How to reset a Vivo phone

How to reset a Vivo phone

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gli smartphonesoprattutto negli ultimi anni, I come very used in various areas: da quello lavorativo a quello di svago fino ad impiegarli per estudiare. For this reason, it happens that these are working one hundred percent in ogni momento.

If your cell phone Alive – The Chinese march has noticed that it is failing a good success – It is showing any problem, continue to leggere this guide perché Vi illustreremo tutti i passaggi per resettare un telefono Vivo.

Nel dettaglio, prima vedremo eats I will make a backup – so I will not lose any data – and poi come fare il reset.


How to reset a Vivo phone

It is not difficult to find any software problem with your cell phone Alive, magari emersi during a use of the device at the time oppure when installing the latest software update.

In this almost I will perform a reset that will be important. For this reason we will see how to carry out a soft reset – it is an operation that does not cancel any data – and by a more invasive procedure, or a hard reset.

How to perform a soft reset

To perform a soft reset It’s enough to get back to the phone. In this way, infatti, potrebbero essere superati i provvisori slowamenti software. Nello stesso tempo, pero, può risultare usefull even cancel the file present in the memory cache, remember the structure that comes used to preserve the temporary file accumulated during the operation of the installed app.

Per fare ciò, ocurre:

  • Press “Settings”;
  • Press your “App” and see your app that interests you;
  • Press your icon with the “i”;
  • Select “Filing space and cache”;
  • Click on the “Svuota cache” button.
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In this way it is possible to speed up the cell phone a minimum and report it, quindi, in a very optimal condition.

How to do the backup

As we have written above, before proceeding to the recovery of the Vivo phone, it is very important to make the backup of all and personal data memorized on the device. To do this it is necessary:

  • Press the “Impostazioni” (ovvero premere sull’icona con a forma di ingranaggio);
  • Press your “Account” and select “Google”;
  • Click on your “Sincronizza”;
  • I will return to the page “Backup and ripristino”;
  • Select “Backup my data”;
  • Activate the option “Activate backup”.

When you ripristinerete il cellulare e lo riavvierete, It will happen so long as you enter the associated Google account and your data will be correctly ripped.

How to do the reset

Now that the backup is complete, seven days soon you will complete the complete reset of your Vivo cell phone. This operation, if we still don’t know it, riporterà il device nella stessa condizione in cui l’avete acquistato.

If it is about an operation that can solve various phone problems, come ad esempio slowly dovuti al software oppure ad alcuni aggiornamenti installati.

obviously, In case of some types of problems, the complete reset will not be very useful. Tuttavia, cousin of recarsi at an assistance center, it may be a good idea to proceed with this procedure.

To perform the complete reset occurs:

  • Press “Settings”;
  • Select System;
  • Select Resetting Options;
  • Selezionare Cancella tutti i dati (ripristino dati di fabbrica);
  • Insert the code of blocks;
  • I will confirm with Ripristino di fabbrica;
  • Confirm the factory data reset with “OK”.

At the end of the process, the smartphone will return and it will be possible to reset it as it was found to have been acquired.

How to reset a Vivo bloccato phone

It is important to note that it is not always possible to reset a phone. A volte, infatti, the smartphone potrebbe non accendersi nemmeno por causa di varios problemi, tra cui software. In this almost occurs, I will follow a different procedure, which consists of:

  • Avere the battery carica at least 30%;
  • Specify the device;
  • Press the power button at the same time and the volume “giù” flashes if you access the phone:
  • Press the volume “giù” until it does not appear “Recovery mode”;
  • Press the key to activate the cell phone in rip-stop mode;
  • An Android robot will appear with a red flash point: press the power button and the volume increase button (it will suddenly disappear);
  • I will use the volume tap to select “Ripristino dati di fabbrica” ​​and click on it with the accent tap;
  • Successively press “Reboot system now”.

The procedure can last any minute.

In case of problem, it is enough to press the touch of the hot button until it is dark. Finally, press this button to open the phone.

How will I reset a Vivo da spento phone

Il vostro telefono Vivo potrebbe non accendersi proprio. In this case, I will try the procedure described above. In case of “insuccess”, it will occur to return to a specialized assistance center.

obviously, Prima di avviare qualsiasi procedura è necesario ricaricare la bateria dello smartphone.


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