How will I use AirTag: configuration and instructions

How will I use AirTag: configuration and instructions

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gli AirTag sono messi devices ready Manzana per tracciare i propri effetti personali. Si tratta di piccole “medagliette” che possono essere inserte all’interno di appositi supporti, o infilati in tasche o borse, e che funzionano da localizzatori: in caso di smarrimento dell’oggetto cui sono agganciati, si possono rintracciare tramite l’app Dov’è. see now How will I configure AirTag and how to use it


How AirTag works

As a matter of fact, the AirTag è di fatto un piccolo gps locator It sends a Bluetooth signal that can be connected to the devices of the network Dov’è più vicini. These devices miss the position of the AirTag ad iCloud: when you open the Dov’è app, the position of the AirTag will be displayed on the map.

È dunke enough add it to the portachiavi or infilarlo in a chestnut or in a bag to know always where if trovano le chiavi, lo chestnut or the bag.

Thing to configure the AirTag

First of all, go to configure the AirTag so that you can verify that you have the following requisite:

  • An iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 or later version and duly activated authentication.
  • Function Dov’è activated
  • Bluetooth activated
  • A good cellular or Wi-Fi connection
  • Attivi localization services
  • Access to the position by Dov’è activated. To do so, it is necessary to go to your Settings > Privacy > Location Services, scroll to the bass and touch “Dov’è”. Select “While using the app” oppure M”between using the app or widget”. Do podiché, activate “Position esatta”.
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How will I configure AirTag

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Verify and require, if you can go to I will configure the AirTag. Per farlo bisogna:

  • Remove the plastic tab from the AirTag if it is a new device
  • Have the AirTag on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and touch “Connetti”. (If you have not had an AirTag and if you see the message “Sono stati rilevati varia AirTag”, assicurarsi che una solo AirTag alla volta si vicinanze nelle de la dispositivo)
  • Select the name of a list oggetto or select “Personalise name” to give all the AirTag a name and select an emoji
  • Touch “Continue”
  • To register the AirTag with your own Apple ID, touch the new “Continue”
  • Play “Fine”
  • Ora è possibile agganciare l’AirTag all’oggetto e vederlo nell’app Dov’è.

How will I enable the “Dov’è” function?

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The “Dov’è” app is essential for the correct function of the AirTag, which is associated with the iPhone.

Affinché l’AirTag sia rilevato nell’app Dov’è, devono also essere attivi i location services and the function device“.

To verify these requirements, it is necessary to access there iPhone settings Select “Privacy” and “Localization”: the indicator in the last case should be green, which means that localization is active. You can only go to “System Services”, click on and check the indicators of “Share my position” and “Try my iPhone” but they are green.

For how much backup and associated devices, to control that the AirTag is associated with the iPhone, it is necessary to go to Settings, select “Bluetooth” e controllare dal menù quali sono elencati sotto “I miei dispositivi”, where dovrebbe campeggiare also the name data all’AirTag a turn configured and associated with the device.

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Come find an oggetto with AirTag

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Gli AirTag, come detto, aiutano a tenere traccia degli oggetti ea trovarli. I know if I lose an oggetto E questo si trova nelle vicinanze, si può utilare “Posicione precisa” sui modelli di iPhone supportati para retrovarlo, oppure usar el app Dov’è para reprodurre uno suono sull’AirTag, find it on a map or obtain indications for raggiungerlo.

Please find an AirTag if you can proceed in due course. I will use the cousin the option “Trova nelle vicinanze”:

  • Open the Dov’è app and select the Oggetti panel
  • Scegliere l’AirTag collegato all’oggetto che si sta cercando, quindi toccare “Trova Nelle vicinanze”
  • I will follow the istruzioni sullo schermo e muoversi nei dintorni finché l’iPhone no si connette all’AirTag. The iPhone shows the distance from the AirTag and the direction in which it finds, information used to warn all the AirTag found that it does not find the smart oggetto.
  • When the AirTag is found in the Bluetooth function of the connected device, if you can ask it to reproduce a sound by touching the “Sound sound” button
  • One turn to press the AirTag (and the oggetto) is enough to touch the “Fine” button.

How to display the AirTag on the map

The app Dov’è provides information using its position of the AirTag, providing indications its come raggiungere your current position or the last position noted. Per display the AirTag on the map bisogna:

  • Open the Dov’è app and select the Oggetti panel
  • Select the AirTag if you wish to individualize the Oggetti cast
  • If the AirTag is found on the label of the device cover or the network of Dov’è has identified it recently, you will see its map displayed. The position, the data and the time updated will not be displayed under its name
  • If the AirTag finds out from the scratch of the device cover or any other device on the network of Dov’è, you will see displayed the last position, the last data and the last hour note.
  • To receive a notification when the AirTag is found on the device’s cover or comes from the Dov’s net, activate “Notify when found” in the Notify section.
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Qui vive abbiamo spiegato como travare un Apple Watch smarrito, y qui come travare gli AirPods smarriti.

Come far from the AirTag

As a matter of fact, if the AirTag is found in the vicinity of the device with which it is associated, if it can be used through the integrated loudspeaker. ecco eat far away the AirTag:

  • Open the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, touch the Oggetti panel
  • Nell’elenco Oggetti, scegliere l’AirTag su cui si vuole reprodurre un suono
  • Play “Fai suonare”. If the AirTag is found in the Bluetooth action area, it will make a dream.
  • To interrupt the playback of the first sound that finished automatically, touch “Interrupted”.

How much does it cost AirTag

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L’AirTag, in vendita sullo shop online di Apple or negli Apple Store, costano 39 euro. It is possible not to acquire the portachiavi, the laccetto, the bagaglio etichetta, guard, moschettoni and others accessories I contain the AirTag and I consent to attach it to the eyes, sun or light in order to assist personal oggetti if I fly under control.


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