How to use iTunes for iPhone

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You have just purchased a iPhones and want to learn how to buy, manage and listen to music on it? Nothing impossible, indeed to be honest it is a real child’s play. You just have to familiarize yourself with the iTunes Store and Music apps that come standard with your phone.

If you want, I can help you achieve this quickly by illustrating yourself how to use itunes for iphone and the Music app step by step. Come on, grab your beautiful “iPhone” and get ready to listen to all your favorite music!

How to use iTunes for iPhone

Let’s start by seeing how to use itunes for iphone to purchase music or other multimedia contents by downloading them directly to the “iPhone by”. All you have to do is launch the app iTunesStore present on the iOS home screen and choose the type of content you want to purchase using one of the buttons located at the bottom of the screen: Music, Movie or Audiobooks.

At this point, you can choose whether to browse content in first floor (i.e. the latest releases) or whether to consult the rankings of iTunes (the contents most downloaded by users) by selecting the appropriate tabs located at the top of the screen. If you want to carry out a targeted search, press the button Near located in the bottom center. When searching, you can choose whether to find albums, individual songs, or other items, such as ringtones, books, and podcasts.

To purchase content from the iTunes Store, select its cover and first press the button with the price and then up Buy, then enter your Apple ID password and you’re done. In the case of music albums, you can choose whether to buy the entire product (prices usually range from 12.99 euros to 5.99 euros) or individual tracks (with prices generally ranging from 1.29 euros to 0.99 euros) by pressing the buttons located next to the track titles.

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In the product tabs available on the iTunes Store you can also find the reviews of customers who have already purchased the content (very useful to avoid bad surprises) and a menu of items related, i.e. similar to the one selected and therefore may be of interest to you. Pressing on the icon of arrow located at the top right, you can also share the link of the iTunes Store page you’re visiting on social networks and add the selected item to your wishlist.

If you want to view a list of all the content you have purchased from the iTunes Store, press the button Other located in the lower right corner of the screen and select the item Purchased on the screen that opens.


If you want how to use itunes for iphone in the sense that you want to listen to music on your “iPhone by”, you don’t have to go to the iTunes Store app but to the application Music. Within the Music app, you can find all the songs you sync to your phone from your computer and all the songs you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store (not just from your iPhone but also from your computer or iPad).

Explaining how it works is almost superfluous. Just start it and you are immediately in front of a screen with buttons at the bottom to access playlists, artists, tracks and album available on your phone. To listen to a song, just press on its title. To control playback, you can use the Music app controls or the buttons dedicated to multimedia content in the menu that appears by swiping from the bottom to the top in any iOS app and screen (from iOS 7 onwards).

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To create a new playlistall you have to do is select the appropriate item in the section Playlists of the Music application and select the songs to include in it by pressing the button + placed next to their title. Very easy. And if you rotate the “iPhone by” horizontally, surprise: a quick access screen appears with the covers of all the albums available on the device.


If you want to transfer music from PC to iPhone, you have to use iTunes (the Windows or Mac OS X program installed on your computer). Just connect your phone to your computer via Dock/Lightning cable, select your iPhone name from the menu devices located at the top right and go to the tab Music. After that you need to put a check mark next to the item Sync music and start transferring the songs, just like I explained in my guide on how to put music on iPhone.

If you purchased a song from the iTunes Store using a device other than your iPhone (e.g. your PC or an iPad), you will still find it listed in the application library Music and you can download it for free to your phone’s memory by pressing the icon cloud placed next to its title.

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