How to scare WhatsApp on iPad: options and applications

How to scare WhatsApp on iPad: options and applications

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WhatsApp is one of the essential applications in the world of instantaneous communication. This software is available on all smartphones, on the application Official WhatsApp for iPad It is compared to the App Store. Tuttavia, ci sono alcuni modi per controllare la ricazione e consentire la lettura dei messages e dunque fruire di WhatsApp del tablet made in Apple.

In ogni caso, to make the difference rispetto all’applicazione originale per iPhone è l’impossibilità di effettuare chiamate audio e video, o di send message messages vocali. Also I will notify you not to see it. WhatsApp is an application that allows users to communicate on their mobile devices using end-to-end encryption. I can chat online in sicurezza or chiamarsi, send a file or participate in group conversations. Please know WhatsApp uses the phone numbers for contacts, calls and messages using the data connection. Get the person you talk to to be able to access the Internet with your own mobile device.

Approfondiamo alcuni aspetti:

How WhatsApp works

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WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. The stessa app is a closed source software, which means that it is difficult for people to confirm that the company has implemented the crittografia in safe mode. All the same, and methods used by WhatsApp to send crittografati messages that are published and considered safe.

To be able to use WhatsApp, the person who is writing or calling must have WhatsApp installed. When a new crittografata chat is opened, you will see the notification displayed “I message that I invited you in this chat and the chat is now protected with end-to-end cryptography. Press for further information”. At this point it is possible to verify the authenticity of the person with whom if he is chatting to ensure that his key of crittografia is not handwritten or substituted with the key of someone else.

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WhatsApp on iPad via Safari

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The first thing of fare is andare sull’Safari app on iPad itself e apri il sito della versione online di WhatsApp. If it comes, it will be automatically redirected to the WhatsApp homepage. Click on the button Action in the top to the right in the browser open the rectangle with a freccia rotated to the top. The action menu is displayed. Scorrere quindi la riga en basso a sinistra e selezionare Desktop version of the site.

The desktop version comes cartoon and if you see it appears the page with the QR code. This is the barre code that creates the connection to the device and the browser page that is open. To continue the scan of the code, go to the settings of the WhatsApp application on your own iPhone and click on your WhatsApp Web/Desktop. Compare quindi a page with tutte le chat. Afterwards, it is possible to use the software also on your iPad.

I will install WhatsApp on your iPad

An other way to use WhatsApp on your iPad will suddenly go to the App Store and download one of the messaging programs, for that matter Messenger for WhatsApp.

The largest part of this app is free and offers the disactivation to the payment of the pubblicità. Quindi, press the app and help me, it will not display a QR code.

Avviare the app dall’iPhone, andare alle Impostazioni della messageaggistica e Select the WhatsApp Web/Desktop section. Scan the QR code displayed on your iPad with the iPhone to fit the two devices. WhatsApp for iPad faces and automatically displays all messages. Tutto quello che c’è da fare è il doppio clic su una conversazione scelta.

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It is also an alternative to WhatsApp

How will I transfer the WhatsApp chat to your Telegram

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Not only WhatsApp, but there are no handy alternatives to WhasApp that can be used to write messages or make messages with their own contacts, in private mode. The message application signal Vuole differenziarsi da WhatsApp emphasizing the privacy and protection of personal data. There is an advanced end-to-end crittografia to guarantee the safety of the chat: “We can’t read your messages or disturb your phone and there’s no other way to do it”, click on the application on your site.

One other positive point: no ci sono tracker su Signal. In termini di functionalità, è presente l’essenziale della messaggistica, con la possibilità di creare discussioni individuali o di gruppo ed effettuare chiamate audio o video. The Signal app is free and available on Android and iOS.

An’altra alternative to WhatsApp and icons as fast and fast messaging applications Telegram, with another 500 million of items to his active. It proposes a secure end-to-end cryptography, with a MTProto protocol. I messaggi possono persino autodistruggersi se lo si desidera. In terms of functionality, they are similar to ciò that we can offer various applications of messages. The Telegram application is free with private messages that do not contain any publicity, and is available on Android and iOS.

Widely used in Germany, Austria and Svizzera, Threema It guarantees the security and the reservedness of the data, through the end-to-end crittografia and the access to the service that does not require the telephone number or the e-mail address.

In terms of functionality, the main messaging options are available, with also the possibility of creating probes. A Threema Work version exists and is destined for the business.


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