How will Bixby disable your Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

How will Bixby disable your Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

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Avete appena comperato un new Samsung smartphone e, dopo avere smanettato un pochino, vi siete accorti che ci sono alcuni servizi della OneUI (Samsung’s proprietary interface is based on Android) which is not used and should be disabled, so as to subsequently speed up the oppurate device, as in the case of oggi, to modify the operation of the telephone access button.

Tra questi servizi c’è per caso anche bixbyCould you hear the voice assistant from Samsung? Yes? And allora in this article I saw heremo step by step how to disable Bixby your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, specifying suddenly that this procedure will not permanently eliminate the virtual assistant of the Korean business, but will not limit your power activation by means of two methods provided by Samsung (okay, voice command and press the hardware).

Inoltre, such method will not be intact Bixby Routinesa migliori app of automazioni available on your Android and not only, may be used by you.

L’operazione, ve lo diciamo subito, richiederà pochissimi minuti: giusto un paio di tap sullo schermo. Try to believe.


I will definitely disable Bixby: is it possible?


Sono tanti i motivated per cui a volte if you decide to say I will disable Bixby. Quella più diffusa è l’inutilizzo: molti utenti, infatti, preferiscono (oppure sono abituati ad utilizzare) Google Assistant e quindi scelgono di mettere “di lato” la controparte di Samsung.

And always talking about abitudine, almost always if it tends to modify the operation of the taste of accession dello smartphone Samsung, starting bixby With the classic function to access or open the phone.

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Dovete sapere, infatti, che partire da Galaxy Note10 The successive models, the Samsung voice assistant can be activated by long pressing the lateral touch of the accent. This because the Korean company has decided to eliminate the physical button dedicated to bixby Introduction to your smartphone Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9.

As abbiamo accentuated ad inizio articulo, I will disable Bixby does not mean also disable the cosiddette Bixby Routines, similar to what I gave Google Assistant. Per chi non le conoscesse, si tratta di moduli or regole che sfruttano l’Intelligenza Artificiale per apprendere dalle abitudini dell’utente e, di conseguenza, “anticipare” le proprie esigenze, completing an’azione come ad esempio l’apertura di un’ app, modifies it from the settings of the phone and another anchor. You can disable it through the application to completely block the avvio of this functionality.

Returning to the “heart” of discorso, vedremo innanzitutto come I will disable Bixby The phone’s power button will successively block in definitive mode the continuous movement of the Samsung virtual assistant. It is not possible to turn it off completely, unless I do it root. Let’s start!

How will I change my Samsung face?

The first thing about fare is obviously sbloccare lo samsung smartphone Possibly inserting the impostate authentication method (slot with imprint, recognition of the volt, sequence or PIN).

Now that seven in the main screen of the device, proceed as follows:

  1. Effettuate one swipe from the high verse to the basso on its initial schermata (quindi a movement of the dito dall’alto verso il basso) to press the tendin of the notify, do podiché repeatete l’operazione to expand the fast setting
  2. Pigiate sull’icona di alimentazione (quella cioè per spegnere il telefono) posizionata nell’angolo en alto a destra dello schermo per entrare nell’apposito menu dedicato alle funzioni di spegnimento o riavvio del dispositivo
  3. In bottom alla schermata find a pulsating with the script “Lateral taper settings“.Presume it
  4. A new schermata will appear. Nella section “Award and premuto“, select”Display menu“anziché”April Bixby
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From now on, when pressing the lateral touch, a screen will appear through the potrete quale spegnere or riavviare the device.

Come i vecchi tempi, non è vero?

Come disable Bixby voice command

As a second pass, I would suggest disabling the activation of bixby through vocal command. Alla stessa maniera di Google Assistant, infatti, è possibile pronunciare un “parolina magica” per partire l’assistant vocale di Samsung. If this function does not interest me, let me know how to disable it.

Also in this case, unblock the phone and successively press the app bixbydopodiché proceed as follows:

  1. Touch the three lines orizzontali post to the left to open the side menu
  2. Nella successiva schermata, pigiate sull’icona a forma di ingranaggio a destra per entrare nelle impostazioni
  3. At this point, turn off the setting “Vocal Riattivazione“Spegnendo di conseguenza il relative interruttore.

Così facendo, impedete all’assisistente vocale di samsung Say attivarsi automatically right after the pronouncement of the sentence “Hi Bixby“.


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