure to manually install the port of the Google Camera on your Android phone, we will see how it sounds currently compatible models. A fianco di ogni modello found also the link for the direct download:

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