How will I activate Amazon Prime Student?

How will I activate Amazon Prime Student?

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gli university student possono ottenere tutti i vantaggi Give Amazon Prime a metà prezzo. In this guide we will select how to activate Amazon Prime Student.


Amazon Prime Student, how does it work?

Prima di tutto, scopriamo how it works il servizio a pagamento e tutti i vantaggi. The Prime Student program – reserved for students iscritti agli instituti universitari riconosciuti nell’offerta – permette di usufruire di tutti i vantaggi di Amazon Prime, ovvero:

  • Speed ​​Speditions: to cook and produce quickly (several delivery options are available).
  • Prime Video: the platform of streaming on demand that allows viewers of films, television series, documentaries, animated cartoons and much more.
  • PrimeMusic: a music streaming service;
  • amazon photos: the online archiving service that Eseguire consents to the photo and video backup.
  • prime reading: to get a rotating catalog of selected eBooks.
  • Prime Gaming: che offer new games and contents for the last few months.
  • Exclusive offer and early access there “offer lampo“.

How to activate Amazon Prime Student

Scopriamo subito, step dopo step, come activate Amazon Prime Student.

I will create an account

First of all, let me create a new Amazon account. Collegatevi to the official website and premete “Bye, I agreed“in the upper part.

The voice "Ciao, agreed" consent to create a new account

The voice “Ciao, accedi” consented to create a new account.

fate click su”Create your Amazon account“.

The button

The button “Create your Amazon account”.

Inserite tutte le informazioni richiest, tra cui:

  • Il name and know me;
  • L’e-mail address (I can create it using a service like Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, and Virgilio Mail) or a phone number;
  • A password sicura (vi consigliamo di consultare la nostra guida dedicata).

To see all the information inserted, click “Continue”. Confirm your e-mail address or phone number by inserting the updated code.

How will I create an Amazon account?

How will I create an Amazon account?

Activate Prime Student

pray potrete activate Prime Student. Collegati to the dedicated page (clicking here) and press “iscriviti now“. My new Prime clients have 90 days of use without additional costs.

Amazon Prime Student: the button "Iscriviti ora"

Amazon Prime Student: the button “Iscriviti pray”.

On the next page, select one of the available machines. Click on “Confronta i piani”.

The voice "Confronta i piani" your amazon prime

The voice “Confronta i piani” your Amazon Prime.

Scegliere Pot:

  • Prime Student (mensile): 2.49 euro per month;
  • Prime Student (annual): 24.95 euro per month.

Attention: the option “Prime (mens)” at 4.99 euro per month if you refer to all the Amazon Prime standard abbonamento, which can be activated by children.

Per gli studentsi, consigliamo di scegliere uno degli altri due piani.

After seeing selected a piano, fate click its “Iscriviti – 90 days without additional costs“. After the free trial period, the bonus will be automatically restart (with the current rate). You can cancel the underwriting at any time.

Il pulsante "Iscriviti – 90 giorni senza costi aggiuntivi" your amazon

Il pulsante “Iscriviti – 90 giorni senza costi aggiuntivi” su Amazon.

Insert yours university e-mail address (fornito dalla vostra Università) and indicate the “Anno di completamento degli studi”.

Activate Prime Student by inserting the university email address

Activate Prime Student by inserting the university email address.

select one mode of payment:

  • The available balance;
  • A letter of credit or debit (please insert some information, see the name of the letter, the number, the date of the order and the CVV);
  • Boni regalo, voucher e codici promozionali;
  • A current account (inserendo il BIC, l’IBAN e il nome del titolare del conto).

To complete the procedure, click on your “Keep going” and follow the prompts. Prime Student will be promptly activated.

Amazon Prime Student without a university email address

Do you have a hint university email? No problem, we have a solution. Demonstrating di essere iscritti to a university course in Italy, potrete activate Prime Student through a process alternative.

Send the rich documentation to “” to the indicated e-mail associated with your Amazon account. In the message I will attach a scan or photograph of the registration certificate. I enter 3-5 days working, send me an e-mail with the success of the rich.

How much does Amazon Prime Student cost?

how much coast Amazon Prime Student? Ecco tutte informazioni. I new clients can get it 90 days Use without additional costs. During the trial period, Prime Student costa 2,49 euro per month either €24.95 ogni year. Attention: You can cancel the abbonamento at any time.

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