How to uninstall the app on your iPhone

How to uninstall the app on your iPhone

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Vi è mai capitato scorrere le schermate of yours iphone And I rendered that I was diverse apps who didn’t use mai? Magari will have installed you to try it, or will have sent you to talk, but I will see seven scordati and let him get off the phone, to occupy space and I will create mess up

Certo, you can always take the icon from the schermata and lasciarle in it Library, But if I don’t use you, what sense does it make to have your phone? vediamo quindi How to uninstall the app on your iPhone In 2023, from Home, Settings, automatically and even at birth.


How to uninstall the app on your iPhone from Home and Library

See first thing in the best way immediate and semplice, ovvero uninstall the app (there are some that dovreste try) your iPhone dalla home o dalla Library, La raccolta di app installate che trovate scorrendo verso destra dalla Home fino all’last schermata.

Operating in this mode, know that uninstalling the app will also cancel all i dati utente. Se l’app si trova nella Home, ecco come fare:

  1. Dallas hometouch and press the icon of an app
  2. It will appear a finestra. Touch the rossa script Rimuovi app
  3. Apparirà a seconda finestra che vi chiederà vuelte effectively rimuovere l’app. Ora avete due possibilità
    • Touch the rossa script delete app to uninstall it completely
    • touch yourself Rimuovi dalla schermata Home per spostarla nella Libreria

How to uninstall app on your iPhone

How to uninstall app on your iPhone

How to uninstall the app on your iPhone from Impostazioni

Flying, you can uninstall an’app even dalle settings, il che vi permette una maggiore flexibility as soon as possible I will also uninstall the app keeping i dati utente. This is comfortable in case of intentions of reinstall it in a second moment.

  1. squeeze him settings (Touch the icon in the shape of the gear in your Home)
  2. touch yourself Generali
  3. select Spazio iPhone
  4. aspettate Any second, while your iPhone calculates the available space. Scorrete verso il basso and touch the app that you intend to uninstall
  5. Ora avrete due possibilità
    • Per I will delete the app and relative data: touch the rossa script delete appche toccherete nuovamente in the finestra successiva
    • Per I will delete the app but I will keep the data: touch the script blue Rimuovi only the app, che toccherete nuovamente nella finestra successiva. In this case, I will reinstall the app when it comes to life and it will come to an end if it has not been uninstalled, as long as it is available on the App Store.

How to uninstall app on your iPhone

How to uninstall the app on your iPhone for payment

Please uninstall delle paid app and fly uninstall him, The procedure is the same as this, you can uninstall it from Home, Library or from Impostazioni.

Keep in mind that you are uninstall an’app a payment no N miss the purchaseyou can reinstall it when you return in quanto rimarrà associated with you Apple ID (ecco come create it), fermo subtracting che resti available sull’App Store.

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In the contrary case, obviously, non potrete reinstall it.

In case once again uninstall an’app in abbonamento and answerfully dissipate it, dovrete effettuare a different procedure.

  1. uninstall the app is seen above
  2. come in nelle settings from the phone touching the icon in the shape of a grain
  3. touch the your name up high
  4. touch yourself Abbonamenti
  5. Scegliete l’abbonamento associate all’app
  6. touch yourself cancels abonamento
  7. touch yourself confirm

How to uninstall the app on your iPhone remotely

Se volete rimuovere le app su iphone da remote, purtroppo questo non è possibile. Quello che potete fare è I will delete my data associati ad alcune app, but only gives computer. even if infatti questi dati If you haven’t saved your iCloud, you can still just delete it from the device and not, for example from the iCloud site.

Vediamo quindi come eliminare i dati delle app dal computer. In case, take a Computer Windowsplease install itunes and collegare computer e telefono con il cavo di ricarica dell’iPhone (qui travate la procedura completa).

