I will copy any text and photo (also not copied) on a Google Pixel

Which day has a short video on his TikTok and his social network in general, we have shown a very nice trick that allows me to copy any test and any photo of his google pixel.

If it deals with a function that allows you to copy and paste testimonials that are simply not copyable, for example, that the fan is not part of an app, for example, the description of an Instagram profile. The trick consists in the early multitasking of the Google Pixel (in the video we show a Pixel 7) and I will have to copy the text or the photo beforehand. At that point it will be possible to hit her or her. For the photo obviously the resolution will not be very high, since if it deals with a sort of ritaglio from the screenshot of your schermata, it will be fully automatic.

Una funzione semplicissima, che un tempo was present in Now on Tap, poi dismessa negli anni successivi.

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