How Twitter Blue works: things and things about the aspect

How it works Twitter Blue: cos'è e cosa ci aspecta

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Avete sentito parlare della novità di Twitter Blue e volete avere qualche informazione in più in merito? With the purchase of the social network gives part of Elon Musk This newcomer has introduced a system to pay for the platform, which was free at this time. Be calm, not if it deals with a cost of discrimination, it is not an obligatory payment for all gli utenti.

Volete sapere come scaricare i propri dati da Twitter? Fate clic qui per scoprilarlo.

Mettetevi comodi, stiamo per spiegarvi di cosa si tratta e How Twitter Blue works. Let’s turn on some time to read this guide, who found all the information I had seven there. Prima di ascendere nel dettaglio vi anticipiamo che con il pagamento della quota relative a Twitter Blue If you have a series of vantaggi available. This function if added to what is existing, since it is not interesting for the service to maintain its own profile and use it as it has done at this time.

Che dite, iniziamo?


Where Twitter Blue is available

Twitter Blue

Elon Musk, new owner of Twitter has announced with a tweet tutti i servizi di cui potranno godere gli utenti che decideranno di pay l’I import from Twitter Blue. The idea of ​​the new service is that of increasing and profiting from the piattaforma, which in this moment is supported by publicity. This news is presented as a sorta di social network service upgrade per gli utenti. At this time, Twitter Blue is già lanciato negli Stati Uniti, in Canada, in Australia and in Nuova Zelanda. Gli utenti potranno provvedere al pagamento dell’abonamento Directly from the app, oppure tranforme il sito internet.

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How much does it cost Twitter Blue

Vi state chiedendo what is the cost of this service? The monthly blessing to Twitter Blue ha dei prezzi differenti a seconda del Paese in cui si risulta iscritti e si risiede.

See in detail how much coast: negli Stati Uniti vale 4.99 dollars (due in più rispetto al prezzo di lancio), in Canada 6.49 Canadian dollarsin New Zealand 6.99 New Zealand dollars and in Australia 6.99 australian dollars.

The blue tip for verified profiles

elon musk

Seven curiosi di sapere One thing is Twitter Blue? Il servizio della piattaforma social comprises a series of vantaggi per chi pay l’abbonamento. Cousin your tutti è la spunta blu. This topic has been discussed by many social users. If it is a point that indicates a verified profile. This piccola icon is reserved only for celebrities or famous people at this time. This Celtic has the advantage of allowing everyone to verify their own profile and increase credibility in their own social presence, regardless of the follower number. However, in time, the blue tip will allow the number of false profiles to be read, say bot Management of artificial intelligence in the advertising scope is considered spam, which is a problem of the piattaforma.

Increase in the duration of audio and video

The cancellation of the tweet

Twitter Blue

Gli abbonati a Twitter Blue potranno also usufruire dell’cancellation of the tweet. How does it work? If you have the possibility of stopping the publication, just try to prevent it from others. Not if it is a modifiable option, there is a temporal arc during which it is possible I will cancel the send of the tweet prima che come seen dagli utenti, eat a sorta di anteprima. A turn around this period that this will see the post and will be visible to everyone and follower.

Inoltre, if you can choose this temporal best, opting for one of the following options: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds either 60 seconds.


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