How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android with DroidKit

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DroidKit et choisissez Recuperation Rapide
How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android with Droidkit

Smartphones have nowadays become an important part of our daily lives, they allow us to stay connected at any time, and even everywhere. But sometimes accidentally deleting photos from your Android device can be very frustrating. But don’t worry, we explain in this article the different solutions to overcome this problem.

1- Can we recover deleted photos on a mobile phone?

Yes, there are many ways to recover deleted photos from cell phone. However, the recovery mode depends on the cause of photos deletion and the application used to keep the photos.

recover deleted photos on cell phone

In some cases, your photos are moved to the Trash and kept there for 15-30 days after deletion. In addition, specialized applications that can help recover deleted photos from your Android have emerged, and among them we have the “DroidKit” software.

2- How to recover deleted Android photos without backup with DroidKit?

Very easy to use, DroidKit is the software that you absolutely must download if you want to recover your photos deleted from Android recently, or lost for a while, because there is no time limit to do so. All this, in a few minutes.

Indeed, it is available on Google play. In addition to being specially designed for data loss, it has the ability to unlock all types of screen locks from any Android device. In addition, there are 4 important data recovery functions, namely:

  • With DroidKit, you have the option to preview deleted photos and recover them by making a selection.
  • You can recover deleted Android photos without backup.
  • Various forms of data recovery, quick recovery or deep recovery.
  • Support on most brands of Android, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony Xperia, HUAWEI, etc.
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2.1 Recover Deleted Android Photos without ROOT

It is possible to recover deleted photos without necessarily rooting his telephone. At this level, it is the rapid recovery process.

Even if you don’t have a backup of your deleted photos, you can still recover your deleted photos on Android, and it’s quick and easy. It consists of :

  • First, download DroidKit on your computer.
  • Launch DroidKit and choose Quick Recovery.
DroidKit and choose Quick Recovery
  • Connect your Android device and computer with a USB cable.
  • Scan the phone for a period of time to find lost data, select files to recover.
DroidKit select files to recover
  • Finally, recover deleted photos.
Droidkit recover deleted photos

2.2 Recover Deleted Android Photos Deeply

Deep recovery is the second most complex level of the process to recover lost data. But do not panic, for the success of this process, you must follow the following steps:

  • Click on Deep Recovery to do a deep search on the desired device.
Droidkit Deep Recovery
  • Next, root the device, as it requires it by following the steps
Droidkit root device
  • Start searching for files.
  • Recover deleted data.
Droidkit recover deleted data

3- How to Recover Deleted Android Photos from Recycle Bin?

Trash, on Android, is where you can save your mobile data when it gets deleted from your device. However, if you have simply deleted a file (or several) from your smartphone, it may prove to be a privileged access place to recover my lost photos for free. You can restore data from Recycle Bin when needed.

To do this, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Go to the photos application of your Android mobile
  • Click on the trash can.
  • Select the photos you want to recover, then edit and restore them.
  • When the photos are loaded, just download them again to your Android device to save them there.
Droidkit re-upload photos to Android

4- How to recover deleted Android photos with Google Photos?

Majority of people wonder if you can recover deleted photos from cell phone with Android operating system and the answer is yes! Because there is a service called Google Photos which has the role of storing and sharing high definition images. It is free and available on Android, and allows you to automatically synchronize and save your views and videos taken on your mobile. To share them with your family, friends and people you know. However, you can get it by following the steps below:

  • Open Google photos app on play store in your phone. And make sure you are logged into your Gmail account
  • Once connected in the right places, the deleted photos should appear in the application as shown in the photo below
  • Open Google photo and select the image you want to upload
  • After downloading, tap recover.
Google Photos

To conclude

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Now that you know the different features of the DroidKit software mentioned earlier in the article, you will no longer need another software to recover your data, because it takes care of everything.

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