How will I save my itinerary on Google Maps

How will I save my itinerary on Google Maps

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Moltissimi di noi usano google maps to surround the itinerary migliore, ma a volte potrebbe essere useful save him, if in the case very volatile to use it, in the case if a percorso che facciamo di frequent, per essere aggiornati in real time south traffic or eventually problemyes to see it available offline If we were in a place without connectivity, oppure perché we will use the indications of Maps on their other app.

Ma How will I save an itinerary on Google Maps? in 2023? Ci sono diversi modi per farlo. To have the journey offline, if you can use My Maps Say Google, let me say I’ll save a percorso and share itavailable but only your browser, oppure if you can create a link to Maps give an itinerary and use instrumenti di terze parti to obtain the file GPX To make it more accessible with other navigation apps.

Oppure, per avere il online route always available, if you can use the function “Fissa” gave google mapswhat saves him percorso and consent to richiamarlo with a touch. Let’s go to scoprire how I will use it this functionfrom PC, smartphone or tablet.


How will I save my itineraries on Google Maps offline?

If you fly I will save a offline itinerary your Google Maps (how to measure the distance), you can use the function My MapsI saw permission to create a map and share itoppure potete I will save a path and poi convert it in format GPXin order to use it successively offline with a different application. Vediamo come fare, da PC o altri dispositivi.

How to save browser itineraries on your Mac or Windows

How will I save itinerary on your Google Maps

My Maps consent say I will create delle mappe personalized and share him with chi vogliamo, ma purtroppo if può I will use only da browser (la nostra lista dei migliori), while mappe create sono consultabili da qualunque device. Let’s see how it works.

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While the site is accessible from any browserit is advisable to use it from computer, in how much day smartphone è piuttosto scomodo

  1. squeeze a browser say vostra scelta e andate su My Maps
  2. If not effected the access, I saw I would want to enter with you credenziali Google
  3. If a page will open, it will be very bad semplice.
    • Se avete già delle mappe, verranno show yourself sotto forma di schede
    • If you don’t get away, get over it create me one. click here three lines orizzontali up to the left and select Create a new map

How will I save itinerary on your Google Maps

  1. If there will be one mappa with to the left a finestra titolata Mappa senza titolo. A right hand there is a field of research and few icons. Left hand:
    • I give you cancels and repeati
    • Select elementi (one hand)
    • Aggiungi indicator (a position indicator)
    • Traccia a line (due linee ad angolo with cerchietti alle estremità)
    • Aggiungi indications (one freccia verso destra)
    • instrument per measure (a righello)
  2. click your Adding indications
  3. will appear one new finestra a sinistra sotto alla precedent (a new life) with due space to enter the place of departure and arrival

How will I save itinerary on your Google Maps

  1. type him start and end positions. Google vi will give dei suggesti tra cui scegliere, as it usually comes with Maps
  2. Il percorso appear sulla tua mappa.
  3. Flying, potete aggiungere one second destination In case of vogliate, I will save a viaggio in due tappe.
  4. By default setting, Maps will show the trace in automa potete I will change it mezzo. Sotto il nome del livello c’è l’icon of a car and the script in macchina. Cliccateci sopra e scegliete tra on foot either on bike.
  5. If you turn to see him step-by-step indicationsclick sui three puntini orizzontali give fianco to the name of livello
  6. select Detailed street indications
  7. Eat your Maps, not limited to the suggested routema potete also change it passing ill mouse sopra all’itinerario e trascinando il cerchio che apparently sulla strada che ritenete migliore
  8. In basso sotto al livello, trovate la scritta base map. clicking For potete scegliere an alternative series will be used as the map with rilievithe monochromatic toponomasticthe satellite surprise and others
  9. One finite volta potete cliccare su shared, please share the map. Vi verrà chiesto di aggiungere un nome e un descrizione y poi potrete share the link. Ricordatevi di activare l’interruttore di fianco a Visit chiunque abbia this linkfood will not be visible
  10. clicking your anteprima verrete indirizzati a un’anteprima della mappa.
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How will I save itinerary on your Google Maps

Flying, potete anche I will measure the distancein modo non dissimilar from what we have seen in our approfondimento.

How will I measure the distance and distance

  1. Go to your My Maps and press the map appena created or if it is anchored to the page appena lasciata, continue to the second point
  2. click south righello
  3. Click your dove volete I will start the measurement.
  4. Click your ogni angolo or piece say a line or say a shape.
  5. When you’re done designing, double-click or click the shape to another point.
  6. See the distance (and the area, if it’s a way) evidenced in blue sulla mappa

Ora che abbiamo la nostra mappa, vediamo come enjoy it

How to display the map of the browser on your PC

In Google Maps, see yours 5 mappe più recenti.

