How will I enable digital imprinting in Chrome’s incognito mode?

How will I enable the digital imprint for the incognito mode of Chrome

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La stragrande maggioranza di chi navigates her Internet using her browser Chrome. AND fast, safeand soprattutto default installation Its Android device, particular does not give little for the stragrande maggioranza degli utenti.

Certainly, it is not perfect, I am very critical practice of traction e sul monopoly di Google, ma è aggiornato di frequente con semper nuove funzioni e nel complesso è undeniable la sua calità.

At the end of September, well, Chrome for Android has received an interesting upgrade, with the consent of the power block the access agli utenti non authenticati alle Schedule in Incognito. This means that to allow you to see bisognerà use the code or biometric authentication. Interesting, right? Vediamo quindi come abilitare l’digital imprint for the incognito mode gave Chrome in 2022.


Cos’è l’autenticazione con imprint digitale per la modalità incognito di Chrome

As we anticipated the opening, at the end of September Google has added something interesting security functionality to your browser Chrome for Android (how to configure it).

When you are visiting the pages in mode Incognitowhat prevents Chrome from saving yours navigation activitiescome siti e risorse, in the local chronology, ora si potrà impostare il block Procedure codex either biometric authentication. Who does know if the browser crashes, this if it activates automatically, and may be disabled alone or with the stesso access code We use it to access the smartphone or process thedigital imprint.

At the moment, the new mode gave navigation in incognito protect dalle digital imprint In Chrome it is not available on all devices and devices, but the app has been updated to version 105 and later.

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jar I will control the Chrome version having premuto per qualche istante sull’icona dell’app e poi, cuando apare la finestra, cliccando sulla “i” cerchiata en alto. On the next page, scroll down to the bottom and find the version number of the app.

how to enable the digital imprint for the incognito modality of Chrome

Versione di Chrome, Penultimate Riga

In the case of Chrome, it is not updated to the version 105, fate come follow:

  1. Click on the icon Play Store on the main page of the phone
  2. click sull’icona del vostro account in alto a destra
  3. select Manage app and device
  4. Sotto Updates availableclick your Update all

One turn confirms the versione install it on your Android device, dovrete I will enable the function following what is described in the successive paragraph.

How will I enable the digital imprint for the incognito mode?

Now that we have updated Chrome and confirmed that it is on version 105, see how to enable digital imprinting for incognito mode.

I will enable the function of the flag to make it share in the Impostazioni

The first thing to do is enable the function on the experimental settings from the browser. Ecco i passaggi.

  1. Avviate Chrome Give your Android device
  2. copy yourself This is indicated and glue it in the bar of the indications:
    • chrome://flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android
  3. Per I will copy an hint, just have to premutate with the dito your say that for any istant and in case aggiustare the barre che andranno to evidenziare il testo. Per hit him, keep in mind for any istant sul campo vuoto della barra degli indirizzi and in the message that appears to premete the option incolla
  4. promise shipping sulla tastiera
  5. If a page will open. The first voice in high is the one that I saw interesting, sarà evidenced
  6. Click on the menu to tend to the script Default (Predefined) subito sotto e dalla finestra Selezionate enabled (Abilitate)

how to enable the digital imprint for the incognito modality of Chrome

At this point, in basso will appear a finestra with a pulsating azzurro e la scritta Launch (smirk).

This vi will consent to review the app to apply the modification. Click above and Chrome You will be automatically redirected to this page, che potrete chiudere.

Activate Block the navigation schedule in incognito when you start Chrome

ora abbiamo enable the settingma per poterla I will use dobbiamo activate it.

  1. Avviate Chrome on your Android device by clicking on the corresponding icon
  2. Touch the menu with three dots vertically up to right
  3. click your settings
  4. click your Privacy and security
  5. Ora dovreste vedere l’opzione Block the navigation schedule in incognito when you start Chrome with a pulsating da attivare di fanco
  6. It is possible that the activation is not immediate, quindi potrete do not see soon this voice. If this is your case, click on the gallery of the recent app remove Chrome, per poi riaprilo. Ripete i passaggi appena descritti. Potreste dover eseguire l’azione più volte prima di vedere la nuova voce, ma nel giro di qualche minute dovrebbe appear.
  7. activate the pulsating

how to enable the digital imprint for the incognito modality of Chrome

  1. Da sotto will appear one finestra with the script Verify your identity
  2. Press the finger to the digital imprint sensor and press the confirm button on the right hand
  3. Fatto!

Pray, ogni volta che aprirete delle schedule in incognito mode your Chrome, yes bloccheranno se las cerete il browser.

All successive access, a finestra will appear with the icon of the mode in incognito and a script in basso, Sblocca la modalità incognito. Clicking above, you will see richesto di I will scan Your digital imprint, or flying might also insert it PIN che usate per sbloccare il telefono (written in basso a sinistra). One turn to verify your identity, click on the button confirm in basso a sinistra e potrete accedere alle schede incognito.

how to enable the digital imprint for the incognito modality of Chrome

The function is very comfortable, in how much it avoids that if accidentally delle private schedulebut in case I do not want it, I will use it, potete disable it simply give it Settings. Sebbene ora sia considerata a experimental function It is possible to enable it only through the flag, presto Google dovrebbe render it available to all gli utenti.


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