How to reset iPhone X | Factory Reset iPhone X

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Hey, welcome back guys! If you are an iPhone X user and looking for the best method to hard reset / force restart iPhone X, then this article can help you in the same way. In this article, we will show you how to factory reset iPhone X. You can also factory reset iPhone X using the instructions below. All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully and you can easily reset iPhone X and factory reset iPhone X.

how to factory reset iPhone X

How to Hard Reset iPhone X

What is Hard Reset?

Hard resetting a device means rebooting the memory if something goes wrong. A hard reset will clear all memory related issues from your device. You can hard reset your iPhone X or any device whenever your device is malfunctioning or having issues. In some cases, you may also lose your data.

Difference Between Hard Reset and Factory Reset iPhone X

To restart: Restarting is the process of turning your iPhone X off and then back on. A restart will close all your running apps and then your device will turn back on properly.

Hard reset: a hard reset is the process that will erase everything related to your device’s memory. This will force your device to shut down and then you can turn it back on.

Factory reset: factory reset or factory reset will erase all data on your iPhone. The process reinstalls your device software.

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Steps to Reset / Force Restart iPhone X

If you want to hard reset/force restart iPhone X, you can follow the instructions below.

Note: You need to be quick while pressing Vol+ and Vol- buttons to hard reset iPhone X.

  1. First, quickly press and release the button Vol+.
  2. After that, quickly press and release the button Flight-.
  3. Now press and hold the side (power button) until the Apple logo appears.reset iphone x
  4. With that, you are done.
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This is how you can easily reset your iPhone X with just a few simple steps.

How to Factory Reset iPhone X

  1. First, go to settings of your iPhone X.
  2. Then go to option general from there.General
  3. Now tap on the option Reset.reset iphone x
  4. After that tap on the option Erase all content and settings.reset iphone x
  5. If it asks you to enter your password, enter it. Otherwise, skip this step.
  6. Then confirm factory reset iPhone X by tapping on the option Erase iPhone.reset iphone x
  7. And with that, you’re done.

These are the steps with which you can easily reset iPhoneX to factory settings. Just follow the instructions mentioned above and you are done.

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Final Words

So, this was the complete tutorial on how to hard reset iPhone X. The method we have provided above is the easiest way to force restart iPhone X. With this, you can also Factory iPhone X using this article. Just follow the instructions to hard reset or factory reset iPhone X. Hope this article helps you. If you have any questions regarding this article, you can ask us in the comment section. With that, this article has come to an end. Thank you for your visit.

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