How to update an Honor phone

How to update an Honor phone

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gli software upgrades Di Android hasn’t always had a certain fascination with the tools of the green robot, essentially because they have been updated for spesso novità that si riflettono nell’uso quotidiano degli smartphone.

This means that there are still many uses that take into consideration the aspects of the updated software as one of the main discriminants for choosing a smartphone. It is also because these last years have not been practically all Android products if they are impegnati in the rapidity of the release of new software upgrades.

Tra questi troviamo anche Honorthe Chinese company that was officially divorced from Huawei can now use Google and Android services.

In this guide we will see How to update an Honor phone. Nello specifico, andremo a verdere come effettuare un backupeat I will update automatically The software will also complete updates when the phone is available blocked.


How to do backup Honor

First of all, I will see how to update the software of an Honor phone, it is timely make the backup say all and personal data memorized on your phone.

Please note if you intend to download photos, videos, documents and prefer the app installed. Andiamo a vedere come fare:

  1. I’ll walk there settings Clicking on the app with the icon in the shape of gears that you find in the main screens or in the list of applications (app drawer)
  2. click your account
  3. click your Synchronize
  4. I will return to the page Backup and recovery
  5. click your Backup of my data
  6. Activate the option Synchronize and data from all the app.

How to automatically update an Honor phone

The software update of an Honor phone only comes that little automatically from the producer. In this case if it speaks of aggiornamenti over the air (OTA). This means that the upgrades have been distributed by Honor to your smartphone in wireless and automatic mode.

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Ogni volta che avviata the distribution of an OTA update for an Honor model only dopo pochi giorni Si conclude perché ha raggiunto tutti i possessori di such modello. Andiamo quindi a vedere eats I will check if it is available An OTA update for the Honor phone itself:

  1. I’ll walk there settings clicking on the app with the icon in the shape of gears that you will find in the main schermata or nell’app drawer
  2. select System
  3. select the voice System upgrades
  4. select Control the availability of updates.

If a software update is available now it will appear changelog associate all’aggiornamento e l’opzione per avviare il download and the successive installation.

Ad installationa completata verrà richiesto di riavviare lo smartphone.

In others, it is almost also possible for the OTA update update to come notified directly on the notification panel. In this case, it will be enough to press the notification and confirm the will to install the update.

How to update an Honor bloccato phone

Ci sono altri almost in which I update an Honor phone as described in the preceding paragraph è impossible.

This happens when the Honor phone is blocked for any reason, due to a malfunction that does not impede the movement or simply because it is not possible to use the touch because it schermo is broken.

Andiamo quindi a vedere how to update the software if the phone is spent. Per fare ciò si potrà sfruttare la recovery mode of the phone, a modality included in all Android smartphones that dispenses with the main software and is accessible even if the phone does not work normally:

  1. care the battery at least 30% fine.
  2. Download the official firmware associated with the Honor phone itself. This can be done by all Honor support, oppure scaricando il software Honor Suite or still surrounding its accredited forum like XDA.
  3. Set the phone.
  4. Tenere premuti contemporaneously il taste of accession and say volume increase I flashed your phone does not appear to have the Magic OS logo (who will continue to have warning even if you see the Honor logo).
  5. Wait until 30 seconds to see the screen in recovery mode.
  6. Process the touch to select the option Install Update.
  7. Select the cartella in which the .zip file is present just barely scared, then select the scarified file at the point above.
  8. I will confirm the Celtic. The software update will activate automatically.
  9. Select the opzone Reboot system now, and I will confirm. Il completamento del riavvio può richiedere alcuni minuti.
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