In case, add a Mac with macOS 10.15 and successive, I saw enough connect it with the iPhone through the cavo di ricarica del telefono (only the first volta, poi se sotto Generali select Show iPhone if Wi-Fi connection is activepotrete fare tutto sinza cavi, siempre che Mac e iPhone siano connessi alla stessa rete Wi-Fi).

one turn connesso iPhone and computer, PC Windows or Mac, ecco come procedere.

  1. If it’s the first time you connected the phone, date the authorization I will access the memory
  2. Your Macclick south Finder (l’icona a forma di faccina blue e azzurra), while its Windows, in case no yes avvii automatically, avviate itunes
  3. Tra le voci in alto nella finestra, select files
  4. Find an app that is available and click on it cursor verse destra in modo da abbassarlo
  5. Click on it with the touch of the mouse or control + click and select Delete. date confirms ei dati saranno eliminati
  6. disconnected On the phone press the Eject button that you find on the side panel of Finder or iTunes, give the name of your iPhone
  7. Staccate the dig
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How to uninstall app on your iPhone

How to uninstall the app on your iPhone automatically

a function interesting gave iOS è la possibilità di I will uninstall automatically the app when are not usedwithout but I will eliminate data and documents, così da poterle reinstallar e utilare como se niento fose cambiato en caso di bisogno.

To enable the function, you can operate in due modientrambi dalle Impostazioni:

  1. come in nelle settings Touching the icon in the shape of the gears that you found in the Home
  2. Ora potete scegliere tra due possibility
    • touch yourself app storescorrete verso il basso and activate the pulsante di fianco a Rimuovi app that we do not use
    • touch yourself Generali, select Spazio iPhoneattende any istant and touch the script enable give trust to Rimuovi app that we do not useup high

How to uninstall app on your iPhone

How to uninstall an app that doesn’t if you uninstall from iPhone

In case of non-response uninstall an app because it doesn’t compareoption with the procedure sopra esposte, è possibile che siano apply delle restrizoni. Ecco come eliminate him.

  1. go away nelle settings Touching the icon in the shape of gears in the Home or in the Bookstore
  2. Touch the time of use
  3. select Restore content and privacy
  4. Say fianco alla scritta Restore content and privacy il pulsante dovrebbe essere active. Potete scegliere se desactivarlo oppure seguire
  5. touch yourself Purchase your iTunes and App Store
  6. touch yourself deletion app
  7. select consent
  8. Now the app can’t be uninstalled

How to uninstall app on your iPhone

How to remove the app from your iPhone

If for any reason you did not risk I will find the app che volete uninstall with i method sopra esposti, potete uninstall The app can be downloaded on your iPhone in other ways, using Close, the equivalent of Spotlight for iOS, or the App Store

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How to uninstall the nacoste app with the Close function

The close function di iPhone vi permette di effettuare una research Approfondita and velocissima, if in the system that in the web, say anything.

  1. run away verso il basso dal centro della schermata Home o touch l’icona in basso sopra la Dock con la scritta Close (for iPhone updated to iOS 16)
  2. Touch the search field on top and insert the name of the app that will uninstall
  3. If you don’t find the app with suggestions, touch it go sulla tastiera
  4. touch yourself and have to press the app
  5. Select the red script delete app
  6. Confirm yourself by playing the scritta rossa delete

How to uninstall the app from the App Store

Another method for I will delete the app is through theapp storema non vi will show tutta the list of app Present your phone, please just ask updated di recente o che devono essere aggiornate.

  1. Avviate l’app store dalla Home (blue icon with a stylized A)
  2. Touch your image of the profile in alto a destra
  3. Scorrete verso il basso and close the app that you will uninstall after it is available. Some saranno sotto la voce Further automatic upgrades (in case if not enabled), and show the button update. Altre saranno sotto la voce recent updates and avranno the pulsating Avvia
  4. Scroll to the left of the schedule of the app and a red schedule will appear with the script Eliminate
  5. Touch and hold before your this space
  6. A finestra will appear with a red Elimina script. Touch it and the app will be uninstalled
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How to uninstall app on your iPhone


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