How will I cancel the Messenger timeline, easily?

How will I cancel the Messenger timeline, easily?

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when i fly I will cancel the chat timeline on your Facebook MessengerWill I make an initial decision after one of the two actions: will I delete a specific message or cancel the interim chat timeline with someone else? Alcune volte si potrebbe avere l’esigenza di voler I will eliminate a single message or some dall’intera chronologia. But it is also possible to cancel the chat timeline to start a new conversation without the distraction of the neighbor or to hide potentially indiscreet information from the occhi.

In ogni caso, bisogna I will follow any passaggi ben precise The second time the user is active on a computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Thing is Messenger and eats if you use

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Messenger is an instant messaging app.

Be part of the Facebook ecosystem and allow yourself to stay in contact with the rest of the users of the social network. In origin, this service is available Facebook Chat ed was fully integrated with Facebook. Tuttavia, from August 2012 operates completely independently. It is possible to access facebook messenger Process the web and its native applications. This is a multi-format service and we support clients for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac. Thanks to some desktop environments, you can use it also on your Linux distribution.

Sebbene le sue funzioni di base siano la rizione e l’vivio di message e immagini, ha ha anche funzioni più advance. Ad esempio, possiamo share our position, adesivi, animazioni and note vocali. In addition, the app is consenting to create groups of three or more than one part. However, unlike Telegram or WhatsApp, we cannot send or share more than one type of document, such as a PDF or Word file. Facebook has made an effort to guarantee that the app does not return indietro in aree diverse dall’invio di message.

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So, thanks to Messenger, it is possible to make chats and video chats totally free for all of the users registered on the social network. Negli ultimi tempi this type of communication is very migliorato and can practically replace the classic chiamate.

How does the deletion of messages from Messenger work?

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Unlike some app of messagistica, l’deletion of Facebook messages Do not always delete the message from someone else’s account. If we sent an embarrassing message to a friend and by that we eliminated it from the chronology of the chat, our interlocutor has no copy.

Well knowing it, the thing migliore da fare è non scrivere mai nulla tramite message, or ovunque online, che non si vuole che sia conservato in maniera permanente. It is also worth it, remember that I will permanently delete the messages from Messenger, it is also possible to enjoy the archiving function. In this way, i messages will not be eliminated definitively, but will be canceled from the cast of the main conversations.

Android, how will I cancel the Messenger timeline?

iOS, how will I cancel the Messenger timeline?

In fact, the procedure to follow to clear the Messenger chronology of the iPhone and iPad ovvero da terminale equipaggiato con iOS, non è poi così diversa. Da Chat, touch Cerca in alto. Poi scegliere Modifies in stop to destra. Infine, play Cancella tutto accanto a Ricerche recenti. And why will I cancel a person from the chronology of the ricerche? Da Chat, touch Cerca in alto. Quindi, accanto a Ricerche recenti, scegliere Modifies in alto a destra.

I can touch the name of a person to remove it from the chronology of the research.

Chiamat Chronology on Messenger, how to cancel a chiamata

A similar but different choice is the cancellation of a chiamata or a videochiamata from the chronology. Dall’app per computer, apri la conversazione y clicca con il tastó destro la chiamata da eliminare, quindi su Elimina conversazione y poi cliccare su Elimina. From Messenger, open the conversation, click on the button to delete it and refine your Delete chat.

Three functionalities of Messenger

Infine, segnaliamo tre funzioni aggiuntive menos conosciute di Messenger, ma che lo differenziano indubbiamente dai suoi concurrenti. Innanzitutto è possibile, nell’aplicazione stessa, I will speak directly with the company hanno a page on the social network. It is also possible to purchase directly the parrot products. However, Messenger does integrate with i giochi trovati your Facebook and, in some markets, consent to send money directly to the users. It’s clear that Facebook Messenger is a very simple messaging app.


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