How to reset iPhone XR | Factory reset | Reset all settings

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reset iPhone XR

If you are a Reset iPhone XR user and looking for the best method to force restart iPhone XR, then this article is especially for you. In this article, we bring you the best iPhone XR hard reset tutorial. Including this, you can also reset all settings and factory reset iPhone XR/iPhone XS using the instruction tutorial below.

reset iPhone XR

How to reset iPhone XR or XS

If your iPhone XR is stuck or crashed, you can perform a hard reset on your iPhone. It will reboot your device and get rid of all issues by closing all running apps and force restart your device. You can follow the steps below to hard reset/force restart iPhone XR.

Hard Reset / Force Restart iPhone XR

  1. First, quickly press and release the button Flight +.
  2. Then briefly press the button Flight-
     be quick while pressing the Vol+ and Vol- buttons.
  3. After that, press and hold the power button (side button) until the Apple logo appears.1666599168 91 mise sous tension et bouton lat%C3%A9ral
  4. With that, you are done.

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How to Factory Reset iPhone XR

If you are facing major software issues in your iPhone XR, you can perform a factory reset on your iPhone. Remember that Do not perform factory reset for minor issues as the process will erase all your data. You can follow the steps below to factory reset iPhone XR.

  • First, go to settings of your iPhone XR.
  • Then select General from there.reset iphone xr
  • Now tap on the option Reset from there.reset iphone xr
  • And then select the option Erase all content and settings.reset iphone xr
  • It may ask you for the password, enter your password.
  • After that tap on the option Erase iPhone to confirm factory reset.reset iphone xr
  • Wait a bit and you’re done.
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How to Reset All Settings on iPhone XR

This process will erase any custom settings you have made on your iPhone XR. You can follow the steps below to reset all settings on iPhone XR.

  1. First, go to settings of your iPhone XR.
  2. Then select General from there.
  3. Now press Reset.
  4. And then select Reset all settings from there.reset iphone xr
  5. It may ask you for your password, enter your password.
  6. Then confirm it by pressing Reset all settingsand you’re done.reset iphone xr

This is how you can reset all settings on your iPhone XR or iPhone XS. Be careful following the instructions.

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So, here is how to hard reset iPhone XR or XS. The method we have described above is the easiest method available on the Internet. In just three steps, you can force restart your iPhone XR / iPhone XS. Moreover, you can reset all settings or factory reset iPhone XR/XS using the instruction tutorial mentioned above. That’s it for this article. Hope you like it and it helps you. Finally, thank you for your visit.

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