How to update a OnePlus phone

How to update a OnePlus phone

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The current world of the smartphone is very varied and offers solutions for everyone you like. With the parameters that are thick, we have taken into consideration in the selection of a device, we have shared the photograph and the speed and frequency of the glide software upgrades.

Properly for this purpose we know that the speed and frequency of updates Software depends on the manufacturer for a long time. In the current panorama we see producers that are up-to-date and have smartphones with a good frequency, close to keeping pace with Google.

Tra questi troviamo surely OnePlusthe Chinese company that has always shown particular attention in confronting the software support of its models.

In this guide we will see How to upgrade a OnePlus phone. Nello specifico, andremo a verde como installare gli aggiornamenti automatichow to add manually alle beta and come update a block phone.


How to perform OnePlus backup

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First of all, I will see how to update a OnePlus phone, it is opportune make the backup say all and personal data memorized on your phone.

Please note if you intend to download photos, videos, documents and prefer the app installed. Andiamo a vedere come fare:

  1. I’ll walk there settings Clicking on the app with the icon in the shape of gears that you find in the main screens or in the list of applications (app drawer)
  2. click your Account
  3. select Google
  4. click your Synchronize
  5. I will return to the page Backup and recovery
  6. click your Backup of my data
  7. Activate the option active backup

In this way you will see effect backup of personal data e delle app install sul cloud, associating the backup stesso to your own Google account. This can be restored by accessing your own Google account on your OnePlus phone. Chiaramente il ripristino andrà effettuato a reset ultimato, ovvero cuando el dispositivo si riavvia por la prima volta dopo essere stato resettato.

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How to update OnePlus automatically

The software update of a OnePlus phone only comes that little automatically from the producer.

In this case if he talks about aggiornamenti over the air (OTA). This means that the updates are being distributed from OnePlus to your smartphone in wireless and automatic mode.

Ogni volta che avviata the distribution of an OTA update for a OnePlus model only dopo pochi giorni Si conclude perché ha raggiunto tutti i possessori di such modello. Andiamo quindi a vedere eats I will check if it is available An OTA update for the OnePlus phone itself:

  1. I’ll walk there settings clicking on the app with the icon in the shape of gears that you will find in the main schermata or nell’app drawer
  2. select System
  3. select the voice System upgrades
  4. select Control the availability of updates.

If a software update is available now it will appear changelog associate all’aggiornamento e l’opzione per avviare il download and the successive installation. Ad installationa completata verrà richiesto di riavviare lo smartphone.

In others, it is almost also possible for the OTA update update to come notified directly on the notification panel.

In this case, it will be enough to press the notification and confirm the will to install the update.

How to update OnePlus with the beta

OnePlus has started to provide its beta program published by the OxygenOS launch, coming from the second generation of its smartphone arriving on the market. The OnePlus beta program is open Open Beta And historically it is available for all models of the store, also for the medium gamma of the Nord series.

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Other than the Open Beta OnePlus also proposes the Closed Beta version of OxygenOS, the sua personalizzazione di Android. The Closed Beta is very experimental and rich in the selection given by OnePlus for installation and testing. The Open Beta is once pubbliche. Andiamo quindi a vedere Come iscriversi alla beta di Android with a OnePlus device:

  1. Scaricare the last pacchetto zip di aggiornamento della ROMs from the specified server. This depends on the OnePlus model that it has. Only the OnePlus official ROM is found on the OnePlus official site, in the section dedicated to the device itself.
  2. I will copy il pacchetto di aggiornamento della ROM nella memoria del telefono.
  3. I will walk your settings -> Information on your device -> version -> Click your Build number 7 turn and insert the password, ora ci si trova in modalità sviluppatore.
  4. I will return indietro settings -> Information on your device -> update -> Cliccare sul pulsante in alto a destra -> local installation -> Click on the corresponding installation package -> Stray -> update -> 100% complete system update.
  5. At the end of the update, click your riavvia.
  6. Riuscito update.

The installation of an Open Beta version of OxygenOS is not available some reset of the smartphone.

Once you install the first Open Beta, go through this procedure, if you receive the next Open Beta automatically, as if the classic OTA updates were installed.

Per I will return to the stable version In an Open Beta version, it will be necessary to carry out the procedure described below, but the build is stable, always replayable on the OnePlus official site. In this case it will be richest a reset the factory data of the device.

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How to update OnePlus block

I’m almost there when I update a OnePlus phone as described above impossible.

This happens when the OnePlus phone is blocked for any reason, due to a malfunction that does not impede the movement or simply because it is not possible to use the touch because it schermo is broken.

Andiamo quindi a vedere how to update the software if the phone is spent. Per fare ciò si potrà sfruttare la recovery mode of the phone, a modality included in all Android smartphones that dispenses with the main software and is accessible even if the phone does not work normally:

  1. care the battery at least 30% fine.
  2. Scaricare the last pacchetto zip di aggiornamento della ROMs from the specified server. This depends on the OnePlus model that it has. Only the OnePlus official ROM is found on the OnePlus official site, in the section dedicated to the device itself.
  3. Set the phone.
  4. Tenere premuti contemporaneously il taste of accession and say volume reduction I clicked on the phone if it accesses, it will start moving and pulsing.
  5. Wait until 30 seconds to see the screen in recovery mode.
  6. Select the language on the screen with the OnePlus logo.
  7. I will use the volume taper to scorrere fine to Apply updatewho presses the touch button to select the option.
  8. Select the tab in which the .zip file is present almost scaricato, so press the touch button to select the option.
  9. I will confirm the Celtic. The software update will activate automatically.
  10. I will use the volume taper to scorrere fine to Reboot system now, who presses the touch button to select the option. Il completamento del riavvio può richiedere alcuni minuti.
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