How to update a Motorola phone

How to update a Motorola phone

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Updating the software of your phone is important, if you make use of the maximum degree of security that you can use the latest functionality available. Tra i dispositivi più utilizzati – e anche piuttosto aggiornati – rientran sicuramente quelli realizzati da Motorola.

Il celebre marchio, infatti, da diversi anni if it is fatto notice the market of the smartphone soprattutto per i dispositivi di fascia media dall’ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo. On the other hand, in particular in the last period, there are no flaws in the upper fascia, like the Moto Edge 30 Ultra, equipped with a rear photographic sensor of ben 200 MP.

In this way, quindiillustreremo tutti i passaggi da continuare per aggiornare il vostro Motorola in full safety and soprattutto with simplicity and immediateness. Prima di spiegarvi come simplice aggiornare il dispositivo, è semper utile riepilogare como effettuare il backup dei propri dati.


How to do Motorola backup

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There are several modi to make a backup of your Android phone, as illustrated in this specific guide. With the options for higher speeds, while it is used Google Onela piattaforma di Google lanciata pochi anni fa.

To perform the automatic backup The “Google One” app occurs on your phone, scroll down to “Backup” and touch “Altro” and “Visualizza dettagli”. Subsequently, to visualize the settings of the backup that occurs, press your “Backup Management”. Dopodiché is enough:

  • Select the backup settings.
    • It is suggested that you install an app, update it or modify the setting, follow and pass through your screen. Quindi, I will go back to the Google One app to complete the operation.
  • Be rich, touch Authorized consent.
  • In alto a sinistra, play Indietro.
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In this way You will see the backup of the Android device automatically. Finally, the backup includes files such as data from the app, chronology, contacts, settings, SMS, photo and video, MMS.

How to update a Motorola phone

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Updating the software of a Motorola phone is not very complicated. However, first of all, it is always useful to check the Android version number. For this it is enough to press your “Impostazioni” and poi your “Informazioni sul telefono” e quindi “Versione di Android”.

To update the phone software, again, It happens simply by pressing it notifies you that the system will winterize. Se per sbaglio doveste cancellare questo avviso, dovrete eseguire altri passaggi. In particular:

  • Press your “Impostazioni” and poi your “System”;
  • Click on your “Advanced” and on your “Aggiornamenti sistema”.

If there is an update, ifullo schermo vi appariranno delle informazioni che dovrete seguire. In this way, all will be simple. The upgrade operation may last a little while and at this moment it is necessary to have a good percentage of residual water and to achieve a stable internet connection. After installing the update, it is not possible to downgrade to a previous version of the software.

Sul sito di Motorola, infine, riguardo gli aggiornamenti vengono dati dei consigli tra cuYo “Il telefono potrebbe, por motivi di sicurezza, scaricare automáticamente gli aggiornamenti di sicurezza (non gli gli aggiornamenti de la operative) “Sicurezza. In this case, it may be possible to apply costs for the transmission of data at the second of the operator’s own”.

Always about update, It is necessary to chiarire that there is no two tipi:

  • Security updates: I contain corrections and updates from Google for the current version of the Android operating system;
  • Updates of the operating system: if it is the new version of the Android operating system.
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How to update a Motorola bloccato phone

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Può capitare che durante un aggiornamento oppure prima si blocchi il telefono. In ogni caso, effettuare l’adgiornamento software può ventare molto complicato, anzi impossibile. In this situation, the only possibility is to reset the device by entering the internal recovery of the cell phone.

In the case of Motorola è suficiente premere in contemporanea i tasti di accensione, Volume Giù, Volume Su. Subsequently, using the touch button on the right volume to navigate, you will need to select the “Recovery” option and press the button to confirm.

At this point, It is enough to select the option “Wipe data/factory reset”. After confirming, it is necessary to press “Yes” to go to the completely clear phone.

L’iter, abitualmente, dura non più di pochi minuti. At the end of the operations, the phone will be in these conditions in which state it has been acquired. Finally, accessing with your Google account – in the case in which you have loaded it – you can recover the fati backup.


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