How to use iTunes on OS X and Windows

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Are you new to the Mac world and would you like to know more about how iTunes works? Have you been using OS X for some time now but until now you have ignored iTunes and now you would like to understand how to use it? If the answer to these and other similar questions is affirmative, know that I have good, indeed excellent news to give you… you’ve come to the right place, or rather the right guide. In fact, in the following lines I will explain to you, by thread and by sign, how to use itunes.

Before showing you how to use iTunes, however, it is good to clarify your ideas about the nature of this program. If you weren’t aware of it, know that iTunes is the default multimedia player for Apple products as well as the store through which it is possible to purchase multimedia content for Apple devices. It is then the software that allows you to manage all the iPhones, iPads and iPods. iTunes is pre-installed on Mac systems, but not on Windows. On iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iTunes is included as standard.

Having made this clear, if you are therefore interested in finding out how to use iTunes, I suggest you make yourself comfortable and concentrate on reading the following lines. We bet that in the end, if necessary, you will also be ready to explain to your friends how to use iTunes?

How to use iTunes on OS X and Windows

If you want to find out how to use iTunes on your computer, the first thing you need to do is start it. If you use Windows just press the button startto type itunes in the search field and click on the first search result. If you use OS X log in to Launchers and then click on the iTunes icon.

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Now that you have started the program you can finally begin to understand how to use iTunes. The first thing I suggest you pay attention to is the aspect that has made this player famous in the world, that is the possibility of buying music and other multimedia files. To do this you need to register on iTunesStore.

Then click on the item Buy music in the iTunes Store which is located in the center of the iTunes window and, on the page that opens, click on the button Log in located at the top right. In the window that opens, first click on the button Create Apple ID and then up Keep on to start creating your free account on the iTunes Store.

Then accept the terms of use of the service by placing the check mark next to the item I have read and accept these terms and conditions and click on Keep on to access the iTunes Store signup form. Now fill out the form with your data and click once again on Keep on to enter the details of the credit card (or debit card) you want to use to purchase songs, albums, videos, etc. on iTunes. Continue by clicking on first Keep on and then up end to complete the iTunes Store registration wizard.

Screenshot of iTunes on Mac

Proceed by accessing your mailbox corresponding to the email address specified during registration and click on the confirmation link contained in the message received from Apple. Then log in to the site that opens to validate your account permanently and open the iTunes Store directly in iTunes.

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Once you have completed the registration process, you can purchase everything you want from the iTunes Store. To do this, click on the item iTunesStore located at the top right and navigate through the contents of Apple’s digital showcase to choose which song or album to buy.

iTunes screenshots

All purchased music ends up in the software library which you can access by simply clicking on the entry Music located in the upper left side of the iTunes screen.

iTunes screenshots

You can also import all the music already on your computer’s hard drive or external devices to your iTunes library. To import music into iTunes, first click on the entry File attached to the program menu bar and then on the item Add to library…. You can also import music CDs. To do this, insert the floppy disk into your computer while iTunes is open and respond Yup when prompted to import the album into your library.

In addition to allowing the import of songs and music albums, iTunes allows you to do the same with video content. If you want to import a movie, a film or a TV program into iTunes, press the icon located at the top left corresponding to the reference section of the player, then press the item File attached to the menu bar and finally choose the item Add to library….

iTunes screenshots

If you intend to navigate through the various contents of the iTunes Store, you can instead use the bar located at the top of the screen and click on the icon representing a musical note to access the section of the iTunes Store dedicated to music, on the icon representing a piece of film to access the section of the iTunes Store dedicated to films and other video content, the icon depicting a small monitor to access the section of the iTunes Store dedicated to TV programs the three dots to display the appropriate menu to access the other available sections, such as Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobooks, App, ringtones And Internet radio.

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To add covers and other information to your multimedia content attached to the iTunes library know that you will not have to do anything. In fact, iTunes automatically downloads the covers and information relating to albums and songs.

To play a piece of music and any other multimedia content added to the iTunes library, just double-click on it. Once playback has started, you will be shown the player controls with which you can forward and/or rewind the player, stop and resume playback and carry out various other operations.

As far as the service is concerned Music, which can be accessed by first pressing the icon Music located at the top left of the iTunes window and then clicking on the label For you, know that this is a novelty from Apple and that it is going to take the form of a music streaming service very similar to Spotify and other well-known names that have already been on the market for some time now. Once you’ve signed in to Apple Music, you’ll be able to get your hands on a catalog of millions of songs and albums. To do this, however, it is necessary to subscribe to a paid subscription. The price of the subscription is €9.99 for the Standard plan and €14.99 for the Family plan, but at the time of the first subscription it is possible to use the service for free for a trial period of three months. Once you have subscribed, you can also press on the item Radio located at the top of the iTunes window for access to a variety of exclusive radio stations.

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iTunes screenshots

If, on the other hand, you want to understand how iTunes is used to manage iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from iTunes, know that to do this, simply connect your devices to the computer on which iTunes is installed using the appropriate USB cable attached to the sales package. Once connected, the iTunes window will show an icon representing the device you connected in the upper left part. Pressing this icon will show you a screen through which you can view, update and manage the memory content of your smartphone, tablet or media player.

Screenshot of iTunes on Mac

How to use iTunes on iOS

Do you own an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch and would you like to understand how to use iTunes directly from iOS? Yup? Well, then to begin presses on the app icon iTunesStore which is attached to the home screen of your device.

Before explaining in detail how iTunes works on mobile, however, it is good that you know one thing. Unlike the computer version, iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod only allows you to purchase and download multimedia content. In order to play the multimedia content purchased and downloaded or transferred to the device, you need to refer to other apps already installed on the device.

Having made this premise, once you start iTunes on your device you will be shown a screen through which you can access music content, movies, ringtones and much more for your device. In the specific case of music, you can take a look at the available musical content by pressing on the item Music placed below.

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Screenshot of iTunes on iPhone

At this point you can choose whether to browse the featured content (i.e. the latest releases) or whether to consult the iTunes charts (the most downloaded content by users) by selecting the appropriate tabs located at the top of the screen. If, on the other hand, you want to carry out a targeted search, press the button Near located in the bottom center.

To purchase content from the iTunes Store, select its cover and first press the button with the price and then on Buy. Then enter your Apple ID password and wait for the download procedure to start.

Once a song has downloaded, you can access it from within the app Music attached to your device. In the case of video content instead, you can access it by pressing on the app Video accessible from the home screen. Downloaded podcasts are available through the app instead Podcasts.

Know that in the product pages available on the iTunes Store you can also find the reviews of customers who have already purchased the content and a menu of related items, i.e. similar to the one selected and which therefore may be of interest to you.

Screenshot of iTunes on iPhone

Then pressing the arrow icon located at the top right you can share the link of the iTunes Store page you are visiting on social networks and add the selected item to your wish list.

Now that you have finally understood how to use iTunes on iOS if you want to view a list of all the content you have purchased through the iTunes Store, know that all you have to do is press the button Other located in the lower right corner of the screen and select the item Purchased on the screen that opens.

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