How to sync the Kodi istanze

When I started to apprezzare the comfort of Kodi as a media player for my home NAS did I start a dubbio for me: how to sync Kodi with two (or two) different devices?

In my case, Kodi accessed some multimedia files on the local network and quindi i due Kodi syncronized were obviously not present on this local network. For precision, Kodi is installed on an NVIDIA Shield TV with Android and a Xiaomi Mi Box 3 always with Android. The idea is simple: I will indicate inside the Kodi istanze che il own database (I will save the post where I will save the list of contents and other settings) if there is another, in order to use a single database for the Kodi applications to install.

Obviously the prerequisite is that this database should be used by Kodi. In my case, if it is about this stesso NAS Synology dove was not presenti i file multimediali. This factor has not changed the performance of the application.

The first thing to do is to export the Kodi status to your main device in order to reimport it all to the end. Potete will skip this passage if you turn to start everything from zero and don’t turn to save your settings.

Backup database Kodi

  • go in Impostazioni > Impostazioni Media > Bookstore > Bookcase display
  • Select poi separately

This mode will create the .nfo file on the side of your multimedia file. It may be a bit chaotic for which of me it’s the safest way to make the backup. Se volete più pulizia scegliete single file.

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At this point I will create an external database that I will save and Kodi data. If I have many modi diversi that I obviously can’t stare in detail, but if I have a Synology NAS in my case, I can follow this video guide. At this point I will create a file with the name:


and internally I will use these data:





If you only have an audio or music database, you can take the corresponding relative block. Obviously I will change you I called host with the IP of your database, like port, user and pass with portal, username and password of your mysql database. At this point I will transfer the file to the relative cartella delle impostazioni. Here are several hints, in the case of Android è:


At this point, start and open Kodi to access your new database, obviously at this point you won’t want your old library. Vi basterà reimportare dalo stesso menù di prima, oppure aggiungere la fonte dei file multimediali como disco da utilizzare y verranno riconosciuti en automático y varios file info. The stesso file advancedsettings.xml At this point, it will be possible to use any of its local network devices to automatically synchronize the content present and also the point in which the vision will be interrupted.

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