  1. Go with a browser your Google Maps
  2. In case you don’t sit già loggati, effettuate Access it with your Google credentials (these will be used to create the map)
  3. click south menu (three lines orizzontali) up to left
  4. select i tuoi luoghi
  5. Click on your schedule mappe
  6. Cliccate sulla mappa che avete creato prima
  7. If you want to modify it, click on it April in My Maps, which will allow you to make variations, you can easily navigate above, also with Street View

How to view the map of the app on your Android or iPhone/iPad

  1. squeeze google maps (for iPhone/iPad, dovete aver effettuato l’accesso)
  2. In basso al centro, touch the scheda Salvati
  3. Scorrete verso il basso e toccate mappe
  4. touch the mappa created sopra
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How will I save itinerary on your Google Maps

How to save the itinerary in Google Maps and convert it to GPX

It is preferable to use it indications of Google Maps its another app, potete salvare i date of the tour It is exported in GPX format (GPS Exchange Format), one of the most common and used by the navigation app.

Prima di esportare i dati del percorso From Google Maps, you will create a route, and the simplest way is all your browser gives PCalso perché poi per the exportation avrete bisogno di un third party servicema volendo potete farlo da qualunque dispositivo, smartphone o tablet che sia.

  1. Give yourself a browser and go to your Google Maps
  2. Create a path by inserting a destination indication
  3. click your street indications
  4. insert a indication of departure
  5. aggiungere pot further points to the path clicking on your Aggiungi destination
  6. Scegliete il vostro transport mezzo clicking on the car, train, foot or bicycle icon
  7. click south menu (icon with three lines orizzontali)
  8. select Share or incorporate mappa
  9. click your copy link
  10. Now wait for it direct collection All itinerary copied and you can use it with a service of terze parti to export it in GPX

How will I save itinerary on your Google Maps

  1. Ci rang service numbers to export the route in GPX. We will not use the site Maps to GPX, but there are also several extensions and several other sites
  2. collate The URL is copied above in the field of the website
  3. click your let’s go
  4. The site will immediately create a file GPX da scaricare. the second delle settings From your browser, please provide a name and confirm it for the salvataggio. The file ends with the .gpx extension, obviously, and contains all the information to be able to use it offline routecheck the indications, points of interest and others
  5. Now you can import your data into another app or third party service. Various apps are available for Android and iOS che supportano esta formato, fornendo dati di percorso offline.
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How will I use the itinerary in GPX, your PC, Android or iPhone

Your pc, Windows or Mac, I can use it GPX-file With sites like GPS Visualizer to convert it into a format that I can follow.

  1. Go to the GPS Visualizer site of the browser
  2. Caricate the GPX file by clicking its Sfoglia nella finestra verde in the center
  3. Select an output format to visualize the journey on a map of your scelta (your Google Maps are not very sensible, since you have saved the itinerary from there, but you can still find it, flying)

Your device Androidyou can use free app like GPX Viewer.

  1. install yourself the app And save it, when you can transfer your GPX file to your phone
  2. date il consensus to access the position
  3. click south menu in alto a sinistra (tre linee orizzontali), al primo avvio non c’è bisogno
  4. touch yourself April file
  5. Give me permission to access the memory
  6. Play the freccia in alto to left
  7. Go to the position of the GPX file, for example the Download cartella
  8. Ora potete vedere il percorso sulla mappa

Your iPhone or iPad, You can use the app like OsmAnd Maps Travel & Navigate

  1. Install and activate the app
  2. Touch the menu in basso a sinistra (icon with three lines orizzontali)
  3. touch yourself i miei luoghi
  4. In basso, play trace
  5. touch yourself Import Tracce
  6. select it files scaricato
  7. touch yourself import
  8. touch the files
  9. The itinerary verrà mostrato sulla mappa e potrete navigarci

How will I save itinerary on your Google Maps

How will I save your itineraries on Google Maps offline for Android and iPhone

How will I save itinerary on your Google Maps

  1. To get it back, go there schermata initiale say google maps
  2. In the lower part of the shelf, touch go
  3. Fine scorrete in bottom and vedrete i percorsi fissati
  4. touch it and start following the indications on the route

How will I save itineraries on my home screen on an Android device

Your Android, powerful as well I will save the path with a chest of drawers scorciatoia sulla schermata initiale.

  1. squeeze google maps
  2. In basso, touch your go
  3. touch the percorso che avete salvato
  4. In alto a destra, toccate i three vertical points
  5. select Aggiungi itinerary alla schermata Home
  6. select Aggiungi alla schermata Home
  7. The icon sarà added and potrete I will accede to your percorso touching it

How will I save itinerary on your Google Maps


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