How to save PowerPoint images with high resolution

How to save PowerPoint images with high resolution

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Al giorno d’oggi usiamo PC e notebook por moltissimi scopi, departire dal answer lavorativo o di studio fino arrivare a quello ludico. Because I am using Windows PCs, we know that the Office suite presents a different point.

With the programs used by the Office suite, we surely have PowerPoint, the software that has been around for decades allows millions of people to create and manage their own presentations with tools that are always customizable. Forse non tutti sanno che PowerPoint può essere also a discreet quanto simple editor for images.

In this guide who will walk to see How will I save images of the high resolution of PowerPoint. Andremo Quindi will see what options are available to export the slide under the image shape and how to modify the salvage parameters to increase the resolution of the export images.


PowerPoint as photo editor

Probably not all of them automatically happen collegation between PowerPoint and the editing delle immagini.

PowerPoint is ordinarily gives ten points of reference when you should create or modify a presentation. By the way, in this guide you will find how to outline your imagination and create a summary with PowerPoint.

Other than that there is potential for managing presentations but PowerPoint also allows I will modify and export immagini with a certain degree of personalizzazione. After this we found the possibility of add graphic elementsavvalersi dello instrumento “Color Preview“Allow me to modify or create oggetti graphics of the stessa tonalità degli altri già presenti, I will modify dimensions and tagliare imagini già save yourself.

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Il tutto avviene chiaramente trate le classic slide Say PowerPoint, how do I know if you are working on a standard presentation. Il passaggio all’immagine è fatto traverso l’opzione “save with name“, which allows me to save all the presentation or the single slide its quality if it is positioned in tantissimi formats.

Tra i formats disponibili troviamo anche quelli di immagine, come JPEG, TIF and png.

Quindi, substantially with PowerPoint if I can create or modify images to own foundation directly on the slide. Alla fine è possibile salvare il risultato como un’immagine. Qui sotto trovate qualche screenshot representative of how much appears to be described.

power point hd 4 crop resize

How will I increase the resolution of the immagini save in PowerPoint

Insomma, se seven arrivati ​​fin qui dovrebbe risultarvi chiaro come sia possibile salvare immagini partire dalle classiche slide di PowerPoint. Now we face the question of it resolution of salvage taggio.

Infatti, per predefined setting PowerPoint exports and saves images to 96dpi. This means that you just installed your PC PowerPoint is in degree of being able to imagine a solution 1,280 × 720 pixels. The interesting aspect consists in the fact that it is possible Personalize in a simple way such resolution of salvage taggio. Let’s go see eat:

  1. Do all the programs based on your Windows on your own PC.

  2. Click with the button under the mouse your start and select esegui.

  3. nella casela April I will type regeditquindi fare click your okay.

  4. I will use one of the following files from the System Registry for the second version of PowerPoint in use. These steps can be opened by following the slide of the cartelle through the menu on the left side:

    • PowerPoint 2016, 2019, PowerPoint for Microsoft 365

    • PowerPoint 2013

    • PowerPoint 2010

    • PowerPoint 2007

    • PowerPoint 2003

  5. Fare click your Optionsscegliere New give the menu modify on the upper bar

  6. Fare click your Value DWORD (32 bit).

  7. I will type ExportBitmapResolutionwho press INVIO.

  8. Assicurarsi che ExportBitmapResolution sia selezionato, quindi fare click su change give the menu modify.

  9. Nella finestra di dialogo che apparirà a schermo denominata Modify DWORD value I will type Decimal.

  10. nella casela Data value I will specify a resolution for 300.

  11. select okay.
  12. from the menu files scegliere esci Please avoid the system registry editor.
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In this way, you will set PowerPoint in such a way that sports and salvi immagini alla risoluzione maximuma possible. This corresponds to 300 dpi, the richest resolution, ad esempio, gives scientific evidence for online publication or for the optimal print of poster. Such resolution corresponds to 4,000 × 2,250 pixels.

In ogni caso, it is possible I will personalize the resolution of salvataggio also secondo diverse intermediate resolution. The options are available to you all the time tabella what follows:

Decimal value (inserted in the field Data value) Resolution (orizzontale x verticale) Points for chicken
fifty 667 × 375 pixels 50dpi
96 1280 × 720 pixels 96dpi
100 1333 × 750 pixels 100dpi
150 2000 × 1125 pixels 150dpi
200 2667 × 1500 pixels 200dpi
250 3333 × 1875 pixels 250dpi
300 4000 × 2250 pixels 300 dpi

How to save PowerPoint images with high resolution

After seeing how I will personalize the resolution of saving tags of the images of the display, we will see how I will do in practice to save a PowerPoint slide as an image:

  1. In PowerPoint press the presentation and slide the slide to export.

  2. in the menu filesclick your save with name.

  3. nella casela File Type Select one of the following image formats:

    • File GIF – Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)
    • File JPEG – Interchange Format (*.jpg)
    • File PNG – Portable Network Graphics Format (*.png)
    • TIFF Format – Tag Image File Format (*.tif)
    • Device independent bitmap (*.bmp)
    • Windows Metafile (*.wmf)
    • Enhanced Windows Metafile (*.emf)
  4. select save And if I see a finestra of dialogue in which this comes, I will save only the running slide oppure will be saved every slide presenti nella presentazione aperta. In the second case, every slide on the summer saves as a single image on the Celtic cartella.
  5. To verify that the slide has been saved with the specified resolution, click with the button behind the mouse on the image and right corner owner.


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