How will I use Messenger without Facebook, separately?

How will I use Messenger without Facebook, separately?

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The instant messaging software Messenger can work autonomously also without Facebook. In practical terms, it means that if a user has decided to abandon the social platform or is intended to do so, they can communicate that they will use their Messenger service with whom they will continue to communicate with their own friends. Insomma, sebbene i due siano collegati, è possibile utilizzare Messenger without a Facebook account. How far? We see details in this article.

So I will use Messenger without Facebook

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Facebook is surely a giant in the world of the social network. All in all, it goes without saying that its popularity is decreasing because of the new digital mezzi to communicate. We thought ad esempio to Snapchat, Instagram (che fa a combo con lo stesso Facebook), whatsapp,telegram. However, some users prefer not to use this instrument for personal reasons.

I will tell you that c’è chi è preoccupato per gli scandali sulla privacy e sulla sicurezza di cui Facebook è afflitto negli ultimi anni.

Messenger without Facebook: how to use it

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I will use Messenger without Facebook It is a simple operation of how much if you can imagine. Just go to your Google Play Store and directly install the software on your own smartphone or tablet. The suggestion is to check with attention that if the official app is working with Facebook Inc. to avoid malware.

Subsequently, it will be necessary I will proceed with the registration. When you open the app, you will be prompted by the council to use your own Facebook account. On the contrary, to be able to proceed in autonomy, you can also select “Create a new account” again. In this way, the app will create only one Messenger account. Il passaggio supplementare è fornire il proprio telefono número così da poter ricevere una SMS di confirma.

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After confirming the code, please insert your own name in such a way can be identified.

One turn complete this passage, it is finally possible to start using Messenger without Facebook. Not only, but I will save the battery of the device itself, I can enjoy the solution of Messenger Lite. If it is about the lighter version of Messenger that limits the functionality and is adapted to the color that has no data device or if you are dealing with connection problems.

How to configure Messenger without Facebook

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After activating the personal account on the Messenger personal messaging software, I will proceed with the configurazione di alcune impostazioni aggiuntive to complete the registration. First of all, it is possible to add a photo of your own in such a way that others can recognize their identity with ease. Subsequently, the Messenger app will ask if you want to add and contact Messenger yourself. If you authorize this action, the app obtains access to the rubric in no time and proceeds automatically.

I don’t know if I fly I will automate this processIt is always possible to add and contact manually, one by one, to your own Messenger account.

If it’s about who fences and phone numbers or enters and names in the field of research. When you click on the name, contact me with whom you wish to chat, but you will not receive a notification of the invitation. However, it is possible to access your own message from the “Invite Messenger” module on your profile. One turn accepts the conversation, it will be displayed in the list of Messenger contacts. Ultimately, the Messenger app can work perfectly without Facebook. You can just scratch it and calibrate the setting to use it.

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I do not risk creating a Messenger account without Facebook: perché

In good standing, it is not possible to use Messenger if the user has not created a Facebook account on its own. Tuttavia, when the account is simply disabled, if you still have access to all the applications of the messages and it is possible, I will continue to use it alone. Rimarrà funzionante e non verrà riattivato l’account in quanto, sebbene collegate, le due applicazioni funzionano in independent mode. In practice, it is possible to scare and connect to Messenger quietly, with your own Facebook credentials disabled.

Attention, duque: Facebook has resolved the impossible action because it tries to register using its own phone number. Now it is an imperative to pass through the box of the Facebook account and unite around 2 milliardi di membri. The reason for this change in policy is that Mark Zuckerberg’s affiliate will join all of his various applications and consent to the communication between them. Very soon it will be possible I will chat with myself and contact Instagram with a chat extremely similar in the mode of operation to Messenger. Not only will it be possible to change messages and emoji, but I will also personalize the color of the conversations, save video inserts and share the messages of the conversation.

Other important option: the two app communicated. It will be possible to exchange messages from one to the other directly through the chat. Messenger if you prepare to centralize the conversations of Facebook, Instagram, Portal and Oculus. Properly for this ragioni it is not possible to avoid passing the box of the Facebook account.

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