How to move home with the app: the migliori and how to use it

How to move home with the app: the migliori and how to use it

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Are you happy to buy your house or have I recently transferred to a new apartment? If you found yourself in one of these situations, or simply turn around to renew some of the ambients of your dimora, probably there are some sources of inspiration. d’altronde, I will move home It is not a simple operation: avere troppi riferimenti potrebbe portare a mescolare troppi stili ed elementi differenti e farvi cedere alla tentazione di acquistare cose che singularmente piaccio, ma insieme non sono in armonia tra loro.

How far? In this guide I saw a simple way to find inspiration and experience eat home with the app. Prendetevi del tempo per leggere questa nostra guida e, magari, date un’occhiata alle applicazioni mano che ve le illustriamo. In this way you can suddenly capire quale vi piace di più e quale fa al caso vostro. Dopo aver letto i paragrafi dedicati a ciascuna delle applications for home storage avrete nuove fonti a cui fare referimento e dare un’aria nuova alla vostra dimora non sarà più così complicato come sombrava all’inizio.

Che ne dite, iniziamo?


Home Design 3D

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The first option of which I spoke is Home Design 3D. If it is a program available both for Android and iOS, even if it can be downloaded from the Play Store or from the App Store. It is a simple and intuitive application, even if you don’t worry if you don’t have seven experiences with this type of program or arrangement. The app presents various functions with cui potrete improvvisarvi interior designer and try to build a project for your house. One turn scaricata l’app potrete I will design the piano of your room and proceed with scegliendo i various mobiles and the finiture of the various ambienti. One turn ends yours project potrete also scaricarlo in various formats.

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Design Home

The second option that I have proposed is an app that I have agreed to create a project to move your house sotto forma di gioco.

This app is available both for Android and iOS, the power can close and download directly from the Play Store or from the App Store. One volta installed potrete calarvi in ​​the wheel of interior designer and start to I will decorate the stanza make it available. Give me the possibility of accessing a wide catalog that brings together a series of articles of various types: carte da parati, furniture, paving and accessories of various types and many others, divided by category, one with its own icon.

Houzz – Ideas for your home

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Will you find another app to move home with the app? But I won’t try Houzz? With this solution, you can download it comfortably from the Play Store of Android or from the App Store of iOS, you can find any idea for I will move your house directly on your smartphone. Once installed, you can visualize the images present, which are the ones I gave 25 million. The fonts of inspiration are not mancheranno.

potrete valutare i diversi stili di arredamento, various accessories and complements and I will think about the whole environment of your house singularly and in detail. Open the possibility of creating degli album For raccogliere the photo and the inspirations you prefer, it works extremely useful if not seven of the experts interior design. That this raccolte may also be shared with other items. However, Houzz also works as a piattaforma in cui trovare dei professionisti del settore. Potrete will enter in contact with parrot, see and programs that have not been carried out and magari farvi will help to round up your house.

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Planner 5D

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Another interesting application that I saw we could try is Planner 5D. If it is a useful instrument for the internal planning of your home. Don’t worry, it can be extremely complicated, but in reality it’s easy to think about. Quest’app is available on both Android and iOS devices and can be easily found and downloaded from the app store that you have on your smartphone.

One more turn will open the possibility of I will replicate the piantina of your house and start ad aggiungere degli elementsi to arrange it to your liking. Potrete try various styles and various shapes, but it will turn out harmoniously if you put me in and create an environment that I can consider home. Potrete spaziare tra vari colori, tipi di mobilio, modificare i pavementi e personalizzare nei dettagli ogni single element.


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