Is Windows 11 faster than Windows 10?

Which is the fastest operating system for a PC: Windows 11 or Windows 10 ? The question, apparently trivial, is actually more than legitimate, considering the declarations and promises made by two giants of this sector. The reference is to Intel and Microsoft. Let’s see what emerges from the tests.

Windows 11 vs. Windows 10: Which is Faster?

The Santa Clara chipmaker said last year that the Alder Lake architecture-based processors are optimized to perform best under W11. The Redmond software house, for its part, has repeatedly reiterated that its latest generation platform is developed in such a way as to squeeze the maximum potential of the hardware sector used. To understand if all this is reflected in a concrete way in a real scenario, one can only rely on the benchmarks . In the video below the result of those conducted by the editorial staff of PCWorld.

In short, the verdict is: yes, Windows 11 is able to ensure better performance in certain situations, but we certainly cannot speak of a revolution. On balance, the difference is negligible if you agree not to take into consideration minimal variations.

The tests were conducted with the thirteenth generation Intel Core i9-13900K processor ( Raptor Lake ), which shares the Performance Hybrid architecture with the aforementioned Alder Lake. On the software side, UL Procyon, Cinebench, Nero Score, PugetBench and Handbrake video editing, Chrome 107, Bapco Crossmark Enterprise and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for gaming were used. The platform releases under review are W11 22H2 and W10 22H2.

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According to StatCounter ‘s analysis , at the end of December 2022, Windows 10 was still present on 69.75% of PCs in circulation globally. The successor Windows 11 is growing, at 16.13%. It is worth pointing out that, despite the definitive abandonment by Microsoft which took place some time ago, Windows 7 still stands at 10.25%.

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