How to update a Samsung cell phone or tablet

How to update a Samsung cell phone or tablet

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All i ribadisco producers know the importance of updating the software of their own devices, with cell phones and tablets. A questo appello non manca il celebre marcho korean samsungche sul sul sito ufficiale infatti infatti dichiara: “We do not have to keep track of how much it is important to update the software of your device. If you update your device, please, infatti, it will not improve the performance of your phone or tablet, but I will correct any errors we know and optimize the performance. However, it is important, I will install the update from you. software has security on your device”.

A proposto di aggiornamenti, segnaliamo, se mai ce ne fosse bisogno, The installation of an update does not cancel any file present on the device and does not present a complicated process to face.

Difatti, next to the Samsung model, The installation of an update is something I can install immediately. In this guide, quindi, illustreremo tutti i pasaggi da continuare affinché il vostro telefono o tablet siempre equipaggiato con la più recente versión software.


How to update a Samsung cell phone and tablet

I phones and tablets Samsung Galaxy are very diffusi tra gli utenti, also risked a coprire più fasce di mercato: From what is most economical to what is most care, assicurando tuttavia semper a buon rapporto qualità-prezzo.

Inoltre, Samsung, from the point of view of the updates, è tra i produttori più efficientigiven that there will be a long coverage of system updates and security patches.

Nei prosimi passaggi di questa guida, quindi, illustreremo i varios modi da poter utilizzare para aggiornare un dispositivo Samsung.

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How to update via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)

The mode can be used to update the software of the Samsung device itself è sicuramente quello di farlo traverso lo stesso devise. Specifically, the presence of an update is signaled by an invitation notification to the device, its care is sufficient beforehand to avviare the installation.

Sand twice per case I will cancel the notification, do not disturb it: A solution to avviare the update exists.

It’s enough infatti, Access the “Impostazioni” of the device and click directly on the voice “Updates and software”. Subsequently it is necessary to press your “Scarica e installa”. In case of the presence of updates, you will see the scaricamento dei file avviato. Finally, to complete the installation, it will take over the phone/tablet.

Prima di avviare this operation, but, It is important to verify that the internet connection is stable and that the battery is charging Oppure collegata ad una rete electrica nonché cis sia spazio libero suficiente nella memoria del telefono/tablet para poter salvare l’aggiornamento scaricato.

How to update via Samsung Smart Switch

You can’t wait, but you can find any problem in updating your device directly from the setting menu. In this case, you will use the software samsung smart switch, The official Samsung program is compatible with Windows and with macOS.

After downloading and installing the program, It is necessary to activate it on your computer. Subsequently, you will connect your device to the computer, process the cable of Ricarica and respond positively to the various views that will be compared to your Samsung cell phone/tablet.

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Updated software will be available, You will receive a notice indicating the type of update. In this case, it will happen by pressing the button “Aggiorna” or “Più tardi” and then proceed to the operation in a second moment. If “Aggiorna” is launched, you will attend a little while, all the time and files will be copied on your phone/tablet.

During this process it is important not to remove the device from the computer. At the end of the process, you will see displayed a message that I saw informing you of the success of the iterator and that the power stored on your device from the computer.

Insomma, also through this modality It seems easy to update the software of your cell phone/tablet Made from the popular Korean march.

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How to update the app on your Samsung cell phone/tablet

Other than the software, it is also important to update it Applications that you have installed on your device. Tutto ciò, infatti, vi consentirà di sfruttare le ultime funzionalità disponibili.

If you get a Samsung device, To update the app you can use on the Google Play Store – for Android applications – which is Galaxy Store (to update the Samsung proprietary app).

Play Store

Updating the apps on the Play Store is very simple. Difatti, non occorrono operazioni particularly complesse. is enough:

  • Open the Google Play Store app;
  • Up to the right, touch the icon of the profile;
  • touch Manage app and device. Le app con aggiornamenti disponibili sono contrassegnate dall’etichetta “Aggiornamento disponibile”;
  • touch update.
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It is also possible to automatically update your app in this way:

  • Open the Google Play Store app;
  • Up to the right, touch the icon of the profile;
  • touch settingsby your Rete preferenceand Automatic update app.

At this point, you can select an option:

  • Process any network to update the app using the Wi-Fi network or mobile data;
  • Only process Wi-Fi to update the app only when a Wi-Fi connection is activated.

Samsung Store

Your Samsung devices are also present in various proprietary apps.

To update it, I will access the Galaxy Store and successively all the list of applications installed on the cell phone/tablet.

Ora non rimane da che premere sulla voce “Menu” – l’icona con le tre linee orizzontali – ea esta punto aparirà un caste di sezioni tra cui:

  • “Custom App”;
  • “Updates”;
  • “Download in private”;
  • “Desiderati”.

To update the Samsung app on the Galaxy Store, here, bisognerà click on the button “Aggiornamenti”. If the page will restore a voucher, it means that I am not an update app; Alternatively, it will be enough to click on top of your “Update all” to activate the update procedure of all the apps present in the list. In this final section, it will also be possible to update the Samsung smartwatch app.


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