How will I recover Android app canceled

How will I recover Android app canceled

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Ad oggi gli smartphone ei tablet ci compagnano longa gran parte della nostra giornata, sia in termini lavorativi che domestici. The app is the mix with the quality we use the greatest part of the operations on our devices.

In the Android world, the Play Store hosts the largest part of the app that we use daily. This is obviously also worth it for Android games. You can turn around to uninstall by mistake or simply lose track of the app install.

This proper guide How will I quickly recover the canceled Android app?. The guiding guide is the app for Android games, if it is for smartphones or Android tablets.


How will I recover the canceled Android app

Il Play Store si è evoluto parecchio nel corso degli anni e da diverso tempo proposes an interesting section Dedicate the personal app, open a section of the raccoglie all the app install e quelle che was not installed your own device.

Such sections are not accessible so that the app is installed on the current device that is not state installed on your own Google account any device mai posseduto.

This section of the Play Store, click here if it calls “Manage app and device“, is perfect for recovering the canceled Android app. Let’s see how it goes:

  1. Avviare il Play Store Process the icon app on your own Android phone or tablet.
  2. Tapare sull’icona del personal profile positioned up to right.
  3. Select “Manage app and device“.
  4. Select “Gestisci“nella barra in alto.
  5. Select “Do not install“dalla barra in alto.
  6. To view the uninstalled app with recent ones, select the filter, up to the left, “Date of age“.
  7. To reinstall an app, select it and confirm with Install.
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Qui sotto trovate una serie di screenshot che riassumono i passi della procedure appena descritta.

What if I can’t cancel the Android app

Prima di tuffarci in the detailed procedure to recover the canceled Android app, it is well seen quali sono i motivated But if I could, I will cancel the Android app.

Nello specifico andiamo a vedere quali sono i motivi più probabili:

  • L’app in question potrebbe essere state uninstalled by mistake.
  • A malware Your own phone or tablet can be corrected or damaged by a specific app.
  • The Android phone or tablet can be kept Factory data reset. In such case tutte the app install sono state cancelled.
  • Dopo essere passati a nuevo dispositivo il backup copy potrebbe essere stato completato in maniera non corretta. In such a case, one or more apps that were not installed on your previous phone or tablet may not automatically reinstall your new one.

In tutti i casi elencati potreste ritrovarvi quindi nella situazione in cui non avete a disposizione le vostre app preferite. The successive paragraph describes and passes by get him back quickly through the Play Store.


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