How to sync Samsung Health with Google Fit, with Connessione Salute

How to sync Samsung Health with Google Fit, with Connessione Salute

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Nel mondo di oggi sono ormai davvero tante le persone che si affidano a dispositivi indossabili per il monitoraggio di varias parametri, con l’obiettivo di valutare lo stato di salute, l’eficacia dei propri allenamenti e la qualità della propria vita. Gli indossabili, soprattutto come smartwatch e smartband, permettono infatti di misurare parametri che gli smartphone no possono rilevare.

Tra gli smartwatch più interessanti presenti oggi nel panorama indossabili troviamo quelli di samsung. Tutti gli smartwatch si basano su piattaforme software che raccolgono i dati misurati ed elaborano indici di valutazione. Quella di Google si chiama fitand is compatible with various types of devices, and that of Samsung is Health. E fino a poco fa non era possibile sincronizzare i dati tras le due piattaforme.

Fortunately, this time is possible with Concessione Salute, the app that Google has launched at international level like Health Connect. In this guide andremo quindi a vedere how to sync samsung health with google fit own per mezzo di Connessione Salute.


Things were Samsung Health, Google Fit and Connection Health

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In the introduction, we must mention that any device can be used if it is synchronized with a platform for managing and processing the data collected. This piattaforme came sviluppate dai produttori stessi, oppure fanno referimento al sistema operative dello smartwatch.

In addition, all smartwatches with Wear OS, the functions that are described in this detailed guide, are not compatible with Google Fit. Gli smartwatch Samsung inve fanno referimento a SamsungHealth.

Google Fit and Samsung Health are two services, also present in the form of apps for smartphones and tablets, which offer the possibility of registering all data and data monitors from the smartwatch creating a variety of personal database. In this way it is possible to consult how variables and parameters, like ad esampio le ore di sonno or the heart rate at rest, in time.

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With this app it is also possible to have records of all gli allenamenti registrati with gli indossabili.

Insomma, sono due interessanti instrumenti e gli utenti potrebbero essere portati a I will prefer one rispectto all the other based on personal choices and all the bits of use. The problem is born when it is correct that Google Fit power not synchronized Officially with Samsung Health.

To remedy this, Google has introduced Concessione Salute. If it is about a recent service that has own the objective of allow the interconnection There are Google Fit and some of the footy owners of other manufacturers, such as Samsung Health. If yes, it looks like Connessione Salute expands its compatibility, to allow synchronization with Google Fit even on other platforms.

How to start Connection Salute with Samsung Health

The first pass to sync Samsung Health data with Google Fit consists of nell’initializzare Connessione Salute Present your own phone with Samsung Health. Avrete capito che Connessione Salute change the function of the bridge between Samsung Health and Google Fit.

This is the first part of the tragitto.

  1. Download and install Connection Salute on your own phone.
  2. press Concessione Salute.
  3. Confirm to fly to avviare il servizio.
  4. I will grant permessi necessary for the operation.
  5. Select the app that has access permissions and scans SamsungHealth.
  6. I will enable Tutti, or only those who wish, i tipi di dato che Connessione Salute has il permesso di sincronizzare da Samsung Health.

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How to sync Google Fit with Fitness Salute

The second passage consists of I will synchronize Google Fit with Connessione Salute. Let’s go see eat:

  1. La prima volta che si apre Google Fit dopo aver installato Connessione Salute si vedrà un banner che invites to synchronize and serve.
  2. Avviare The synchronization of the banner appears in Google Fit.
  3. I will grant permessi Access the data and select which type of data Connessione Salute has the permission to sync with Google Fit.
  4. I will confirm the Celtic.
  5. To ensure that the synchronization is correctly enabled, just enter the section profile from the Google Fit app, available through the bottom bar, you can access it there settings go through the icon of the gear and control the option Synchronize Fit with Connessione Salute yes enabled.

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How to sync Samsung Health data with Google Fit

siamo quindi giunti all’ultimo passaggio.

That which provides for the synchronization of all and data between Samsung Health and Connection Health, and also with Google Fit. Andiamo a vedere come fare:

  1. Open the app SamsungHealth.
  2. Touch the icon of the main menu at three points in the right angle up to the right.
  3. select settings .
  4. touch HealthConnect.
  5. press HealthConnect and touch start.
  6. touch Authorization app.
  7. select SamsungHealth.
  8. Select the type of data that you want to sync.
  9. touch consent to complete the process

At this point the synchronization between Samsung Health and Connection Health has started. It will be possible to see the data from Samsung Health in Google Fit thanks to the synchronization enabled appunto tra Fit e Connessione Salute that we have described in the preceding paragraph.


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