How to see quali app have no access to the position of your Android

How to see quali app have no access to the position of your Android

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Ad oggi i nostri personal data They are always very expensive, and all and services and the app that we use every day are particularly interesting. This has a particular importance soprattutto because in ogni sfumatura della nostra giornata siamo constantly connessi e potenziamente in grado di condividere i nostri dati.

Tra i dati personali più cari dobbiamo I will consider ours geographical position. That this perché alla our geographical position corresponds to our abitudini, our residence and that of our love. Your Android phone is very similar to the app that can be granted permission to access our position.

In this guide andremo quindi a vedere How to check the quality of the app without access to the position. In the specific case, we will see how to obtain the complete list of the app with access to the position and how to get permission.


Because the geographical position is important

In the introduction, we mentioned that they are very similar to the Play Store app, and since it is compatible with Android phones, that it is not rich access to our geographical position.

The motif may be of a diverse nature.

I saw various apps and services that need geographical position for provide your own service. The best example is Google Maps and the app for street navigation in general. Without knowing the position of the users of this app may not work absolutely. Other apps that we may need from the geographical position are the ones banking, per questioni di sicurezza. Also socially necessary of the position for fornire and personal services.

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I saw these other types of apps that not necessary della position dell’utente per fornire i propri servizi ma che possono richiederla per altri scopi: in senso negativeci enough I will think ad app che raccolgono the position dell’utente per poi resell it ad altre entita.

Perché la posizione degli utenti è particularly richercata Also, the public services are not: chiaramente la posizione degli utenti permette di derivare so many informazioni, come ad esempio in quale città and in which I answer vivono oppure quali sono le loro abitudini.

So, eh very important che si faccia attention With chi it shares its own geographical position.

How to see any app can I access the position (and disable it)

Android has fatto nel tempo dei notevoli passi in avanti nei confronti della privacy dei propri utenti. With Android 13 it is possible to visualize gl indicators in real time by the division of the photo camera, microphone and position. In this simple mode it is possible to view quali app They have no access to the geographical position.

Let’s go see eat:

  1. Your own Android device, you will access there settings .
  2. Scorrere verso il basso e premere geolocation.
  3. touch App position authorization.
    • Nella sezione superiore, si vedranno quali app hanno accesso en ogni momento. Subsequently, you will report the app that you have not accessed only during use. Alla fine si trova l’elenco di app alle quali è stato completamente negato l’accesso.
  4. Touch any app to modify the authorization.
  5. Scegliere when you intend to fornire access to the position oppure premere do not consent per disabilitare del tutto l’accesso alla posizione.
    • It is also possible to exclusively disable the accurate position, if necessary.
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How to disable the tutto l’accesso alla posizione

In the preceding paragraph we have seen how to manage the authorization of access to the position for the single app.

Ora andiamo invce a vedere How to disable all access to the position your Android:

  1. press him settings of your own Android smartphone.
  2. Access to the section Geolocation.
  3. Disable The switch che si trova in alto.

With this operation it will render impossible access to the position from part of all the app installalso from what the norm has given the authorization.

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