How will I change the hard disk of PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

How will I change the hard disk of PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

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Eat Expandere Memory PS4 – If there is one thing that contrasts with each other and the three models of PlayStation 4 currently in circulation, both PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, is the facilitate with whom is possible I will replace the hard disk present on board. The image that I found in opening is about an iFixit article related to the teardown of PS4 Pro. Properly from this teardown if you can notice how much it is easy to spot the sport by replacing the hard disk.

The default PS4 Pro has in dotazione a hard disk gives 1 terabytebetween PS4 Standard and Slim possono essere equipado di hard disk da 500 GB or gives 1 TB. How can someone replace the hard disk possibly without losing all the data present in memory? The procedure is much simpler than expected, given the way in which Sony has built its own PlayStation models.

Sulle tre varianti è infatti sufficient rimuovere uno sportellinosvitare un (or più) classica vite a cross, remove the next hard disk and insert a new one.

Procediamo comunque per gradi e vediamo passo paso gli instrumenti necessary, the typologie di hard disk necessarie e le procedure lato software da eseguire per non perderare dati.

Hard Disk Supported PS4 | ps4 slim


Hard Disk Supported PS4 Pro

We dedicate a separate paragraph for PS4 Pro because the new PlayStation model also allows you to use SATA 3 hard disk. ssdto the post of those classics.

I will obviously always serve a 2.5″ hard disk, but I will advise you to receive your attention verso hard disk classic per due simple motives. Initially, I will use the SSD on the post of the classic hard disk non porta tutti questi vantaggi Speed ​​up your PS4 Pro. Add the SSD are very più costi dei classici hard disk, quindi nel caso vogliate, I will expand the capienza of PS4 Pro, I want a hard disk of 1 terabyte, you should buy one of 2 TB. At the moment SSD gives 2 TB before the lowest price of the stessa PS4 Pro.


How Will I Change Hard Disk PS4 | Serve Thing

What did I see who can replace the hard disk of your Sony console? Let’s see riepilogare the whole with a Quick cast:

  • A hard disk 2.5″ SATA 2 new (PS4 | PS4 Slim) – a hard disk 2.5″ SATA 2 or SATA 3 (PS4 Pro)
  • A Phillips cacciavite (a stella o croce) non troppo grande
  • A support of external USB memory fast enough
  • A USB key

The cacciavite will serve for the replacement of part of the protection of the hard disk.

The external memory support, such as a self-powered external hard disk or the like, will serve twice to effect the backup dei dati presenti sulla console. Sulla chiavetta invece andrete a mettere il firmware PS4 will reinstall your new hard disk.

Does the procedure invalidate the warranty?

software procedure

For how much backup and data is necessary on the old hard disk and all the new inserts, find it briefly all necessary with a series of video guides. Prima però vi consigliamo di dare un’occhiata alle necessary software procedure, in such a way that I have prepared a tutto ciò that I have to face to proceed with the replacement. start from backup Say how much your PlayStation is present, so I can proceed with rhyming, reinsertion, reinitialization and ripristino backup.

Backup current hard disk

  1. For the first thing I saw, a capable USB memory device will serve to connect to your PS4
  2. Format this supported using the exFAT file system of Windows PC
  3. Collegate it to one of the USB ports of your console
  4. From the PS4 menu, select Settings -> System -> Backup and Ripristino
  5. Select Backup PS4
  6. Attend the completion of the procedure and COMPLETELY turn off the console by pressing the power button for 7 seconds until you do not feel an “acoustic beep”

Rimozione vecchio hard disk

  1. Finish the backup procedure, remove HDMI and power cable from the console
  2. Follow one of the films that you can find at the end of this sequence of istruzioni for the replacement of the hard disk and the new insert

Reset PS4

  1. The hard-disk just installed is obviously vuoto, deprived of the PS4 firmware
  2. Download the latest PlayStation firmware directly from the official site
  3. Turn on another USB memory support and create a label called PS4 in your internal
  4. Nella cartella PS4 create a ‘altra cartella denominata UPDATE e incollateci il firmware appena scaricato
  5. Remove the USB support and insert it into the console spent
  6. Press the PS4 power button for 7 seconds, turn on the blue or orange indicator on no light
  7. Press again the pulsating power for 7 seconds until you do not feel an acoustic “beep”
  8. PS4 dovrebbe essersi avviata in safe mode, please insert a USB support with the update file
  9. Press OK and follow the video instructions
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Ripristino backup

  1. Insert into a USB port of the PlayStation the USB support your cui havete memorizzato your next backup
  2. Recatevi in ​​Impostazioni -> System -> Backup and Ripristino
  3. Select Ripristino PS4
  4. Follow the instructions to Schermo

At this point, all is well and good, PS4 dovrebbe riaccendersi da solo.

In the contrary case, press the access button. At this point, insert your credentials for access to the PlayStation Network and you will find all things like it.

physical procedure

We have seen from a software point of view how appropriate for the backup, for the replacement of the hard disk and for the reinitialization and ripping. It has been stated that the procedure is from a physical point of view for the replacement of the hard disk, eccovi accontati.

Replacement Hard Disk PS4 Pro

We started with the most recent model, PS4 Pro. In the last console, Sony has still made the procedure easier. Il necessario per la restituzione ve lo abbiamo già indicato all’inizio di questa guida. Here is a film in English that shows the necessary procedure. Niente paura, even if you don’t chew the English I will be enough to keep track of the author’s video.

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Replacement Hard Disk PS4 Slim

Also in the Slim model of PS4 it is easy to replace the hard disk. Also in this case I saw lasciamo with a video tutorial, always in English, which I can still follow without asking.

1673245335 922 hqdefault

Replacement Hard Disk PS4

1673245335 804 hqdefault


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