How will I create a Steam account?

How will I create a Steam account?

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Vorreste acquistare or scaricare a video gioco make your available Steam? In this guide we will come I will create an account Steam and scaricare quest piattaforma di gioco your PC, smartphone and tablet.


I will create a free Steam account

If you are interested, you can create a new Steam account for free. I will follow the complete procedure.


State using a computer? Allora, prima di tutto, colleaguevi to the official Steam website and fate click on your “I agreed” (pulsante in stop to right).

Il pulsante "Accedi" To create a new account or log in to your Steam

Press “Access” to create a new account or log in to Steam.

To create a new account, please click “Join Steam“.

Il pulsante "Unisciti a Steam"

Il pulsante “Unisciti a Steam”.

Insert an email address (you can create it for free using services like Gmail, Libero Mail, Viriglio Mail, Yahoo Mail etc.), select the country of residence and complete the reCAPTCHA. Consult yourself with “Contract of Subscription to Steam” and insert the tip next to the text “Ho at least 13 years of age and accetto i termini del Contratto di sottoscrizione a Steam e l’Informativa sulla privacy di Valve”.

Press “Continue” to continue.

How will I create a Steam account for free?

How will I create a Steam account for free?

Now check the e-mail address (indicating the message sent from “”) and insert the other richest information.

smartphone and tablet

You can create a Steam account also using one smartphone either tablets. Avviate the browser installed on your device and visit the official website. Fate click on the hamburger button (☰) positioned in the upper part and select “Accedi”.

The voice "I agreed" your Steam

The voice “Accessed” her Steam (on an Android smartphone).

Individualize the pulsating “Join Steam“.

Steam for Android: the voice

Steam for Android: the voice “Unisciti a Steam”.

Insert your e-mail address, your country of residence and click “Continua”. Confirm the e-mail indication by clicking on the selected link.

How to scaricare Steam your PC and Mac

Potete scaricare gratuitamente Steam, la piattaforma di gioco, su pc and Mac. This software allows you to acquire and download video games (from Triple A titles to all indie productions), make new friends, join the group, form a clan, communicate with other people through vocal channels or testimonials and so much others.

To install Steam on your PC or Mac, visit the website and click “Install Steam” (the green button positioned in the upper part).

Click “Install Steam” (also select the operating system used).

How to scare the official Steam client

Download the official Steam client.

Avviate il file “.exe”, “.dmg” or “.deb” seems scaricato. Install the Steam client following the procedure below. After completing the installation, potete make the access (inserend the “name account” and the password).

Steam for Android and iOS

Their Android and iOS The free Steam mobile app is also available. The software allows you to acquire video games, read the latest news, clear your own library, access all the discussions and many others. To download Steam, click Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS/iPadOS). Using the search field, select Steam (distributed by Valve Corporation) and press “Ottieni” or “Install”.

Activate the app now to complete the login. Insert, quindi, il “name account” the A password.

Steam for Android: effettuare l'access

Steam for Android: effettuare l’accesso.

How to scare a video game from Steam

Vorreste scaricare a videogame gives steam? Ecco the complete guide. Prima di tutto, avviate il client ufficiale. On the main page you will find various special offers, the categories and the consigliati titles.

You can also find a video game using the search field (positioned in the upper part).

The field near your Steam

Close the field to your Steam to find a video game.

I will buy a video game

Alcuni dei videogiochi disponibili devono essere acquired. Select the title, select one of the available editions and click on its “Aggiungi al carrello“.

Scegliete “Acquisto per me” or “Acquisto come dono” (se volete regalare il videogioco).

Scegliete a payment method (PayPal, Paysafecard, Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Skrill) and complete the purchase (inserend the payment information).

To install the video game, just buy it, click on its “Bookshop“, select the desired title and click “install“.

Video giochi free

I cosiddetti “free to play“Sono videogiochi che possono essere scaricati for free. Solitamente, offrono anche contenuti e funzionalità extra a pagamento (non obligatori). Press Steam and find a free game. Click:

  • Add to the bookstore“: to add it to your personal library;
  • Avvia il gioco“: per effettuare il download.

Il pulsante "Avvia il gioco" your Steam

Il pulsante “Avvia il gioco” su Steam.

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