How to use Waze without connection: all the offline functionality of the browser

How to use Waze without connection: all the offline functionality of the browser

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Seven già a conoscenza dell’aplicazione Waze? Probabilmente ne avrete già sentito parlare e, magari, l’avete anche provata. Per chi non lo sapesse ancora si tratta di un GPS navigator for smartphone and tablet. Will fly an’alternative to google maps, this is one of the options to have in consideration. This application can also be used without internet connection. Don’t know how far? We are here to watch it.

Go to know how I will use Waze, the Google app-navigator? Fate clic qui per scoprilarlo.

In this guide all the necessary and scoprirete istruzioni will be found How will I use Waze without connections?. Vi consigliamo, quindi, di dedicare del tempo alla lettura dei prossimi paragrafi, di scaricare y instalare l’aplicazione se non l’avete ancora fatto e di siguire i passaggi mano che ve li illustriamo, in this modo non rischierete di committere alcun errore . At the end of the reading potrete anche I will also use the browser with the mobile device offline.


Use Waze without connecting your Android

waze android auto

Give yourself a android device and fly to know How will I use Waze without connections?? There’s no problem, I’ll put it together and see it to see if it’s going. Il primo paso, as we say in precedenza, è quello di scaricare l’applicazione. If you don’t save it, save it Play Storewrite to yourself Waze In the search bar and proceed with the download and installation. Once you finish this operation, you will use an Internet connection and activate the GPS. Press the app and see that Waze will scare automatically and give you the map of your area. Select the icon in the shape of the large lens that you see in basso.

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A new bar will appear, give it a choice not registered. dopo fate tap su Account and Login And try to create an account (if you are the first to use the app) or access it using your selected credentials in the registration phase.

Ecco che ora vedremo How will I save the map and use Waze without connection?. To do so, you will have to choose a certain itinerary and use your lens of ingrandimento. Dopo aver pigiato sul commando go verete il vostro percorso. now click your summary, present in the page of riepilogo. The application saves this itinerary in the cache, since it will remain in memory. Select now indietro from the phone and turn off the connection, whether Wi-Fi or data. Come vedrete, potrete ancora I will use Waze and the journey in memory. Keep in mind that in offline mode there are no updates and information in real time about traffic.

Use Waze without connecting your iPhone


Give yourself a iphone and turn to know if it is possible I will use Waze in offline mode? Yes, it is also possible in this case and stay for spiegarvi passo passo come si fa. As said above, if the app is still not installed on your device, this is the moment to download it.

Dunque, let’s goapp storetype the name in the search bar and Install Waze on your iPhone. Connect to Wi-Fi or activate data. Also the GPS will be active. Avviate the application with a click on its icon. If it is the first volta that you use this GPS navigator You will create your profile with one click on your relative voice. Dovrete insert your data and accept the Termini d’uso del servizio.

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Se, invece, avete già il vostro profilo fate tap su Is there an account? Access, and proceed with the login. One turn inside the app you will have to click on the touch with the large lens and poi in the section Where are we going? to choose a destination. Write it down and press the command go. submit your Overview e aspettate che il navigatore calcoli il percorso. The map that I saw will show its screen and will also remain in memory on your mobile device.

Become an indietro and promise your departure. Also disconnecting now the internet device will be able to use the map and proceed following the selected itinerary. If you missed the app by mistake, upon reopening I saw if I wished to recover and continue with what I’ve been doing. Things come for Android, in offline mode Non potrete ricevere gli aggiornamenti in tempo reale da Waze. Ecco che avete appena visto come utilizzare Waze sinza connessione. Simple, right?


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