How to organize the email in your Gmail: tips and advice

How to organize the email in your Gmail: tips and advice

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Gmail is one of the most widely distributed electronic postal services in the world, used by thousands of people to send and receive mail. You can organize and manage according to precise criteria, in order to render the use of the service as efficient and personalized as possible. vediamo quindi How will I organize your Gmail mail? In modo simple ed efficacious.


Things are tagged with your Gmail and things are servo

Gmail sfrutta le etiquette to differentiate and contrast him. I know if I insert the email in specific cartellema ogni mail può avere più di un etichetta, così da retrovarla simply clicking on one of the etichettes in the left square.

The sticker can be used, inoltre, to monitor the status of the person’s activities (for example, if you can create the sticker of a specific person per capire if the person is working on the email or has completed it), but I will identify the email Cui bisogna I will follow or what if I can leggere in a second moment.

How will I create a label in your Gmail

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Per I will create a sticker on your Gmail bisogna:

  • Press Gmail on your computer
  • On the left side of the page, scorrere verso il basso, who will click on “Altro”
  • Click on your “Create a new label”
  • I will give a name to all etichetta
  • Fare click your “Create”

At this point if I can’t use the label create to differenziare the email. Per I will associate a sticker with an email bisogna:

  • Press Gmail on your computer
  • Select and message that if you fly, tag it
  • At the top of the page, click on your “Label”
  • Select a sticker (or directly create a new one)
  • The mail will be associated with the specific tag, and it will be possible to close it using the tag as key.
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How will I filter your Gmail mail?

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Gmail also gives the possibility of manage the post in arrivo using i filterfor example, I will send email to a label or automatically archive, delete or add to “Speciali” the post on arrival.

Per I will create a filter per email bisogna:

  • Press Gmail
  • In the research box in high, click on your “Show options of research”
  • Enter and search criteria
  • At the bottom of the search window, click on “Create Filter”
  • Choose the options for the filter
  • Far click your “Create filter”

I know if you create a filter per l’inoltro dei messaggiit is well to remember that the filter will only work for new messages and not for those who have received messages.

However, when a user responds to a message that is filtered, the response will only be filtered according to these search criteria.

How will I close your Gmail mail?

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Per I will close your Gmail mail If I can proceed in due modi. The cousin is I will type in the casella di ricerca in altoOnce you open Gmail, the content stops in the text of the mail or in the oggetto or the email address of the person who sent the message. When you send an invitation, you will see a list of emails.

If you can not restrict the search by clicking on your “Show research options” to use the advanced search. Ecco qualche esampio:

  • Mitteni: type From:(
  • Date intervals: type after:2019/3/29 before:2019/4/5
  • Parole chiave: I will type the parola chiave, as information will be reserved
  • Attributi del message, come gli allegati: digitare has:attachment
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I have seen how Gmail works on your Android, iPhone and PC.

How to add important email to Speciali

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Le email aggiunte a Speciali in Gmail vengono contrassegnate come importanti, aiutando tenerle en evidenza.

Per add an email to the cartella Speciali bisogna:

  • Press Gmail on your computer
  • Dalla Posta en arrivo, I will go to the left of the message and click on the star “Aggiungi a Speciali”. If the message is open, click on your “Altro” quindi su “Aggiungi a Speciali”
  • If I sound like stars, I will continue to click on the icon of the star finché, you will not see the one that I use when I fly

Per visualize and message aggiunti a Speciali bisogna quindi:

  • Press Gmail on your computer
  • On the left side of the page, click on your Special. Verranno show the mail caratterizzate dalla stella.
  • Per trovare i messaggi aggiunti a Speciali si può anche utilizzare le scorciatoie is: starred o has: con il nome della stella, ad es. has:yellow-star

How will I archive your Gmail email?

How will I delete your Gmail email?

If the decision is invece quella di I will definitely delete an emailthe procedure is equally simple:

  • Press Gmail on your computer
  • Andare your mail
  • Sulla right, click on your “Delete”

When you delete a message, it will return to the basket for 30 days. Once such a journey ends, you will definitely be eliminated.


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