How to publish the app on the Amazon store [Guida]

How to publish the app on the Amazon store [Guida]

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Abbiamo parlato diverse around della Developer Console del Play Storie di Google e della contrapposizione di Amazon con il suo app shop, ma non ci siamo mai introdotti nei meandri di quest’ultimo negozio virtuale e delle sue procedure. Ci siamo quindi domandati how possa funzionare la vendita di applicazioni su questo store e ci siamo accorti che la procedura, por cuanto possibile, si diferenzia moltissimo de la quela enviada da Google.

Registration at the service

A grandi linee, or at least it was when we signed up for the Android Market, the procedure was extremely simple: write it with any anagraphic data, versamento della tassa di iscrizione e via, promptly publish our application. Se avessimo voluto poi riscuotere i nostri guadagni, Google Checkout ci avrebbe atteso a braccia aperte con la sua macchinosa procedura d’iscrizione.
Starting from the Amazon service, we are not under contract with this division: how it happens with the Google account and the Play Store, so that our work on all the App-Shop is removed We are new to an Amazon account.

Appurato che siamo, senza giri di parole, clienti del grande online store, the procedure is decidedly a single senso (only richiesta di anagrafici data), at least fine when the form does not chiede We have intentions of monetizing Process our app: answer affirmatively, and a few days are necessary to provide and our bank data will appear and finally insert our IBAN, the identification of the bank and the incumbent of the account. Alla fine di esta passaggio, sew it if fanno a little più complicate: ci verrà richiesto di rispondere ad un decina di domande It will help to correctly compile the electronic module W8we will be able to sign electronically (the procedure will be entered in our full legal name) and, one turn around to finish this step, after a few minutes and it will be done by good luck, an email from Amazon will notify you of the completeness of the procedure and Finally start sending all’App-Shop our creations.

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We love an APK!

Still a turn, the comparison with the Play Store of Google is obligatory: click an app on the Developer Console and it can be rich in as little as any minute and the necessary procedure is definitely short in respect of those riches from Amazon, which is communicated well. più dettagliata and controllataI will sow a lot più in line with the store della Mela Che with what the robottino (probably perchè… lo sveliamo tra qualche riga!), ma andiamo con ordine. First of all, it will be true to insert the name of the application, the SKU (there is the univoco productID of our application, which is the Play Store on the software package), the category and the contact information. Going to the second schermata, we found the camp for the price insert (the minimum price is €0.69), the data in cui vorremmo vedere appear our application In the Amazon store and, in some respects due to this date, one that is definitely interesting: the form ci richiede If our software is full cartoon on the Play Store say google or

.. sull’App Store di Apple!

We offer a nice touch to his quest’ultima parte: il controllo da parte della società è chiaramente ben little inspired by what Big G uses in his virtual business, but I will also cite the Mela among those who support Amazon at least at least l’ idea of ​​sbarcare your iOS (probably without forcing if you change the form of insertion and facendogli only accept also binary for the operating system of iPhone and company).

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Poco più in basso, possiamo decidere se Ask Amazon to consider our app for essere scelta Tra quelle che, a rotazione, sono elette ad “applicazione gratuita del giorno” (Amazon avrà comunque la facoltà di considerare o meno la nostra candidtura). We jumped to the third and fourth schedule that sounded analogous to the process that comes rich from the Google Play Store and diamo un’occhiata to the fifth and penultimate page, where it comes rich from specify the type of content They are present in our software, in order to classify them (a bit like it happens for video games that fail from the PEGI classification).

There is this sixth and last page, it comes rich, in a decisively sharp way, respecting how many accesses on the Play Store, download our APK, scegliere in quali language for more support, I will create an alias to better recognize the version and dovremo I will tell the Amazon team how to test our application perchè, a volta clickato su Save and successively his submit appour software will enter the revision phase, just like Cupertino.


The process of loading the applications is forse tropo restrictivo rispecto a quanto siamo abituati, but should not necessarily be a male: with a better control, surely ci saranno less minacce for our smartphone, but what più ci has crashed, sono le condizioni For the payment that we accept, we will publish our app on the Amazon store:

Subject to the terms of this paragraph, we will pay you Royalties approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which the applicable sale is made.

With this parole, the company says that, an application was sold during this month of March, we will see and sell guadagnati from the sale only on April 30, in manner decidedly less convenient Rispetto al tempo impiegato da Google per effettuare il pagamento agli sviluppatori.

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