How to record screen windows 11

Record your screen of your computer has various applications: it can be useful if, for example, you want to show other people a specific procedure, if you want to make a video tutorial, if you want to capture a gaming session to share online and in many other occasions. However, you already know this well: if you’re here and you’re reading this tutorial, it’s because you recently switched to Windows 11 and you still don’t quite know how to do the above operation on this operating system, right?

Don’t worry: if this is the case and you need a hand to understand how to record screen windows 11, know that I’m here for this. In the following lines, in fact, I will explain how to achieve this using some “standard” Windows applications and some third-party applications, which offer a few more functions.

Not sure which one to choose? Don’t be afraid, I’ll show you all your options so you can help you figure out which one is right for you. All you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and keep reading. Find it all explained below.


How to record screen in windows 11

Windows 11 presents several new features compared to its predecessors, but shares with Windows 10 some functions and utilities, including one that allows you to record your screen. Likewise, it is compatible with the same third-party applications that allow you to capture your computer screen. For all the details of the case, read on.

Xbox Game Bar

xbox game bar

As the name itself suggests, Xbox Game Bar is a tool designed primarily for the needs of gamers who want to record their game sessions and then share them with other users. However, this does not detract from the possibility of using it for record windows 11 screen with audiocapturing what happens on the screen.

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Note, however, that the application has some limitations: if you are not playing a video game, Xbox Game Bar can be used to record individual applications running and web pages visited: it does not work for the desktop or File Explorer.

That said, before proceeding it is necessary to verify that the Xbox Game Bar is actually activated on the computer: to do this, do it right click on the bottom taskbar and choose Taskbar settings from the menu that opens. On the next screen, search for “Xbox Game Bar” in the search field present in the sidebar, select the search result called Enable Xbox Game Bar and, in the new screen that opens, check that the button for the option Open Xbox Game Bar using this button on a controller be moved up Activated (otherwise you do it yourself).

Now, to start using the Xbox Game Bar recording feature right away, press the key combination Win+G on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can click on the magnifying glass on the taskbar and type in the search “Xbox Game Bar”then choosing the first result.

With the software open, on the top left you can see the capture options in the widget called Acquire: by clicking on the dot you will start screen recording immediately. If you don’t see the capture panel even though you have the Xbox Game Bar app open, it probably isn’t turned on. You can do this by clicking on thestylized icon of the webcam found in the bar at the top center of the screen.

Before recording, if you want to capture screen with audio, check that in the section Audio (below that of acquisition) there is theWindows default output you intend to use. Then scroll the bar near thespeaker to raise or lower the volume as desired.

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After starting the registration, clicking on the icon of dotyou can click anywhere on the screen to make the Xbox Game Bar screen disappear and you will see a small black rectangle with the progress of the recording minutes at the top right.

When you want to stop the video, just click the icon square: This will stop the video and save it to the folder Video Of computer.

If you can’t find the folder Videoyou can always access it through the Xbox Game Bar: in the section Acquireunder the four main buttons, you will find the wording View my captures: clicking on it will open the collection of created videos.

OBS extension

obs video capture windows 11

Xbox Game Bar is certainly a convenient and affordable application for everyone, but what if you want something more versatile and complex, which also allows you to manage different output formats? The answer in this case is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)free and open source software (also available for macOS and Linux) that allows not only to record the screen with audio and video drawing from various sources, but also to stream on platforms such as Twitch And YouTube.

You can download it by going to the official page of the program and install it on your PC by following the instructions you find in my specific tutorial on how to download OBS.

Once the program has started, an initial procedure will start to automatically configure the software according to your needs: choose Optimize for recordings only, I don’t do live if you just want to record your computer screen, or Optimize for live, recordings are less important if you intend to make live. Then click on the buttons Come on twice and Apply settings to access the main screen.

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At the bottom of the OBS window you can find various panes: in the one called Sourcesthen click the button + and choose the item from the list Screen capture, in order to activate the capture of the entire desktop. Then give a first name to the source and click on Okay. Performing the operation correctly you will see the preview of the computer screen in the upper part of the program.

Do you want to add the webcam shot to capture to create a more professional video? Still in the section Sourcesclick the button again + and choose the option from the list Video capture device; then assign a first name to the source and click on Okay.

On the next screen, corresponding to the item Deviceselect yours webcams (you will understand if it is active since you will immediately see a preview) and at the end of the operation click on Okay, below, and the source will be added to the capture. You can move and resize the webcam pane as you like by acting directly on the preview above.

Then move on to the section Sound Mixerwhere you can add and manage audio sources, includingcomputer internal audiothe microphone and all audio capture devices that you currently have connected to your computer (e.g. the webcams): to change them, click on the three vertical dots at each source and choose Property from the menu.

In the following screen, corresponding to the item Device, click on the drop-down menu and choose the audio source you prefer. Remember that you can change the audio levels at will by adjusting the speaker bar (For example, if you plan to talk while capturing your screen, it’s best to turn up the microphone source and turn down the desktop audio).

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To start recording, move now to the widget Checks and select Start recording, you will immediately start capturing the computer screen. To stop the operation click on Finish the registration: The video will be automatically saved in the folder Video of Windows 11.

Videos recorded with OBS are automatically saved in the format MKV extensionhowever it is also possible to intervene on this aspect by changing the output video format: go to the menu File > Settings and, on the next screen, choose Exit. Then scroll down to the entry Recording format and choose the video format you prefer from the appropriate drop-down menu (e.g. FLV, MP4, MOV).

With OBS it is also possible to create Capture scenes, i.e. setups based on what you want to capture, without having to add the various sources and adjust the various preferences from time to time. If you want to create a preset, in the section Scenesclick the button +type the first name you want to assign to her and give Okay. You can then configure it to your liking with the sources and settings you prefer.

Other solutions to record screen Windows 11


If the solutions I have presented to you are not for you and you prefer other programs, know that it is possible to obtain free and paid ones, I will list some of them below.

  • Camtasia – program with free trial period that allows you to record and create professional looking videos (with music and additional effects) on Windows and Mac. The trial version lasts for 30 days, after which you need to purchase a costly license from 279.88 euros lump sum.
  • Screenpressed – another free program for recording the computer desktop. Among its functions is the possibility of selecting only a part of the screen, to make specific videos without shooting everything on the display. In its free version it has a limited image editor and videos have a watermark, while the paid version costs €29.99 one-offoffers additional options and watermark removal.
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How to make screen capture windows 11

screen capture windows 11

Now that you have full control over the video recording process on Windows 11 and are able to get footage of your operations, you may be wondering how capture a simple frame of the screen, is that it?

The operation is very simple and can be done thanks to several standard options, including the same Xbox Game Bar that I previously told you about. If you want to know more about this procedure, however, I suggest you read my specific tutorial on how to take screenshots on PCs with Windows 11.

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