How to reset a OnePlus phone

How to reset a OnePlus phone

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It smartphone è uno instrumento ormai fondamentale nelle nestre vite. I use the phone to work or study, to svago and to constantly communicate with friends and parents. Therefore, it will be annoying for me to check my own phone number does not work at all.

I know problem Initiate to surprise with the time of use oppure magari in follow up to a software upgrade, it may be a good rule to try to effect a reset ai dati di fabrica.

In this guide andremo quindi a vedere how to reset a oneplus phone. Nello specifico, andremo a verdere come effettuare il backupoperazione fundamentale prima di effettuare un reset, y poi covare il reset even if the phone turns out to be non-functioning or spent.


How to reset a OnePlus phone

If I saw this situation in which your OnePlus smartphone presents a problem, it may be slow to oppure autonomy, it may be sensitive, now I can think of doing a complete reset to solve it.

Prima de optare por un reset ai dati di fabbrica, operazione che cancella cualsiasi cosa è memorizzata nella internal memoria, podreste try delle operazioni più simple. Andiamo a vedere quali.

How to perform a soft reset

Per soft reset if you intend to use the smartphone’s riavvio, accompanied by the removal of all the files present in the memory cache. The cache It is a part of the internal memory of the phone and exists with the scope of memorizzare all and accatastati files during the operation of the installed app. The cache does not contain personal data or necessary for the correct operation of the app, especially può essere resettata a cuor lighter. Here’s how to clear the cache and subsequently restore the OnePlus phone:

  1. I will access there settings from the OnePlus phone.
  2. Access to the section Memory.
  3. Access all options Cache and select cancel.
  4. Press the button for the acceleration to press the display menu does not appear.
  5. select riavvia and attend to the complete operation.
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How to do the backup

If the soft reset operation has not been beneficial and has not solved the problems that you are encountering, now it is the case that you opt for a complete reset of the phone.

First of all, I will see how to reset the data from the manufacturer of a OnePlus phone, it is timely make the backup say all and personal data memorized on your phone. Please note if you intend to download photos, videos, documents and prefer the app installed. Andiamo a vedere come fare:

  1. I’ll walk there settings Clicking on the app with the icon in the shape of gears that you find in the main screens or in the list of applications (app drawer)
  2. click your Account
  3. select Google
  4. click your Synchronize
  5. I will return to the page Backup and recovery
  6. click your Backup of my data
  7. Activate the option active backup

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In this way you will see effect backup of personal data e delle app install sul cloud, associating the backup stesso to your own Google account. This can be restored by accessing your own Google account on your OnePlus phone. Chiaramente il ripristino andrà effettuato a reset ultimato, ovvero cuando il dispositivo si riavvia por la prima volta dopo essere stato resettato.

How to do the reset

Now let’s see how to perform a complete reset of the OnePlus phone itself. This operation will carry the phone in this condition in which it has been held prisoner by the first volta of the socket, but it does say reset the factory data. Prima di farlo è fundamentale assicurarsi di aver salvato tutto nel backup:

  1. I’ll walk there settings clicking on the app with the icon in the shape of gears that you will find in the main schermata or nell’app drawer
  2. select System
  3. select Resetting options
  4. select Cancel all and data
  5. insert the code of sblocco (be rich)
  6. I will confirm with Cancel internal memory
  7. Confirm the factory data reset with Cancel all and data.
  8. Il phone reset It will last any minute and at the end of the process the phone will return.
  9. At this point it will be possible reimpose it da zero come se fose nuovo.
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How to reset a blocked OnePlus phone

Ci sono altri almost in cui a reset as descritto sopra è impossible to effect.

This happens when the OnePlus phone is blocked for any reason, due to a malfunction that does not impede the movement or simply because it is not possible to use the touch because it schermo is broken.

Andiamo quindi a vedere how to perform the reset if the phone is spent. Per fare ciò si potrà sfruttare la recovery mode of the phone, a modality included in all Android smartphones that dispenses with the main software and is accessible even if the phone does not work normally:

  1. care the battery at least 30% fine.
  2. Set the phone.
  3. Tenere premuti contemporaneously il taste of accession and say volume reduction I clicked on the phone if it accesses, it will start moving and pulsing.
  4. Wait until 30 seconds to see the screen in recovery mode.
  5. Select the language on the screen with the OnePlus logo.
  6. I will use the volume taper to scorrere fine to Clear data and cachewho presses the touch button to select the option.
  7. I will use the volume taper to scorrere fine to Cancella tutto (music, photo, etc.)who presses the touch button to select the option.
  8. I will confirm the Celtic. Il completamento del ripristino può richiedere alcuni secondi.
  9. I will use the volume taper to scorrere fine to Reboot system now, who presses the touch button to select the option. Il completamento del riavvio può richiedere alcuni minuti.

How will I reset a OnePlus phone from spent

A OnePlus phone that has a problem and does not access if it can communicate will be restored and will return to work through a reset to Recovery mode.

In such a case, you can try and apply the procedure that we have just described above.

È bene notare che ci sono diversi aspetti che potrebbero iniciare la buona riuscita dell’operazione, come la bassa carica della batteria. Quindi assicuratevi di I will have in carica the smartphone per a paio d’ore prima di provarci This is fundamentally suitable for non-functioning telephones, but it is impossible to visualize the status of the battery charge.


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