How will you enter temporary mode on your Android, and how can I get it

How will you enter temporary mode on your Android, and how can I get it

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Yo android phone It constitutes ormai the maggioranza of the devices currently in circulation, also thanks to the large variety of products that if affiliated with the green robot. We use Android phones for various activities and therefore it is fundamental that it always works best.

Tra la tante funzionalità di Android ne troviamo una unknown alla maggior parte degli utenti. We are talking about it provisional mode. In this article we will see the neighbor as the provisional mode of Android, something that works, how to activate it and how to use it.


This is the provisional mode of Android

The provisional mode of Android is the simplest mode to find problems on your Android phone or tablet, but arrest in a net way third party app.

This means that in temporary mode the Android device do not follow any process derivante da app e servizi di terze parti.

Be avviando in modalità provvisoria if you notice a significant increase in performanceThere are good chances that one of the third-party apps will be installed on your own Android phone or tablet because of the rilevanti problemi to device.

Clearly the provisional modality do not allow say capire stattly which is the incriminating app I will cause a problem. In this case, it may be useful to ask an online search for capire if one of the third-party apps installed causes problems with a good number of users.

If I invece i problemi al telefono I persist also in provisional modality allora è il caso di considerare di contact the technical assistance from the manufacturer of the device itself. Most likely the problem is in the Android software.

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But I will enter the provisional mode of Android

Andiamo quindi a vedere perché e cuando potrebbe essere sensible entrere nella modalità provvisoria di Android.

Andiamo quindi a vedere quali sono and almost in cui a turn in modalità provvisoria potrebbe essere d’aiuto a capire, ed eventually resolve, i problemi che affliggono il dispositivo.

  • Widget not working: Android 12 and 13 are strongly based on the interaction with the widget. Alcuni però potrebbero presentere problemi di compatibilità. If you encounter a problem with certain information or an entire widget that is not displayed, then it may be sensible to test the system in provisional mode.
  • An’app if it arrests in abnormal mode: a concetto similar to the previous point. An abnormal arrest of an app may depend on the lack of compatibility with the Android system itself. Verificare si gli arresti continuano anche en modalità provvisoria può essere usefull por capire si el problema reguarda la’app oppure se depende da Android.
  • Bass features: Also this potrebbe will depend on the problem with the app of the third specific part. The provisional modality allows you to exclude a deep problem in the life of the Android software.

For the problem non riescono a essere scovati Process the temporary modalità, potrebbe will return using a ripristino of the telephone.

In this guide we have spiedato come fare.

How will I enter the provisional mode of Android

How will I enter the provisional mode by phone spent

The Android device may present dei problemi rilevanti per cui il suo normale avvio potrebbe non avvenire. In this case, a road that can be tried is the road in provincial mode da spento. Andiamo a vedere come fare:

  1. I will have premuto start button Finché does not display the logo of the device itself.
  2. I will have the pulsating premuto Volume giù When you see the logo appear.
  3. I will continue to have premuto Volume giù fine all’avvio of the device.

The procedure that we have described can be described will vary slightly Based on the model of the Android phone or tablet that you have.

How to use the provisional mode of Android

Once the provisional modality is activated, it will eventually verify the presence of the problem that the app or third party service will have, it will be useful. come uscire dalla modalità provvisoria di Android.

Uscire dalla modalità provisional is extremely simple: enough Retrieve the Android phone or tablet Process the solito menu with the specified options. Alcuni produttori Android also allow us to use the provisional modality in an even more simple way, but I propose a banner that richorda that if found in provisional modality, through the status barwith a quick option for uscirne.


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