How to install the Play Store on your Android

How to install the Play Store on your Android

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Without dalla nascita di Android we are still used to the presence of an official store that allows you to install in a simple and relatively simple manner app and games on your own Android phone and tablet.

What was initially noticed as Android Market adesso è famous as Play Store. The Play Store is the official store of Google in which there are many apps and games for Android devices, but also for devices such as smart TVs compatible with Android TV / Google TV and smartwatches equipped with Wear OS.

As a rule, the Play Store is the default app present on your Android device, at least certified with Google services. this not worth Quindi per i telefoni che non hanno i servizi Google, como i recenti modelli di Huawei, o altri modelli lanciati sul mercato da produttori che non godono di tutte le certificazioni di Google e Android. Altri almost simili possono presentirsi when you install your own phone or tablet a custom ROM It does not provide for the installation of the Play Store by default.

In this guide andremo quindi a vedere How to install the Play Store on your Android phone and tablet. The guide does refer to the manual procedure obviously.


preliminary information

Prima di gettarsi a capofitto in questa guida è bene I will consider diverse aspects In the field of manual installation of the Play Store on your Android phone and tablet. If it’s about a procedure non officialovvero non recognized by Googleand this potrebbe will implicate some malfunctions. Such malfunctions could not be verified immediately after a certain time. Magari all’inizio all works well, poi con i successivi aggiornamenti software o delle app potrebbero verificarsi dei compatibility problem.

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Ma non finisce qua, è important capire che la guida che segue potrebbe non essere efficacious For some types of devices, because there are so many things that could prevent the correct installation and execution of the Play Store on your Android device non certified.

Other than this if I should also consider that some Google services correlate to the Play Store can not be installed manually. This is the case I gave Google Pay, the Google payment platform. This access may be manually installed on the Play Store if it is not possible to control the security and safety of the SafetyNet say google.

How to install the Play Store manually

Dopo aver fatto i dovuti preamboli, andiamo a vedere How to do the manual installation of the Play Store your Android phone and tablet. I pass that we see in the procedure that follows is worth in general for Android devices, whether smartphone or tablet. Clearly the name of the options mentioned potrebbe I will vary slightly based on the model of the device you are using.

Enable the installation of unknown fonts

Per ragioni di sicurezza Android impedes the default installation of the app not officially arrived from the Play Store. Gli utenti possono obviously I will disable such option. This is necessary to install the app from the Play Store manually, it is done in a non official way.

Andiamo a vedere come fare:

  1. press him settings of your own Android phone or tablet.
  2. Reduce the section safety
  3. select the voice Install app unknown.
    • Alternatively, it is enough to press the Settings and serve the search instrument by walking around the key speaker “unknown“.
  4. I will enable The installation of the app gives unknown fonts.
  5. confirm la scelta al messaggio di avvertimento finale.
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Obtain information from your own Android device

This passage is fondamentale per capire quali sono i parameter Please consider downloading the correct version of the Play Store on your own Android phone or tablet. This information riguardano the architecture of the processor the A resolution of the display that you use. Scaricando un versión non corretta implies It is impossible to correctly install or follow the Play Store your own device.

the method più simple and fast To repeat the technical information consists in installing the app My Device – Infoqui sotto trovate il pulsante directto per il download.

Scarica da Play Store

  1. Once install the app, open it and recharge it in the section CPU.
  2. annotarsi the architecture of the own processor (dovrebbe essere qualcosa como “armv8”, “armv71”, “x86_64”).
  3. Also write down the resolution del proprio display che trovate nella sezione Display dell’app.

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Scaricare the Play Store

At this point seven soon per Download the Play Store version compatible with your device. Eco eats:

  1. Scaricare the app Google Account Manager gives this hint. Far refer to the most recent version.
  2. Scaricare the app Google Services Framework gives this hint. Far refer to the most recent version.
  3. Scaricare the app Google Play Services gives this hint. Far refer to the most recent non-beta version. In this case, there are several variants of the app for the same version. That the scaricare corresponds to the variant compatible with the architecture of the processor of your smartphone and with the version of Android that is updated on the device. Quindi è fundamentale far referimento alle informazioni repeat with the app My Device – Info.
  4. Scaricare the app Google Play Store gives this hint. Far refer to the most recent non-beta version.
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Install the Play Store

finally siamo promptly to proceed with the installation.

Avrete capito che si tratta dell’installazione di tutte the app scaricate the preceding paragraph. Andiamo with order: nella cartella in cui avete scaricato le app menzionate sopra dovreste vedere a situazione del genere.

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The installation of the app must come second on next order:


Dopo aver installato le quattro app scaricate secondo l’ordine elencato basterà riavviare the device. If the installation of one or more apps is not and well done, it means that you will probably scare the errata version. In such a case, return to the preceding paragraph and ensure that you verify all the information to download the correct version.

A complete installation and recovery dovrebbe essere finally accessible the Play Store. Potete quindi sentirvi liberi di install app and giochi Presenti sullo store di Google.

Alternative to Play Store

In the case where it is not possible to manually install the Play Store, it is not lost on your own Android device.

The Play Store is not the only app store for Android devices. Let’s go to see you alternative più validate, popular and secure.

  • Amazon App Store, see the Amazon app store available for Android devices. Surely it is less rich in the Play Store but hosts a large part of the most popular app.
  • F-Droid, is a historical app store of the third app for Android devices.
  • APKMirror, an independent repository that allows you to scare and manually install the apk of the app.
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